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Friday, December 31, 2010

Yay! New Background!

Hey Y'all, I'm getting sick of the boring notebook paper background, so we're going to vote! You each get three votes, but you can't vote more then twice for each image. So vote for your favorites and whichever image gets the most votes wins and is the new background. Everyone got it? Ok, here are the backgrounds.

Number One

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 Number Ten
(this is the one we have now)

Happy Voting Y'all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bill Canna

NAME: Bill Canna
AGE: 26 in Bill years, 80 in human years
HAIR: Black and curly
HEIGHT: 6 foot 3
WEIGHT: Average
PERSONALITY: Heartless, kills for money. Will never show mercy
WEARS: Whatever would be best for the job
OCCUPATION: Hired killer
ACCENT: Blends with the accent of the locals in the area
HISTORY:  He killed his family at seven then went on the run, escaping many orphanages numerous time until he came into the world of magic, where he became a assassin for money. he rose to fame in the criminal world but rose to major criminal in the happy, non-criminal world.
FAMILY: Dead, read history
POWERS: He doesn't know it but he has a way of convincing people to do things, he is also a cannibal, his name is Bill Canna, Canna Bill  
WEAPONS: A small handgun where he spends most of his money
OTHER SKILLS: Well... he can sneak up on people and pull down their pants very well
ENEMY'S: Loads
HATES: Lot's people, bad bullets, rip offs and a lot of other things
LIKES: His gun
ADRESS: Nomad, lives in a variety of hotels, including the midnight one
MODE OF TRANSPORT: A black motorbike
DESCRIPTION: well, if you read this thing you will have a good idea, otherwise evil, mean, stuff like that
BAD HABBIT: Killing people for fun
IN FIVE WORDS: A pure evil, merciless guy

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As Lizzy just said:

     We are gathered here today under the post on Bio-Rama which was posted by Thrice Dozer to ask some questions and... um... i dunno.
i saw the original, first published s.p book with another thing, proof, both signed by Derek, (Derek was the one running the deal) and i would have bought it but it cost like 104.00 so... i am not a big enough fan for THAT!

now to the real point of this post: (i want this to be a little bit more interesting so




Happy Almost New Year!

Happy Almost New Years everyone! I'm going to be doing a bit of organizing, so all you need to do is go to this post and you have a list of every OC on this blog, handy, ain't? A few other things before I get to the list. One, you can post as many OC's as you like. Two, if you want you can re-post your bio with more information if you want to. Three, you can post announcements when you need OC's for your stories.

The List!



















Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kallista Pendragon

Name: Kallista Pendragon
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-green
Height: 5'6       
Weight: Light
Personality: Mysterious, yet cunning and mischievous, humorous and a bit of a trickster,  in a clandestine way;
 tempered with a kind, loyal and protective nature towards friends. She is also protective of animals and
iindividuals who are weaker, innocent, poor, and good.
Wears: Anything from the Kodona to Aristocrat Lolita and Asian inspired clothing:Traditional to Modern.

Here is a link to a post of what she typicly wears.

Nationality & Accent: Part Japanese, part Scottish/English, and part Greek. No accent but can
 mimic any accent as needed. She speaks clearly and precisely.
History: Born with a twin sister in America, parents disappear mysteriously. Smuggled into Europe and placed in an Romanian orphanage at age two, along with twin sister Kalliope. While there they received good care and instruction from an American teacher. Learns all the forms of martial arts from a sympathetic and kind Japanese man living in the town near the Orphanage. At age 10, Kallista discovers Elemental magic. Kalliope has none. She keeps it a secret that only her sister knows and is a little afraid of this strange power. But soon after is discovered and kidnapped by a Elemental Mage known only as Eli Lonestar. Separated from her sister, she is forced to be an apprentice to this strange mage. He teaches her all he knows of magic. She allows this until the day she becomes stronger. But before she can have revenge on him for stealing her away from her sister, Eli dies a mysterious death. Happy to escape, she vows never to lose her freedom again. She is fourteen. She goes back to the orphanage to reunite with her sister, but finds Kalliope has vanished soon after  her kidnapping. Kallista hears of Skulduggery and employs him to help her find her sister. He agrees reluctantly but sympathetic. He can not commit fully as he is needed at the Irish Sanctuary but does help her track her sister to America. He leaves her in Virginia, confident that all will end up well for the sisters. But Kallista finds that her sister has been placed in a reformed school for dangerous girls. In the course of her trying to find and free her sister, Kallista ends up in the school as well. It is a cruel dark place and all the other girls are mistreated. It is then that Kallista learns her sister has been killed. Angry and vowing her revenge yet forced to hide her magic, she schemes up a plan that in the end, blows up the School after tricking everyone to evacuate. She is successful at last in getting justice on the staff of the reformed school. They are arrested by the mortal police but Kallista has caught the public attention. She becomes a media sensation for children's rights everywhere. Because of the attention, Kallista flees to the magical community in America for help. She is assisted in getting to the Irish Sanctuary. Once there, she is reunited with Skulduggery for a brief time. He helps her locate Eli's main residence in Ireland, An old Gothic Church where she can live. But Skulduggery is called away again. A close friend who was a writer, has been murdered. She meets more people in the magical community and becomes friends with many of them. Meanwhile a mortal detective is following her.
Family: No known history on her family, only that she had a sister. It is not know who her parents are or if they are even alive. Kallista plans on investigating once she has furthered her magical studies.
Powers: She is a definite Elemental but has dabbled in other magical abilities as well. She has until age 20 or 21 to decide what her discipline will be.
Favorite Weapons: Japanese samurai sword, Japanese hair picks, a Japanese fan, hand to hand combat.
Other Skills: She is skilled at fire arms, all forms of martial arts and is a master illusionist.
Friends: Necros, Thor, Octaboona, Nicolette Croga,  Skyril Oblivion, Jodi Harte, Israel Elysium, Bridget Whiplash, Skylara Wolfbane, Evangeline Crow, Aquila Felis, Insanity Nova Moonshine, Sarthacus Bolt, Dragona Pine, Florence Black, Alex Night, Darkane Claw, Mary Hiashi, Deryn Mellifluous , Leo Sparks, Lillivale Diamondsnipe, Thrice Dozer, Nyx Dawn, Lunar Tears, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Jaffa Morbid, Rosella Embers, Morgana Wolf, Niall Montblanc, Everisse EternaGepard ValkLilith Nightshade, Thalia Circe, Tristessa Murano, Soot Featherwing, and March Pathway, Arcturus Lakison, Kenneth James Lakison.
Enemies: Zombies, Drug warlords, Human traffickers, Dusk, Remnants, human and animal abusers
Hates: Zombies, Drug warlords, Human traffickers, Dusk, Remnants, human and animal abusers, people who pick their noses, don't wash their hands, prunes, and bad smells.
Likes: Music, animals, children, friends, sushi, martial arts, fashion, fine dining, beating up bullies and killing zombies
Address: An old Gothic church somewhere in Ireland, converted to be a home dwelling. Use to be owned by Eli Lonestar. Now belongs to Kallista.
Job: Spy
Mode of Transportation: Silver and black 2010 Ninja 2x14
Never Seen Without: A Mona-Lisa type smile on her face
Description: She is still very young, exotic, of medium height but very graceful and slender, giving her the appearance of being taller. She has thick long shiny black hair. She usually has her hair styled to fit with whatever she is wearing that day, whether the Kodona Lolita, Aristocrat Lolita, or Asian inspired clothing, she dresses with dramatic flair. She appears calm with a Mona Lisa smile.
In Six Words: Beautiful, Clandestine, Clever, Strong, Talented, Charming.
Quote: Sacré bleu

Lunar Tears O.C

NAME: Lunar Tears
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5ft 10
WEIGHT: None of Your Business
PERSONALITY: Friendly, strange, CAN be scary, patient, laughs a lot, but can get mysterious and serious. Well organised and practical. Very wise and intelligent.
WEARS: Black. Black jumpsuit with knee-length black boots. Wears black gloves and usually wears a black fedora hat.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English, North-East accent.
HISTORY: Found out about magic at 13, from unreliable teenage mages. At first, she was part of the English Sanctuary, helping capture escaped criminals. She stayed there for two years, and was one of those who helped capture Founden Rool, the serial killer that killed England's Grand Mage. Left to travel more and explore with teleportation. Is close friends with England's new Grand Mage, Proten Saviour. Rumour says she killed her brother, Blareton Hare, although there is no scientific evidence to support the rumour.
FAMILY: One twin sister. Her only other family died in a house fire, while her brother died in mysterious circumstances.
POWERS: Teleportation and Elemental. New at teleportation and is training with Fletcher Renn.
FRIENDS: Loopa Shade (Necromancer), Proten Saviour (Elemental) and Susan Rowell (Mortal).
ENEMY'S: Rupun Sadist, Hope Blue and Roma Doom.
HATES: Justin Bieber and Brussel Sprouts.
LIKES: Chocolates and Ian Somerhaulder.
ADDRESS: Travels around the world. Doesn't have a permanent address.
JOB: Teaches young mages magic, while she travels.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Teleportation. When she hasn't been somewhere before, she uses her trusty motorbike.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her sword, her boots and her cloaking sphere.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, interesting young woman, with waist-length hair and compassionate features. Kind but annoying, flexible beyond words, do not underestimate.
IN FIVE WORDS: An annoying, friendly, strange  creature.
QUOTE: I'm as Ready as a Bag of Ready Salted Crisps.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thrice Dozers O.C.

AGE: spends so much time sleeping never appears to age (13)
NAME: Thrice Dozer
GENDER: male
EYE COLOUR: looks like the one big pupil
HEIGHT: 4 ft 10 and a half
WEIGHT: 6 stone
WEARS: jeans, a t-shirt of any colour and any jumper
HISTORY: unknown, yet it is a theory that he was among the first children of the ancients and fell asleep and woke up in the twenty first century, yet another theory is he was actually an ancient who helped in the great first war
FAMILY: possibly the ancients, definitely has a sister (called Nyssa) who never sleeps and another sister (called Reyna) who spreads nightmares, they are triplets. he seeks revenge on them both as when they were children (before the really long sleep) they were playing when his two siblings threw stones at them and ran away
ENEMIES: brother and sister, people who stay up late
FRIENDS: everyone who is nice to him
MAGIC: putting animals, people and beings to sleep (it really drains him) and spreading good dreams
DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: really messed up hair
PERSONALITY: sleepy, not mean, not nice, hates conflict, puts wars to sleep. clumsy
FAVORITE QUOTE : wha? whosaywhat? 57 sheep
LIKES: sleep
HATES: nightmares, bad dreams, mushrooms
JOB: nightmare hunting
FAVORITE WEAPONS: prefers not to fight, if he has to uses his wicked, long curved and barbed scythe
OTHER SKILLS: when he is bound and not able to use magic, he can yawn and make other stop in their tracks to yawn too. he is able too cook too. 
ADDRESS: has no house, instead he just sleeps wherever
TRANSPORT: can accidentally teleport while sleeping
IN FIVE WORDS: a really sleepy, calm guy

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Octaboona Ambrosius's OC

NAME: Octaboona Ambrosius
AGE: 7082. Looks about 80.
HAIR COLOR: White and long. Shoulder length. Straight, silky, tied back in a ponytail.
EYE COLOR: Piercing eyes of electric green. Knowledgeable and compassionate, yet have a                                             hint of steel in them.
HEIGHT: 6 ft
WEIGHT: 8 stone
PERSONALITY: Infinitely wise, irritable, caring,  
WEARS: Tattered purple robes, pointy black shoes, a deep violet waistcoat. Cloak with silver lining, patterned with golden stars, crooked spectacles.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:  Italian lived in Ireland for last 500 years. No accent to speak of but has a crystal clear voice that is soul penetrating.
HISTORY: Born during the realm of the Faceless Ones, Octaboona mysteriously survived the Fall of the Ancients. Raised in Ireland he moved to Italy aged 20. Able to do magic since birth Octaboona lived through the entire Roman Empire and was adviser to Nero. Survived assassination attempt that caused the destruction of Pompeii and the Great Fire of Rome. Teacher of Leonardo Da Vinci, Octaboona started the Renaissance and was last seen at a small town near Naples in 1498, shortly before its destruction by Desolation Engine.
FAMILY: Kenspeckle Grouse is his younger brother; his younger sister died aged 16. Looked remarkably like Valkyrie Cain.  Her death sent Kenspeckle into a depression.
POWERS: Octaboona is a poet and has the ability to control souls and conform minds. However he has sworn never to use his powers for harm only to inspire. Rumoured to have been taught magic by the First Ancient it is rumoured that Octaboona has complete power over the elements and is able to command rather than manipulate.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: None, Octaboona abhors violence.
OTHER SKILLS: Apart from his Elemental skills Octaboona’s main focus is poetry. This poetry is so great that recital is able to completely control the soul of the listener.
FRIENDS: All died many millennia ago, Octaboona lives alone and has not been heard of for 500 years. Rumours say that Kallista Pendragon is his most trusted companion.
ENEMIES: All long forgotten.
HATES: Remnants, War, Violence
LIKES: Hot chocolate, writing, special affinity for cheese
JOB: Poet
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Able to conjure a phoenix from his imagination to ride on.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His trusty feather quill, wrought from the feather of a blood red raven called Archibald.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, thin apparently frail old man, with a long crooked nose, and compassionate eyes. Kindly yet irritable, face lined with wrinkles, not to be undermined he is a giant fountain of knowledge.
IN FIVE WORDS: Knowledgeable, inspiring, calculating, irritable, powerful.



Octaboona Ambrosius

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridget Whiplash redone

 The fear story line reveled a lot about Bridget that i didn't want to give away in her first bio, so i'm redoing it, cheers!
Thanks to Hellboy's brother for an awesome picture!
NAME: Bridget Whiplash
AGE:  UPDATE! i'm changing Bridget's age to 1405 years old, it fits in better with my stories.
GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: Gray-green, described as "steely". her eyes turn completely red when she's angry(not just the pupils, they're like red coins)
WEIGHT: Very thin
PERSONALITY: Ruthless. Civil, but not polite. the kind of person you want to run away from. has an odd sense of humor
WEARS: Jeans and a t-shirt, has a brown leather jacket like the one in the pic below
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: forgot were she came from, no accent, speaks 237 different languages
HISTORY: was recruited by Gustavo Rook for the Seven Fears at age 4. killed lord Vile at age 11 and was bitten by Lord Vile's Vampire body guard at age 17. then she went on to have many adventures. fought in the war (the Fear story line is about her history, read that)
FAMILY: Dead, the only one left is Bone.
POWERS: Vampire, uses serums (made by Bone) to control  the  "bad behavior", but can summon the powers of Chaos. (when she uses her powers she is unconscious for a day and wakes up very weak and cranky)
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her 12 foot long bull whip. for up close work she uses her hunting knife (its about 1 and a half feet long) the holder for her knife is most often strapped to her thigh, the whip stays in her secret pocket. always has a knife in her boot.
OTHER SKILLS: Very fast and strong like most vamps, talented at martial arts. can through knifes, pick locks, shoot guns... anything to survive
HATES: Peppy people, pastel colors, things she can not decapitate, vampire discrimination
LIKES: Blood, black nail polish, Caelan
ADDRESS: The Vampire Inn, its an hour out of Haggard
JOB: the part time owner of The Vampire Inn. when away, Eloise(one of the few people she will ever get close to trusting)  runs the place.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: A black Shelby Cobra (stolen) [link]
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her little black case, it holds all her serums that keep her from transforming at night
DESCRIPTION:Tall and thin almost to the point of being sickly thin, wears jeans and a t-shirt almost al the time
IN SIX WORDS: Ruthless, lethal, nocturnal, cold, tortured past
QUOTE: "if you wish to die a horrible death, please, come closer"
BAD HABITS: killing people (she has to drain people of their blood to survive)

I did this with a dress-up game, then took a screen shot. i think it captures Bridget's essence well enough. I don't know why she has a tie on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Casanova Starstriker

NAME:Casanova Starstriker
HEIGHT:umm i dunno tall for his age
PERSONALITY:Funny witty Sometimes bratty also helpful to friends
WEARS:Leather Jacket and long jeans and under the jacket a shirt
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:he was born Scottish and has a thick accent
HISTORY:He found out he and his brother  had powers at the age of 12 and kept it secret 2 years later his family were killed by some sort of monster all he has left from his brother is his flaming sword 
FAMILY:None all were killed
POWERS:Summons Meteors Comets Asteroids Meteorites Etc. Etc.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:He carries a few swords thats all and a couple of throwing knives and his brothers sword that has beeen enchanted into fire
OTHER SKILLS:Super speed and the ability to turn into any type of the things he can summon and also the ability to transform into a 22 year old and food crtiteria
FRIENDS:Kallista Pendragon,Necros,Skylara Wolfbane, you get the point there
ENEMY'S:Anyone against his friends & anyone who wants him in a home. 
HATES:Bad food anyone of  in the enemy's  section
LIKES:Good food nice people and his friends
ADDRESS:He dosnt live anywhere he just crashes at other peoples place
JOB:Works with his friends
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Motorcycle or other peoples cars
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:His brothers fire sword
DESCRIPTION:Doant a whole bio do that come on!
IN SIX WORDS:Fierce and a good food critic

Lillivale Diamondsnipe

Age: 527 give or take a century
Looks:Blazing blonde hair muscular build up very tall ocean blue eyes if you look in you can see the ocean and when angry you can see a storm and his hair flows up
Height: (in ft) 6.7
Powers: shape shifter (can transform into inanimate objects and can transform other objects)
Friends: about every good guy
Enemies: anyone who attacks him and/or Friends
History: will take too long so ill do it short
his brother died when he was young he promised do avenge his murdurer Lord vile which he did by trapping him away for 4 centuries. then was framed for murder and went in prison for 3 centuries.
Personality: usually supportive and helpful but when angry he will kill anything in his way
wears: Tattered short sleeve t-shirt and tattered 3 quartered pants
Weapons:Has a bow and arrow a bow and some sais (mini pitchforks) and also has some throwing knives
Transport: himself or other peoples vehicles he also has a motor bike just in case
In five words:Fierce With Many Chocolate Cakes

Monday, October 11, 2010

Petition for Derek Landy!

Hey Y'all. it is annoying that lord Landy is only doing tours in Europe, so go to this blog [link] and put your name and country in to the comments. if we get a bunch of people to do that, then maybe Golden God will come to different country's, Ireland is great and all but Golden God needs to spread the wealth(and signed books). Thanks to Mercy plain, skulgirl13, and Mary Hiashi for the awesome idea.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tanya Espionage

NAME: Tanya Espionage
AGE: 33 looks about 20
GENDER: female
HAIR COLOR: white blond and very long (goes to the backs of her knees) most often braided to keep it out of the way
EYE COLOR: dark gray around the edges, then fades to almost white by the pupal
HEIGHT: not short, fun sized
WEIGHT: skinny
PERSONALITY: mellow, almost. sarcastic and quick witted, slightly arrogant
WEARS:  black, Army surplus, most anything
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Russian! her accent thickens then she gets exited
HISTORY: At age two she was kidnapped by Billy-Ray Sanguine, who then trained her to be an assassin, she turned him in, then went off as a freelance
FAMILY: dead (so Billy-Ray says. he might lie, he might not)
POWERS: Much like Tanith Low's. walks on walls/ceilings, can do some healing spells
FAVORITE WEAPONS: A lovely Dragunov sniper rifle [link] uses throwing knifes when she needs to be quite
OTHER SKILLS: Very fast and strong, but not in-humanly. is a contortionist
FRIENDS: Many, surprising because of her job
ENEMY'S: mostly the family's of people that she's killed
HATES: when people mistake her for a "bad guy"
LIKES: Russia
ADDRESS: somewhere in Moscow doesn't really tell people
JOB: mercenary, assassin,  body guard
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: This Mustang [link] it oozes rich Russian assassin class
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some form of weapon
DESCRIPTION: Read this [link]
IN FIVE WORDS: She is really damn awesome
QUOTE: Черт бы тебя побрал! (Damn you!)
FUN FACT: she is rich


English to Russian translator [link]

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the blog cometh!

i have made my own blog! check it out at



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sarthacus Bolt

Name: Sarthacus Bolt
Age: 75
description: Long dark hair, blue eyes, black leather waistcoat, black trench coat, black boots, black trousers, black sleeves, black gloves, sometimes (But very little) a black fedora hat, hands go on fire, instead of a fireball, has a branch that he can shoot out of his wrist, and can do many things (Look on my blog for more info).
Body type: Extremely thin, but very strong.
Nationalaty/accent: Scottish
Magic: Elemental
Evil realtions: Springheeled Jack is his cousin, and has Jack's powers.
Agility: Extreme
Master of: Stealth, fighting on old castles or ricketty bridges.
Favourite Music: Bon Jovi It's My LIfe, Bon Jovi Living on a prayer, Bon Jovi (BJ) Have A Nice Day, The Hobbit game Crossing The Bridge Maralin Manson This Is Halloween.
Books: CHERUB Series, Shapeshifter, The Hobbit.
Quote of Words: (If at Halloween) Round that corner, man, hiding in the trash can, something's waiting there to pounce and now you'll SCREAM!!! (If behind a very nervous bad guy) Boo.
Friends: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke, Dragona Pine, Isreal Elysium, Skylara Wolfbane, Darkane Claw, Kallista Pendragon, Evangeline Crow Skyril Oblivion, Bridget Whiplash, Leo Sparks.

I posted this for Bolt, because im JUST not busy enough (sarcasm)

takeo hellfire

NAME: takeo hellfire
AGE: 217, looks to be about 23
GENDER: male
HAIR COLOR: brown, spiky
EYE COLOR: almost luminescent green
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 197 pounds
PERSONALITY: funny, can get serious if needed
WEARS: gunmetal gray aviator jacket, cargo pants
HISTORY: he was born in japan and learned some magic there, but moved out because of the boxer rebellion. went to England and learned more magic and then he went to Yugoslavia to get his AK-47. moved to America, and he has stayed there.
FAMILY: none worth mentioning.
POWERS: turns into sentient ball of flame,conjurer.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: above mentioned AK-47,does not need to reload. he conjures more rounds in the magazine. desert eagle pistol in belt holster.
OTHER SKILLS: can see a rotten corn from miles away.
FRIENDS: Israel Elysium (please?)
ENEMY'S: golems.
HATES: cleaning the hole(his house)
LIKES: grape soda,3-gun competitions.
ADDRESS: 67 yawkey way,Boston,Massachusetts.
JOB: fruit and veggie stand.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: green jeep with Dillon minigun on top(look it up),minigun folds under tarp in the back.
NEVER SEEN without: AK-47
DESCRIPTION: if you don't want to be perfboard for the rest of your life, dont sneak up on me at night.
IN FIVE WORDS: i am done with you.

sorry for the "without" up there,dang computer!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

OC's needed!

Hey Y'all, i need a bunch of OC's for my new storys so comment and tell me if you want in, i also need an OC that's willing to die, but they might be resurrected later on. Leo, Hellboy, and Alexzz OC's are already on the list.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


ok i am sitting in my boring ict lesson right now and i only want to say that you should try doing this in school it feels kinda weird if you ask me :D anyway Leo i am not gonna grow your hair back cause you were mean and i not gonna say sorry ... it will ruin my reputation if my friends see me saying sorry to a interent guy...boy...alien...dog??? anyway I LOVE PIE peace out !

Florence B

PS i love pie although i am alergic! :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arcus Flare (another character!!)

NAME: Arcus Flare

AGE: Unknown (looks 25-30)


HAIR COLOR: White (Pure white)

EYE COLOR: Black scleras (the white part of the eye), Yellow/Gold Iris' (the colour surrounding the pupil), Black pupil


PERSONALITY: Very quiet, only speaks when it is key (usually just nods or another simple body gesture. Does not harm anyone if its not necissary or he is not angered sufficiently. He doesnt like to kill unnecissarily also. Extremely loyal, and would go through anything to help friends. Likes to help people, especially protecting friends etc.

WEARS: http://wen-m.deviantart.com/art/Michael-9378287?q=gallery%3AWen-M%2F11369308&qo=18
He wears what that guy wears, But his hair reaches his waist, oh and the gauntlets are the ones i put below.He has the wings and the sword.

NATIONALITY & ACCENT: Unknown Nationality, No particular accent

HISTORY: He was In the same dimension with Necros and helped him out, they trained together, faught hordes of angels/demons/monsters together. So basically same history, except he didnt go from our world to there, he came from there to our world after all of the fighting. He was an angel, but seeing the wrong that both sides had wrought he decided to help Necros.

FAMILY: He sees Necros as Family (His brother).

He has immense strength, durability, endurance, agility, stamina, and speed, due to his abilities when he auguments his powers these are even further boosted. His speed is so great that he seems to flicker and teleport short distances, e.g. he can "appear" behind an opponent from standing 25-50 metres in front of them just about instantly. And he can also jump really high
He can manipulate a certain energy that only he posseses. He can manipulate this energy into almost any form e.g. swords, blasts, augumentation of arms legs and weapons etc. This energy is extensively powerful, for example when he turns it into a pair of energy swords they can cut through just about anything, and cannot be broken. The blast can obliterate...again almost anything (should he choose it to be the type of blast that obliterates)...haha...he can also manipulate it into the form of a barrier or shield, that can withstand almost anything (again). He can augment it through his gauntlets or his legs to make his strikes SOOO much more powerful!

FAVOURITE WEAPONS: His spear (see below), his sword (see in the picture of what he wears) but mostly he fights with his hands and legs, his gauntlet's shapened fingertips enable his to cut and rend with them, basically making them as effective as sword or dagger.

OTHER SKILLS: Exceptionally skilled with swords, spears, guns, and melee combat. He also knows an array of martial arts, making him an extremely agile and difficult melee opponent. Can sense energies of almost every magical entitiy in the area, can discern whether someone is lying or not rather easily. Extremely perceptive and can pick up on opponents weaknesses during fights.


ADDRESS: Wherever you should wish

JOB: Freelance Mercenary, Freelance Bodyguard etc. etc.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: He mostly flies places (with his wings)

DESCRIPTION: He is an extremely strong character. He usually carries his spear or sword around without it being strapped to his back, but he does tie it there when needed, it is about the length from the ground to another couple of feet higher than his head (so its relatively long). Usually rather impassive, but when angered he is gets pretty uncontrollable. He is still learning how to use his powers without going overboard, or without them being to weak, so they can be unstable at times.

HIS SPEAR: (The one in the middle, Slightly yellow one)

HIS GAUNTLETS: (The second last one/The red one/The one second from the right)

HIS POWER: (Basically like that, except he can manipulate/form it into almost anything, nothing ridiculous though)


This character is to be used in conjunction with Necros, please let me know before you use him, thanks!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hey yall, here are the badges i as talking about, im making them in all different colors, because not all people like the green and purple one. please only use these if you have a bio on the blog. tell me if you want any different colors

ill add more later. make your own if you want, i only made these with paint, that's why there so sucky. my bro made the forth one down.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


hey yall, i was thinking we should have a sort of badge thingy that you can put on your blog so people know that you have a bio posted on this site. tell me what yall think

Jodi Harte

NAME: Jodi Harte

OCCUPATION: Con artist (this is a really important point, okay?)

AGE: 91, but looks about 18/19

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR: Black, styled in a layered bob with fringe.- ALWAYS wears either rainbow clips or small bows!!!

EYE COLOUR: Blue. Like the ocean.

HEIGHT:5ft4??? sounds normal, i guess.


PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, rolls her eyes often and will be mean to stupid people

WEARS: While con-ing... white skinny trousers and colourful blouse with white 3 inch heels. Fighting: Lace up brown leather boots, denim jeans and teal blue woolly short sleeved jumper with one button at the top with a grey long sleeved t-shirt underneath. Casual: anything with a scarf or stylish hat or converses xD

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: British, Londoner accent.

HISTORY: Father taught her how to con people, while her mother coached her through magic. Mother was a elemental, and father was a adept.

FAMILY: Both parents died in a car accident... (I'll edit this later, if i tell you what happened next it will blow off my current story line on my blog)

POWERS: Elemental.


OTHER SKILLS: Fighting ability: incredible! Loves baking and reads lots of Shakespeare plays

FRIENDS: Not many, really. again, i'll edit this when i get to the climax of my story, but of course, you can change who my OC likes and dislikes ect.

ENEMY'S: Skyril- in my story: YOU DON'T HAVE TO STICK WITH IT!! :)

HATES: Stupid people, Summer time, injections, and the colour yellow

LIKES: Baking, reading, when it rains, Winter months, her iPod, rainbow clips and talking to Caelan in the Midnight Hotel

ADDRESS: A apartment in London

JOB: Con Artist.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: A Gumpert Apollo: http://www.germancarblog.com/2010/02/gumpert-apollo-next-generation-to-be.html

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Rainbow hair clips xD

DESCRIPTION: Fights on the Good side, but isn't great friends with the Good guys :P

IN FIVE WORDS: Awesome fighter and kicks ass!!! xD

Ok, if you want to use my OC, you don't have to ask, i'll always say yes. But please comment to tell me that you're using Jodi, and where i can find your blog to read it :) xD :D
Thanks, Lenka xxx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


NAME: Necros

AGE: Unknown (looks 20-30)


HAIR COLOR: Black (waist-length)

EYE COLOR: Changes between hazel, glowing electric blue, glowing crimson and glowing gold depending on usage of powers

HEIGHT: 6 foot/ 198 cm

BUILD: Slim, Well muscled but looks slim

PERSONALITY: Very quiet, only speaks when it is key (usually just nods or another simple body gesture. Does not harm anyone if its not necessary or he is not angered sufficiently. He doesn't like to kill unnecessarily also. Extremely loyal, and would go through anything to help friends. Likes to help people, especially protecting friends etc.

WEARS: Black suit, black dress shoes, white shirt with a black tie, a black overcoat which reaches  his knees which has a high collar which is slightly damaged. Gauntlets on both arms the gauntlets fingertips are so sharp that they can cut through diamond (the gauntlets are kept in a separate dimension that he has power over, and they materialize when needed)

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: No particular accent, Nationality is unknown

HISTORY: Not much history is known, he went missing while he was younger, the magical community worked out that he was flung into a parrallel dimension, by some unknown force. In this parrallel dimension, he was thrown into a post-apocalyptic world, where heaven and hell waged war, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse had been killed. He was a prophesised chosen one, who ceased the apocalypse, and has been transported back somehow. All of his family are dead and when they are talked about badly he is enraged.

FAMILY: All deceased

POWERS: He is an adept, his powers are split into two sections:

-Immense strength and speed
   He has immense strength, durability, endurance, agility, stamina, and speed, due to his abilities when he augments his powers these are even further boosted, he never uses his full power for fear of destroying whatever continent he is on. His speed is so great that he seems to flicker and teleport short distances, e.g. he can "appear" behind an opponent from standing 25-50 meters in front of them just about instantly. And he can also jump really high :P

-Energy manipulation
   He can manipulate a certain energy that only he possess, it is black, with purple glowing edges, and a dark blue centre that looks like smoke traveling within the energy. He can manipulate this energy into almost any form e.g. swords, blasts, augmentation of arms legs and weapons etc. This energy is extensively powerful, for example when he turns it into a pair of energy swords they can cut through just about anything, and cannot be broken. The blast can obliterate...again almost anything (should he choose it to be the type of blast that obliterates)...haha...he can also manipulate it into the form of a barrier or shield, that can withstand almost anything (again).

FAVORITE WEAPONS: His katana, gesshoku, (the scabbard is white, while the blade, handguard and handle of the sword are black). A single black gun, melee with the gauntlets used for slashing. He also has a second sword which he rarely ever uses, due to the extreme boost in power it gives him, it is kept isolated in the separate, storage, dimension that he has control over.

OTHER SKILLS: Exceptionally skilled with swords, spears, guns, bows, and melee combat. He never misses his target with his guns. He also knows an array of martial arts, making him an extremely agile and difficult melee opponent. Can sense energies of almost every strong magical entitiy in the area, can discern whether someone is lying or not rather easily. Extremely perceptive and can pick up on opponents weaknesses during fights.

FRIENDS: Kallista Pendragon

ENEMY'S: Anyone who attacks him, or threatens any friends he has/meets/makes.

HATES: When his friends are hurt and/or unhappy, he is highly perceptive at discerning how they feel.

LIKES: Protecting people, helping friends in need.

JOB: Former Mercenary, Former assassin, Former thief - No current "job"



DESCRIPTION: He is an extremely strong character (meant to be about on par or maybe even stronger than most of the strongest SP characters, Skulduggery included). He carries his sword around without it being strapped to his waist or back, but he does tie it there when needed, it is about the length from the ground to his waist (so its relatively long). Usually rather impassive, (but when thrown into a rage his teeth sharpen, and he tends to growl and roar alot :P). He is still learning how to use his powers without going overboard, or without them being to weak, so they can be unstable at times. He is also fairly handsome, and has long black waist-length hair.

IN FIVE WORDS: Lethal, Protective, Silent, Dependable, Overpowered :P



HIS GUN: (the gun itself not the person)

HIS SINGLE PAULDRON/ SHOULDERPLATE: (Just one on the right side and gauntlets kinda like that but everything is silver and the finger tips of gauntlets are slightly longer and sharpened)

HIS POWER:(pretty much exactly like this, but he can manipulate it into almost anything he would need :D)



SECONDARY APPEARANCE: (like this but his hair is longer, so the ponytail would probably reach his waist - I'd rather the first appearance though, but with the long black hair,  he appears like this very rarely)

*Please ask before using this character thank you :D*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leo Sparks

NAME:Leo Sparks
AGE: Looks 16 but is actually 23-ish
HAIR COLOR :Red(Ginger)
EYE COLOR: Yellow-ish 
HEIGHT: 5 foot 10
WEIGHT: 9 stone
PERSONALITY:Young, cocky, happy, energetic,Sarcastic,kinda inexperienced,friendly,
WEARS: Ripped black Jeans, white T-Shirt, Black Jacket
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:Irish, with a decent Irish accent.VERY PATRIOTIC. doesn't like the language though.
HISTORY:Found out about magic at age 10. Became an amateur Elemental.Meet Lightning Dave, and although didn't like him loved his power and studied it.By age 15 he surpassed Dave an left to continue practicing. Dave tried to kill him because he wanted his power unique to him. He beat Dave and continued his magic, but has a scar along his chest from the fight.His powers have still not settled leaving him free to use his minor elemental magic. He doesn't if he can help it. 
FAMILY: Grew up in a children's home. Left the day he discovered he could do magic.
POWERS: Can manipulate electricity and shoot lightning from hands,make sparks and make static electricity.Can make certain items and metals into magnets and create electrical and magnetic fields.Can cause electrical charges and power surges.Can power appliances and light-bulbs with telekinetic lightning.Is always developing new ways to use his power and magic is his life.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Metal chains which he swings and sends electrical charges down. Also he uses metal to send currents of power down e.g. handrails. But mostly just fights bare-handed
OTHER SKILLS: Is good at boxing and is also fairly smart.Especially science which he learned about to make maximum use of powers.Is learning martial arts.
ENEMY'S: Lightning Dave 
HATES: Killers, cats, most vampires, 
LIKES:Cars,metal,Dogs,Friends,Ireland, ginger people
JOB: Freelance bodyguard
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Motorbikes he has in different parts of the country for emergences
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some form of metal he can use as a weapon
DESCRIPTION: Powerful mage, good teeth, scar on chest from Lightning Dave,Good-Looking kinda muscled. 
IN FIVE WORDS:Young,Energetic,Smart, Powerful,Sparky

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Darkane Claw

NAME: Darkane Claw
AGE: 20 but looks 14
HAIR COLOR: Very dark brown, almost black
EYE COLOR: golden brown
WEIGHT: average
PERSONALITY: sarcastic, funny, can get VERY moody.
WEARS: Black top, kaki jacket, baggy jeans, black runners and green and blue headphone (not earphones, HEADPHONES).
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Irish, very slight Irish accent.
HISTORY: No one knows anything about her
POWERS: Elemental, fire is her best element.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Two curved japanese knifes. Good with a sword.
OTHER SKILLS: Lock picking and excellent balance
FRIENDS: Not that many people, usually she stays distant until she knows someone
ENEMY'S: All bad guys, especially Dusk.
HATES: Remnants
LIKES: A good fight, chocolate, drumming, music
ADDRESS: Somewhere in Ireland
JOB: Whatever's avalable
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Aston Martin Vanquish http://www.google.com/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=aston+martin+vanquish&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1243&bih=687
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her knifes, lock picks or her blue and green headphones either hung around her neck or covering her ears
DESCRIPTION: Dark hair just above her shoulders, usually in a pony tail, with a fringe that covers her eyes. Slim and athletic.
IN FIVE WORDS: Athletic, Witty, Sarcastic, Loyal, Fast.

Mary Hiashi

You don't really have to ask me to use my character. Just tell me if you are. I'm not going to be on the internet so much and so I won't be able to o.k. you very quickly. Capiche?

NAME: Mary Hiashi
AGE: 426 but looks to be about 25
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Onyx black
EYE COLOR: Crimson
WEIGHT: 140-ish maybe. I don't know.
PERSONALITY: Witty, charming, but is not kindly to others if she doesn't want to be.
WEARS: Black ninja style outfit.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English. Has a very light english accent.
HISTORY: No one really knows anything about her except her name.
FAMILY: She condsiders her three mastiffs (Haku [female], Ellie [female], and Doon [male]) to be her only family.
POWERS: She can hide where she is. So she can 'erase any noise, sound, or scent that comes from her'. When she 'erases herself', it's like she is nonexistent. Also, after much meditation and training, she uses thoughtforms as 'pets'.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Shaolin Broadsword and Kunai knives for throwing. (Why Kunai? Why not?)
OTHER SKILLS: Fluent in more than a hundred different languages.
FRIENDS: Doesn't have very many. Is an old acquaitence of Skulduggery's
ENEMY'S: No one ever lives long enough to hate her.
HATES: Children (But she has an odd maternal side, wierdly enough), crowded areas, and the colour pink.
LIKES: Candy, smoothies, killing, reading, and mastiffs.
ADDRESS: She has a castle in the middle of nowhere (In Ireland). That cannot be found by anyone unless she lets them.
JOB: Assassin
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: She doesn't really ever use anything but if it's far away, she has a motorcycle. (She created it herself and it makes absolutely no sound. Sleek and black.)
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A book, always has one on her person. As well as a pendant that looks like a star.
DESCRIPTION: Very pale, slight muscles (not over muscley), rightly curved. Kind of looks like a doll. Hair is long and straight.
IN FIVE WORDS: Sneaky, Beautiful, Witty, Charming, Killer
LITTLE PHRASE THING: Say goodnight Gracie.