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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridget Whiplash redone

 The fear story line reveled a lot about Bridget that i didn't want to give away in her first bio, so i'm redoing it, cheers!
Thanks to Hellboy's brother for an awesome picture!
NAME: Bridget Whiplash
AGE:  UPDATE! i'm changing Bridget's age to 1405 years old, it fits in better with my stories.
GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: Gray-green, described as "steely". her eyes turn completely red when she's angry(not just the pupils, they're like red coins)
WEIGHT: Very thin
PERSONALITY: Ruthless. Civil, but not polite. the kind of person you want to run away from. has an odd sense of humor
WEARS: Jeans and a t-shirt, has a brown leather jacket like the one in the pic below
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: forgot were she came from, no accent, speaks 237 different languages
HISTORY: was recruited by Gustavo Rook for the Seven Fears at age 4. killed lord Vile at age 11 and was bitten by Lord Vile's Vampire body guard at age 17. then she went on to have many adventures. fought in the war (the Fear story line is about her history, read that)
FAMILY: Dead, the only one left is Bone.
POWERS: Vampire, uses serums (made by Bone) to control  the  "bad behavior", but can summon the powers of Chaos. (when she uses her powers she is unconscious for a day and wakes up very weak and cranky)
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her 12 foot long bull whip. for up close work she uses her hunting knife (its about 1 and a half feet long) the holder for her knife is most often strapped to her thigh, the whip stays in her secret pocket. always has a knife in her boot.
OTHER SKILLS: Very fast and strong like most vamps, talented at martial arts. can through knifes, pick locks, shoot guns... anything to survive
HATES: Peppy people, pastel colors, things she can not decapitate, vampire discrimination
LIKES: Blood, black nail polish, Caelan
ADDRESS: The Vampire Inn, its an hour out of Haggard
JOB: the part time owner of The Vampire Inn. when away, Eloise(one of the few people she will ever get close to trusting)  runs the place.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: A black Shelby Cobra (stolen) [link]
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her little black case, it holds all her serums that keep her from transforming at night
DESCRIPTION:Tall and thin almost to the point of being sickly thin, wears jeans and a t-shirt almost al the time
IN SIX WORDS: Ruthless, lethal, nocturnal, cold, tortured past
QUOTE: "if you wish to die a horrible death, please, come closer"
BAD HABITS: killing people (she has to drain people of their blood to survive)

I did this with a dress-up game, then took a screen shot. i think it captures Bridget's essence well enough. I don't know why she has a tie on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Casanova Starstriker

NAME:Casanova Starstriker
HEIGHT:umm i dunno tall for his age
PERSONALITY:Funny witty Sometimes bratty also helpful to friends
WEARS:Leather Jacket and long jeans and under the jacket a shirt
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:he was born Scottish and has a thick accent
HISTORY:He found out he and his brother  had powers at the age of 12 and kept it secret 2 years later his family were killed by some sort of monster all he has left from his brother is his flaming sword 
FAMILY:None all were killed
POWERS:Summons Meteors Comets Asteroids Meteorites Etc. Etc.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:He carries a few swords thats all and a couple of throwing knives and his brothers sword that has beeen enchanted into fire
OTHER SKILLS:Super speed and the ability to turn into any type of the things he can summon and also the ability to transform into a 22 year old and food crtiteria
FRIENDS:Kallista Pendragon,Necros,Skylara Wolfbane, you get the point there
ENEMY'S:Anyone against his friends & anyone who wants him in a home. 
HATES:Bad food anyone of  in the enemy's  section
LIKES:Good food nice people and his friends
ADDRESS:He dosnt live anywhere he just crashes at other peoples place
JOB:Works with his friends
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Motorcycle or other peoples cars
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:His brothers fire sword
DESCRIPTION:Doant a whole bio do that come on!
IN SIX WORDS:Fierce and a good food critic

Lillivale Diamondsnipe

Age: 527 give or take a century
Looks:Blazing blonde hair muscular build up very tall ocean blue eyes if you look in you can see the ocean and when angry you can see a storm and his hair flows up
Height: (in ft) 6.7
Powers: shape shifter (can transform into inanimate objects and can transform other objects)
Friends: about every good guy
Enemies: anyone who attacks him and/or Friends
History: will take too long so ill do it short
his brother died when he was young he promised do avenge his murdurer Lord vile which he did by trapping him away for 4 centuries. then was framed for murder and went in prison for 3 centuries.
Personality: usually supportive and helpful but when angry he will kill anything in his way
wears: Tattered short sleeve t-shirt and tattered 3 quartered pants
Weapons:Has a bow and arrow a bow and some sais (mini pitchforks) and also has some throwing knives
Transport: himself or other peoples vehicles he also has a motor bike just in case
In five words:Fierce With Many Chocolate Cakes

Monday, October 11, 2010

Petition for Derek Landy!

Hey Y'all. it is annoying that lord Landy is only doing tours in Europe, so go to this blog [link] and put your name and country in to the comments. if we get a bunch of people to do that, then maybe Golden God will come to different country's, Ireland is great and all but Golden God needs to spread the wealth(and signed books). Thanks to Mercy plain, skulgirl13, and Mary Hiashi for the awesome idea.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tanya Espionage

NAME: Tanya Espionage
AGE: 33 looks about 20
GENDER: female
HAIR COLOR: white blond and very long (goes to the backs of her knees) most often braided to keep it out of the way
EYE COLOR: dark gray around the edges, then fades to almost white by the pupal
HEIGHT: not short, fun sized
WEIGHT: skinny
PERSONALITY: mellow, almost. sarcastic and quick witted, slightly arrogant
WEARS:  black, Army surplus, most anything
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Russian! her accent thickens then she gets exited
HISTORY: At age two she was kidnapped by Billy-Ray Sanguine, who then trained her to be an assassin, she turned him in, then went off as a freelance
FAMILY: dead (so Billy-Ray says. he might lie, he might not)
POWERS: Much like Tanith Low's. walks on walls/ceilings, can do some healing spells
FAVORITE WEAPONS: A lovely Dragunov sniper rifle [link] uses throwing knifes when she needs to be quite
OTHER SKILLS: Very fast and strong, but not in-humanly. is a contortionist
FRIENDS: Many, surprising because of her job
ENEMY'S: mostly the family's of people that she's killed
HATES: when people mistake her for a "bad guy"
LIKES: Russia
ADDRESS: somewhere in Moscow doesn't really tell people
JOB: mercenary, assassin,  body guard
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: This Mustang [link] it oozes rich Russian assassin class
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some form of weapon
DESCRIPTION: Read this [link]
IN FIVE WORDS: She is really damn awesome
QUOTE: Черт бы тебя побрал! (Damn you!)
FUN FACT: she is rich


English to Russian translator [link]

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the blog cometh!

i have made my own blog! check it out at



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sarthacus Bolt

Name: Sarthacus Bolt
Age: 75
description: Long dark hair, blue eyes, black leather waistcoat, black trench coat, black boots, black trousers, black sleeves, black gloves, sometimes (But very little) a black fedora hat, hands go on fire, instead of a fireball, has a branch that he can shoot out of his wrist, and can do many things (Look on my blog for more info).
Body type: Extremely thin, but very strong.
Nationalaty/accent: Scottish
Magic: Elemental
Evil realtions: Springheeled Jack is his cousin, and has Jack's powers.
Agility: Extreme
Master of: Stealth, fighting on old castles or ricketty bridges.
Favourite Music: Bon Jovi It's My LIfe, Bon Jovi Living on a prayer, Bon Jovi (BJ) Have A Nice Day, The Hobbit game Crossing The Bridge Maralin Manson This Is Halloween.
Books: CHERUB Series, Shapeshifter, The Hobbit.
Quote of Words: (If at Halloween) Round that corner, man, hiding in the trash can, something's waiting there to pounce and now you'll SCREAM!!! (If behind a very nervous bad guy) Boo.
Friends: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke, Dragona Pine, Isreal Elysium, Skylara Wolfbane, Darkane Claw, Kallista Pendragon, Evangeline Crow Skyril Oblivion, Bridget Whiplash, Leo Sparks.

I posted this for Bolt, because im JUST not busy enough (sarcasm)

takeo hellfire

NAME: takeo hellfire
AGE: 217, looks to be about 23
GENDER: male
HAIR COLOR: brown, spiky
EYE COLOR: almost luminescent green
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 197 pounds
PERSONALITY: funny, can get serious if needed
WEARS: gunmetal gray aviator jacket, cargo pants
HISTORY: he was born in japan and learned some magic there, but moved out because of the boxer rebellion. went to England and learned more magic and then he went to Yugoslavia to get his AK-47. moved to America, and he has stayed there.
FAMILY: none worth mentioning.
POWERS: turns into sentient ball of flame,conjurer.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: above mentioned AK-47,does not need to reload. he conjures more rounds in the magazine. desert eagle pistol in belt holster.
OTHER SKILLS: can see a rotten corn from miles away.
FRIENDS: Israel Elysium (please?)
ENEMY'S: golems.
HATES: cleaning the hole(his house)
LIKES: grape soda,3-gun competitions.
ADDRESS: 67 yawkey way,Boston,Massachusetts.
JOB: fruit and veggie stand.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: green jeep with Dillon minigun on top(look it up),minigun folds under tarp in the back.
NEVER SEEN without: AK-47
DESCRIPTION: if you don't want to be perfboard for the rest of your life, dont sneak up on me at night.
IN FIVE WORDS: i am done with you.

sorry for the "without" up there,dang computer!