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Saturday, October 2, 2010

takeo hellfire

NAME: takeo hellfire
AGE: 217, looks to be about 23
GENDER: male
HAIR COLOR: brown, spiky
EYE COLOR: almost luminescent green
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 197 pounds
PERSONALITY: funny, can get serious if needed
WEARS: gunmetal gray aviator jacket, cargo pants
HISTORY: he was born in japan and learned some magic there, but moved out because of the boxer rebellion. went to England and learned more magic and then he went to Yugoslavia to get his AK-47. moved to America, and he has stayed there.
FAMILY: none worth mentioning.
POWERS: turns into sentient ball of flame,conjurer.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: above mentioned AK-47,does not need to reload. he conjures more rounds in the magazine. desert eagle pistol in belt holster.
OTHER SKILLS: can see a rotten corn from miles away.
FRIENDS: Israel Elysium (please?)
ENEMY'S: golems.
HATES: cleaning the hole(his house)
LIKES: grape soda,3-gun competitions.
ADDRESS: 67 yawkey way,Boston,Massachusetts.
JOB: fruit and veggie stand.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: green jeep with Dillon minigun on top(look it up),minigun folds under tarp in the back.
NEVER SEEN without: AK-47
DESCRIPTION: if you don't want to be perfboard for the rest of your life, dont sneak up on me at night.
IN FIVE WORDS: i am done with you.

sorry for the "without" up there,dang computer!


  1. Great character, deagle_pickle! Can my charachter be friends with yours?

  2. lolz! ok deagle! I am thinking of writing a background 'war story' where my character is fighting in the trenches of some war with the help of some friends. (cos Israel's a war hero)

    And so your character would be awesome for this!

    War heroes- that's what they'll be. Aww yeah...

  3. sure! i LOVE war movies and stories.

  4. ack lizzy?
    hi deagle_pickle! we havent formally met.
    hello! *shakes hand* im geckogirl otherwise known as Skylara Wolfbane! Nice to meet you! gr8 character btw!

  5. hello,and thank you!i MAY have my own blog soon,if i get it i will post the address on bio-rama.'kay?