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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kalia Mist

Name- Kalia Mist
Age- Now, there's a complicated question. She could either be as old as humanity, or she could be seventeen.
Gender- Female
Hair- Medium, curly, black, shiny, often hidden beneath a hood, side parting on the right hand side.
Eyes- Black all over, shiny, although only like this aged seventeen and over.
Height- 5ft dead- although she's quite sensitive about it.
Weight- Depends whether or not she has moulded an ancient artifact of pure destruction with her blood or not.
Overall Appearence- Her skin is very pale, almost white, and she has a long scar with black stitches through it over her right eye. She has a small nose and black lips with fangs and a black, forked tongue, although these, again, are only inherited after her seventeenth birthday. She has long legs but a very short torso. She has black claws, often with red skulls painted on the backs, but only after her seventeenth birthday.
Nationality- Hmm, she can't remember where her original birthplace floated off to after the continents drifted apart.
Clothes- A long, indestructable, black jacket with a sewn-on hood that often flows and flaps like bat's wings. A gun belt with bullets along the outside and two holsters, all silver. A plain, short-sleeved, black t-shirt and long, flowing, black jeans. She also has black boots, but these are often hidden beneath her trousers. She rarely wears anything else.
Occupation- Proffesional murderer and cannibal
Abilities- She has always had the ability to produce multicoloured streams of light from her body, which are pure destruction and can turn anything instantly to dust, no matter how it is protected, but she does not know how to master them until her soul is fully aligned. She inherits the ability to eat people along with her fangs and forked tongue, along with the ability to see in the dark, climb up vertical surfaces, or even on ceilings, heal herself, make her skin indestructable, and incredible stregnth (the most she can lift is a car). Also, she has heightened senses, but her greatest one is her sense of smell- she can smell what blood type you are, what you're feeling, and whether or not you're evil.
Weapons- Two identical twin silver pistols that are magically unable to miss any given target, and also a silver sacreficial dagger that she straps to the inside of her boot.
Personality and opinions- She likes reading, and hates modern technology. Her belief is that all animals in the world are equal, but it is important to hunt and kill them in the wild to give them adventure and to ensure the balance of nature, and that keeping them in cages and quietly executing them is wrong, because life needs to be enjoyed, no matter how long it lasts. Also, she later inherits a worship for Death, a.k.a- The Grim, and sees him as a release and a natural state of being. She is fiery and easily insulted, but witty and humourous. She lives for the moment and has no care for rules or authority figures, as they only keep her caged. She is intelligent, but not extreemly so, and is quite a dare devil. She likes life on the edge, and will hunt and kill not just for food but for the thrill of it.
Species- She is a Reaper- a type of being that worships the Grim as a god and can only devour and kill people of evil in their world. They cannot eat anything but uncooked, unchanged meat and the more alive and big it is, the more energy it gives them. They believe their natural place in the world is eating anyone evil so they can face their judgement after death. Reapers live in exile, and are feared by most creatures. Therefore, very few have heared of them, and even fewer believe they exist.
Associates- She is friends with Kip Darkos and Angelista Skaa, she knows Aquila Felis, Dragona Pine, Niall Montblanc, Lego Incongruous, Venice Rain, Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain and Tanith Low. Her source of information is Vladican Drab, although he isn't entirely to be trusted.
History- Oh, boy- this one could take a while. Okay, so she was born during the dawn of humanity, when the first sorcerers were just starting to emerge. Following the deaths of everyone in her village due to mysterious dissapearances, she turned to death itself for answers. He granted her the ability to remember her past lives each time she regenerated, and each body she had looked a lot like her original. She became the world's first Reaper. She devoured many wolves, which helped save many lives, but she would often "steal" a few villagers and devour them if there were no wolves to be had. Still, the first sorcerers, who were later reffered to as "Ancients", thought she was the only person to help her during this moment of crisis- The Faceless Ones were out of control. So, she consulted Death again, and he helped her create The Sceptre Of The Ancients, which she used against the Faceless Ones to send them to a far away dimension, where they could never return, or at least she hoped. With the world saved, Mystica (for this was her name at the time) found that most of the villagers turned on her, some wanting revenge, and some just afraid of her. So, she killed them all, devouring the lot of them, even their children, until she was left with no one. Furious with herself and the Sceptre, she tossed it far beneath the earth and lept into a deep ocean, where she died for the first time. For millions of years, she was returning, killing, dying, and returning again, and Death created more Reapers to join her, but none of them were as powerful- none of them could produce pure destruction from their bodies, and none of them were as fast or as strong. She set up a Reaper Cult, where they could relax and be away from the world, and named it Mysticala. The Reapers called her "The Living Death". They, too, could come back after death, and she would enjoy their company for all eternity. However, it was not to last. Almost four hundred years ago, a man by the name of Lord Vile sought to bring back the Faceless Ones with several others, but Mystica was not bothered about them. No, Vile was special- he had a thirst for blood and the only thing she could smell on him was old bones and evil. He sought to prevent Mystica's return by killing her each time she returned, before her seventeenth birthday. But the war eventually ended, and Kalia Mist was born in the twenty-first centuary, but she was to face several problems, as Mystica always had. For starters, her father was murdered a little after her seventeenth birthday, the only family she had. Now alone, Kip and Angelista saved her and she helped them fight against the murderers, who wanted to use her and the Sceptre to bring back the Faceless Ones. How this story ends and continues is at firstly; http://kaliamist.blogspot.com/ and then; http://kaliamcobwebs.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hestia Honeysuckle

Name: Hestia Honeysuckle
Age: 113 looks 54
Gender:  Female
Hair color: Has long thick curly red hair. Usually pulled back in a stylish updo
Eye color: Green
Height:  5 ft7
Weight: 145 pounds
Appearance:  Slightly chubby, very pretty in an interesting way. Smiles a lot.
Magic type:  Adept. Uses her magic to make delicious, fancy confections and baked goods that will never rot teeth or cause anyone to gain weight. She also has delicious bread she makes that will keep a person healthy and feeling full with just one bite. This special bread is specifically for use for those who are on missions for the Sanctuary.
Nationality: A mixture of Irish, German, and Swedish
Clothes: Stylish, high quality, but a bit old fashioned looking dresses, and skirts.
Job: Runs a family owned business in Dublin. Her candy store is right next to Niall’s bookstore, The Broken Spine. Has a small chain of her restaurants in London, Yorkshire, and Edinburgh.
Thor, Octaboona Ambrosius, Nicolette Croga,  Skyril Oblivion, Jodi Harte, Israel Elysium, Bridget Whiplash, Skylara Wolfbane, Evangeline Crow, Aquila Felis, Insanity Nova Moonshine, Sarthacus Bolt, Dragona Pine, Florence Black, Alex Night, Darkane Claw, Mary Hiashi, Deryn Mellifluous, Leo Sparks, Lillivale Diamondsnipe, Thrice Dozer, Nyx Dawn, Lunar Tears, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Jaffa Morbid, Rosella Embers, Morgana Wolf, Niall Montblanc, Everisse EternaGepard ValkLilith Nightshade, Thalia CirceQuinnera Elviana, Chanoro Flashfreeze, Soot FeatherwingMarch Pathway, Arcturus Lakison, Kenneth James Lakison, Venice Rain, Lego Incongruous
Personality and features: She is extremely friendly and kind. She is also a bit eccentric. (see below) She likes to spy on Niall and Ven and will create havoc with them just to stir things up a bit. She is very gentle with young children and animals.
Likes: Friends. Making deserts and candy.
Loves: little Quinn. Adores her.  Octaboona Ambrosius. (is convinced he is her twin brother even though he is far to old) Israel Elysium (every now and then shows up at his door wearing a veil and asking if he will marry her. Will also pull pranks to try and trick him into coming to a chapel. Almost succeeded once in marriage.)
Dislikes: Enemies, vegetables, Dentists, Diets, people with no humor, people who do not like children or animals. People who do not respect nature.
Enemies:  People who hurt other people and children. People who are mean.  Dr. Noogles the Dentist who is convinced she has a cavity.

History: Was raised in a magical family with two older brothers. Neither of her brothers wanted to take over the family business so Hestia took over at the age of 21. Her parents are still living, though very old. They like to travel the world but when they come to visit Hestia, she tries to hide. She has never been married though she came close one time to marring Israel. Her parents are still after her to get married.

A younger Hestia
Will add more later.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chanoro Flashfreeze V3.1

Name: Chanoro Flashfreeze
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, (frosted with snow), blue eyes,(with white pupils), pale and thin.
Height: Tall
Weight: Light
Magic type: Elemental, Ice, (very powerful).
Nationality: British, (weak British accent)
Clothes: Jeans, shirt and leather jacket. (also long, black boots).
Weapons: Ice, twin katanas, storm shuriken, (...Shhhhh...ring of ice), Smith and Wesson 500 calibre Magnum.
Friends: Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Octaboona Ambrosius, Kallista Pendragon, Gideon Solace, Rebeckka Doldrum, Isabella Midnight, Lilith Nightshade, Quinnera Elviana, Dragona Pine, Krane Farlin, Flash Incarnadine, Gambit Aurora, Arrius Triskelion, etcetra etcetra...
Personality and features: Stubborn, strong-willed, cool-tempered and steely witted.
Likes: Friends, beating up enemies, my sword, evil smiles, ice, silver.
Dislikes: Enemies, losing, falling, time-wasters, avocado.
Enemies: Nyx-Dawn, Sauron Nightshade, people who annoy me.
Transport: A black Lotus Exige Sport 240. (or ice-blasting or sliding).

History: his parents dissapeared when he was ten, leaving him with his three-year old brother, who he brought up and named Alex Phenomenon, and his nine-year old sister, Caldaria Cloudburst. He searched for his missing parents and found no trace, three years of his life have misteriously been wiped from his brain, his only remaining family is his brother, Alex Phenomenon, (in stasis in one of Chanoro's deep-space research facilities), his cousin, Arrius Triskelion, his sister Caldaria Cloudburst and his half brother, Cain Sparkscourge. He took down a legion of undead soldiers when he was thirteen and got a thin, white scar running up the length of his spine, he was trained for five years by Ocularis Infinity, two of these years were wiped from his memory.

Recently, Chanoro has developed advanced split personality syndrome, which has resulted in the creation of a second sentient conciousness sharing his cortex, this second conciousness or Darkside has never fully taken control, but it could break losse at any moment.....

Roundup: Very powerful, edgy, witty lord of ice.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vivianna Spark

   Vivianna Spark

    She only wears this when she fights
  Her favorite pants
            Hair color: Dark red, looks almost black
           Hair texture: Very curly
           Eye color: Bright hazel, but when she uses her power they turn black.
          Face: Pale, demonically perfect, bright bloody lips
          Weight: Eh
          Height: 'Bout 5'7
          Clothes: See above. Likes to go barefoot.
          Magical ability: Adept, Elemental, and Necromancer. Half demon. Her eyes flash black and her nails grow into titanium rods, and her hair burst into flames, fangs, all that jazz.
          History: Created by an evil scientist. Half demon. Uses everyday of her life trying to stop being evil, but feels she will never stop. No family.
         Friends: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkeryie Cain, Ghastly Bespoke, China Sorrows, Dead Men, pretty much all of Skulduggery's friends.
         Enemies: Tanith Low, All of Skulduggery's Enemies
         Relationships: Used to be in a relationship with Erskine Ravel. Didn't end up well. Pretty awkward, now.
        Likes: Silence, coldness, running barefoot, adrenaline, laughter.
        Dislikes: Evil people, boring-ness.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wattpad help. Could really use you guys.


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Crystal Darkflair (OC)

NAME: Crystal Darkflair
GENDER: Female
HAIR STYLE: Curly. Tied up when fighting. Usually down.
HEIGHT:5foot 7
WEIGHT: Doesn’t know
PERSONALITY: Kind, Bubbly, Smart and cheerful
WEARS: Brown short leather jacket, White tshirt , Black jeans and balck boots
FAVORITE COLORS: Black, Violet, Grey
HISTORY: Crystals mother died when she was 6. Her father was cruel to her and was nearly always drunk. He beat her a lot. She left home when she was 14 and she found magic people in a temple in Dublin. Their she learned it was a necromancy temple. She got tired of the temple and she ran away and started work iin a café . When the owner of the café died when Crystal was 18 he left the café to her. She lives in the apartment above the café and put the shop for sale. It still hasn’t been sold. Crystal works as a sanctuary agent now.
FAMILY: She hasn’t talked to her Dad since she was 14 and her moms dead. She is an only child.
POWERS: Necromancy. She gets her powers from a black Crystal on a neckalce around her neck.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her Samurai sword
OTHER SKILLS: Chopping peoples heads off
FRIENDS: Flame Phoinix, Valkyrie V., Kallista, Legolas, Pyro, Lionkiller,Ayesha, Dragona, Dantea Dredkin, Kribu, Gep,  and a few more I just can't think of them.....
ENEMIES: None…….yet…………..
HATES: Being stuck inside too long
LIKES: Skittles, Fighting Zombies, Being with her friends
ADDRESS: Saint Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland
JOB: Sanctuary Agent
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Black Crystal Necklace
IN FIVE WORDS: Tallish, Dark haired, Bubbly, Girl

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chanoro Flashfreeze v2.0


Name: Chanoro Flashfreeze
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, (frosted with snow), blue eyes,(with white pupils), pale and thin.
Height: Tall
Weight: Light
Magic type: Elemental, Ice, (very powerful).
Nationality: British, (weak British accent)
Clothes: Jeans, shirt and leather jacket. (also long, black boots).
Weapons: Ice, twin katanas, storm shuriken, (...Shhhhh...ring of ice)
Friends: Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Octaboona Ambrosius, Kallista Pendragon, Gideon Solace, Rebeckka Doldrum, Isabella Midnight, Lilith Nightshade, Quinnera Elviana, Dragona Pine, Krane Farlin, Flash Incarnadine, Gambit Aurora, Arrius Triskelion, etcetra etcetra...
Personality and features: Stubborn, strong-willed, cool-tempered and steely witted.
Likes: Friends, beating up enemies, my sword, evil smiles, ice, silver.
Dislikes: Enemies, losing, falling, time-wasters, avocado.
Enemies: Nyx-Dawn, Sauron Nightshade, people who annoy me.
Transport: A black Lotus Exige Sport 240. (or ice-blasting or sliding).

History: his parents dissapeared when he was ten, leaving him with his three-year old brother, who he brought up and named Alex Phenomenon, and his nine-year old sister, Caldaria Cloudburst. He searched for his missing parents and found no trace, three years of his life have misteriously been wiped from his brain, his only remaining family is his brother, Alex Phenomenon, (in stasis in one of Chanoro's deep-space research facilities), his cousin, Arrius Triskelion, his sister Caldaria Cloudburst and his half brother, Cain Sparkscourge. He took down a legion of undead soldiers when he was thirteen and got a thin, white scar running up the length of his spine, he was trained for five years by Ocularis Infinity, two of these years were wiped from his memory.

Roundup: Very powerful, edgy, witty lord of ice.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everisse Eterna, edited

Edited OC repost! Hopefully final version.

(Anything previously written about her is discredited)

NAME: Everisse Eterna
AGE: 20, looks about 15
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Originally dark brown, dyed bright red
HEIGHT: 5 foot 5
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
PERSONALITY: Eccentric. Says very random things, many worry she's insane. Aggressive and sometimes violent, swings from bubbly to angry in a matter of seconds. Can be a show-off, but quiet and mistrustful of people she doesn't know. Zones out a lot. Intelligent, but lacking common sense. Clumsy. Always seeking out adventure, and will jump on any chance for one.
WEARS: Jeans and t-shirts, mostly. Sneakers for shoes. Bright-colored socks.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Mixed black and white. Connecticut-born, with a slight New England accent.
HISTORY: Discovered her powers at the age of seven. Her family kept her from leaving the house out of worry, so she ran away. She lived on the street for seven months before a man who called himself Grand Mage found her, and brought her to Elysium Asylum. She has lived there since.
FAMILY: Parents she hasn't seen in thirteen years. Evangeline Litmus, a sort of surrogate younger sister.
POWERS: Electrical Manipulation. She can shoot lightning, but she's terrible at aiming. It also uses up a lot of energy, which she has to sap from electrical sockets and the like. She can magnetize certain metals, and control electrical appliances when she's focused. If she runs out of electricity, she can't use her magic, and can only hold a certain amount at a time.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: A small knife she likes to keep on her person. A sword, which she's slightly terrible at using since she doesn't actually know how to use a sword, so she doesn't carry it with her. Pepper spray.
OTHER SKILLS: Drawing, some singing. She speaks Spanish fairly well.
FRIENDS: Ursula Prase, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion, March Pathway, Thalia Circe, many others.
ENEMY'S: Anyone who threatens her or her friends, that one guy with the face, ignorant people
HATES: Heights, being sick, running
LIKES: Glitter, wolves, insects, purple, fruit, anime, playing the guitar badly, doodling
ADDRESS: Elysium Asylum
JOB: None
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Bright green scooter
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her lucky necklace, shaped like a dragon
DESCRIPTION: Not exactly fat, not exactly skinny. Hair is corn-braided, she has a lot of minor-injury scars because she's careless.
IN FIVE WORDS: Crazy girl with lightning powers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

March Pathway-3rd Edition

TAKEN NAME: March Pathway

NICKNAMES: Mar, Mar-Chu.

GIVEN NAME: Zoey Donnelly Vesta


AGE: 65, looks 11-13. Because of her magic ability, she chooses to look younger, but can change her age whenever she likes or needs to.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Flaming Red

HAIR STYLE: Hair about Knee-length, if not an inch or two longer.

EYE COLOR: crystal clear blue

HEIGHT: four foot two

WEIGHT: with skill, she can shift her weight to whatever she chooses at the moment, without looking any different (However, she hardly has that skill so often, so she ends up being really, really light...)

PERSONALITY: bright and happy, however can judge a book by its cover. Can have a dark personality when she chooses (or when someones really annoying her). However, when something reminds her of a unpleasant experience in her past, she becomes jittery, zones out, and becomes a bit unstable, with wavering attention. Often has what people would call comedic emotions.

WEARS: a black shirt, long white vest, white jeans, and black boots for winter outfit. OR, a black t-shirt, short white vest, white shorts, and black boots for summer. Usually holds weapons and anything else in her boots.
link to other items.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born somewhere in America, because of traveling she has virtually no accent, but can mimic almost anything (also due to her magic power).

HISTORY: Grew up traveling the world with her father due to the disappearance of her mother, March then lived with her grandparents (who did not know of magic) at the age of seven, going to school and getting a taste of being normal. Then, at around the age of eight, March acquired her shape shifting powers, but had no idea how to control them, she was unable to keep magic a secret from her grandparents, and they found out and tried to tell the world about it. When they were about to, March was attacked by a vampire, who realized who she was and ran off to tell Dusk, leaving March gravely injured. When she focused enough to go look for her grandparents, they had disappeared. She was on the run for a week before Dusk found her, and that is when she began to use a frying pan as a weapon. March can currently be located as a resident in Elysium Asylum.

FAMILY: Alida Vesta (Mother), Erebus Donnelly (Father), and possibly a few siblings. She doesn't much talk about those. She doesn't see extended family at all really (not to mention any other type of family). She doesn't know where they are, but little does she know they're out there, all together...

POWERS: Adept. Shape shifter. Preferred shape to take a Main Coon Cat for everyday, and a snow leopard for a fight. She can fully shift into other people and animals, as well as shift half-way, like have wings, or a tail, or cat ears instead of human ears.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: a ruby dagger that used to be part of her mothers ruby sword, and, of course, a frying pan. Also uses any other objects.

OTHER SKILLS: able to eat nine and a half snickers bars in one sitting. Has a uncanny ability to annoy vampires. And isn't bad at mini golf, is she does say so herself.

FRIENDS: Thalia Jane Circe, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Dragona Pine, Israel Elysium, Aquila Felis, Skyril Oblivion, Skylara Wolfbane, Octaboona Ambrosius, Lydia D., Ariah Curse, Vivianna Spark, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, and Quinnera Elviana.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Vampires, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Vampires, Springheeled Jack, Faceless Ones Followers (Finds then Creepy), Vampires, and, you know, more vampires.

HATES: Alarms, being left behind, attempts to kill her or her friends, vampires, Dusk, zombies, tornadoes, peas, beans, thunderstorms (as a cat), horror films (even though her life is one most of the time), Repeating sounds.

LIKES: ice cream, bread, potassium, dumplings, thunderstorms (as a human), cats, fry pans, reading, eggs (especially scrambles), birds, narnia, phantom of the opera, Falling (Until she hits the ground), and exploding bad guys.

JOB: She picks up the occasional odd job. Enjoys jobs where she get's to fight and usually torment vampires.

CURRENT LOCATION: Elysium Asylum, Ireland.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: She's a clever mage who can shift into anything she wants. Why do you THINK her mode of transportation is?

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A weapon, usually concealed.

DESCRIPTION: small mage with brilliant flaming red hair, wearing black and white color scheme.

IN FIVE WORDS: March Pathway The Shapeshifting Mage.

HEAD TO TOE: Knee-length flaming red hair, with fairly pale skin and crystal clear blue eyes. Black t-shirt, white vest, white jeans/shorts, and black boots that have a dark blue and gold dagger sheath poking out from within, and a frying pan sticking out on the other foot.

NOTES: March's family history is a mystery she'd very much like to find out, as in where her mom disappeared to, why vampires hate her family so much, and why she hasn't seen a relative in over ten years.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Orca Dew Sage (beef's)

NAME:   Orca (dew) Sage (AKA beef!)
AGE: 13
GENDER: girl
HAIR COLOR: red slightly pink.
HAIR STYLE: Very long tied in ponytail or loose when crazy :P
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown or purple contacts
HEIGHT: smallish (170cm)
BODY TYPE: Athletic, sprinting
PERSONALITY: Funny, light & bubbly but get really annoyed quite easily. DOES NOT react well to boredom. Tends to punch things.
WEARS: Knee-high platform boots (multicoloured) Purple net tights, denim shorts, bright turtleneck or a t-shirt with some funny quote on it & usually large headphones. Also White rimmed big sunglasses, fingerless gloves.
FAVORITE COLORS:  Purple and Yellow
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English but can have a prominent Irish/Scottish/Indian/American accent if she feels like it.
HISTORY: Was brought up by cult of Judasists, who belived that Judas was the real Christ.
FAMILY: Non existent, nobody knows.
POWERS: Adept, Exhumes white energy from mouth, eyes and hands which either attack straight away or mould Orca into a giant version of herself which can only last for about 20mins, but has the power of the energy to use. Energy recides in her eyes.
OTHER SKILLS: Can roughly guess where someone is according to they’re personality and nature (only when she knows them)
FRIENDS: Friends with anyone and everyone. You’re either her friend or enemy. And if you’re enemy, your dead.
ENEMIES: There is a list, somewhere. On the internet probably.
HATES: Being left out. Not knowing things.
LIKES: Reading, learning, not learning, her hair ^^
ADDRESS: Used to live in Japanese School Of the Unusual but that was burnt down in a confrontation with an old enemy, so now she just sleeps where she falls.
JOB: Assassin by becoming close friend, learning everything about them then  BALMMOO!! Twin blade attack.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Harley Davidson yellow motorbike
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her Sunglasses and her boots.
DESCRIPTION:  energetic type
IN FIVE WORDS: that hyper freak in yellow.
NOTES: Was in china’s library when burnt down. Managed to escape just in time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sayen Salazar

Birth Name: Kimi Blackburn
Taken Name: Sayen Salazar
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
Hair Color: Silver. Was black. She was struck by lightning at age 13 and her hair changed to silver then.
Eye Color: Silver. Was a deep brown. Turned silver after lightning strike. Wears an eye patch
Height: 5 ft 8
Weight: very slender
Personality: Quiet and watchful, yet a free spirit. Is mischievous but secretive. Can be a bit timid.
Wears: Military style outfits.  Likes to go barefoot when she can. 
Nationality: Is Native American.
Accent: American
History: Kimi is the daughter of the Seven Nations. She is the Daughter of Promise to unite all seven nations and to lead her people to prominence again in the land they once roamed free in. She was sent to the best white man’s schools in addition to her Indian education. She is already promised in marriage to a young man. Though he is kind and good to her she feels rebellious at having her destiny already set out before her.
At age 16 she runs away from home and flees to Ireland. There she meets with other people of magic.
Family: Has a loving father and mother. Also has both sets of grandparents and several aunts and uncles and cousins. All a very loving and supportive family. Currently they are searching for her.
Powers: She can become like the wind as she wishes. Her body becomes invisible and she can fly with the breeze.  She can also join consciousness with other living creatures except with fellow humans or shape shifters. She always respectfully asks permission to join with an animal. After they agree it is like she is one with them. She can experience life as they do. Her body is left below and is always protected by a magic circle she creates.
Weapons: Has none.
Friends: Most of the other OC’s on Bio Rama. Will update later
Enemies: People who are careless with nature and animals.
Loves: Her horse, Shakespeare
Hates: polluted air, people who abuse each other, animals, nature.
Likes: Anything in nature, Children, animals.
Address: Shares a room sometimes with Kallista Pendragon at the Elysium Manor
Job: Will update
Mode of transportation: Her white Stallion named Shakespeare who can also change like the wind and ride through the skies.
Never seen without: Will update
In Five Words: Gentle, Rebellious, Free Spirited Princess.

*Epica artwork done by our beloved Lizzy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Niall Montblanc

NAME: Niall Montblanc

AGE: 16



EYE COLOR: ... Let's just say hazel.

HEIGHT: 5-11 ish

WEIGHT: 65-odd kilos

PERSONALITY: He likes to know things, has a good sense of humour, and he enjoys sarcasm and geek humour. He's pretty relaxed, and doesn't let much get on his nerves. He dislikes physical conflict, but he can hold his own in an argument. If somebody's giving him trouble, he'd rather beat them up with facts and comebacks than start a fight. He'll run away if he has to.
He's fiercely loyal to his friends. He loves to read, and he aspires to be an author, as well as running the Spine.

WEARS: He wears glasses, even though they can be inconvenient. Although he dislikes the term "Geek Chic", it's probably the best way to describe his style. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. The shirt is often black, and usually has something like "There's no place like" on it. He often wears a long brown trenchcoat with lots of pockets on the inside lining, so that he can carry stuff.
Is quite partial to this ([link]) hat.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Norn Iron. Not a strong accent, thank frog.

HISTORY: Nerdy guy learns about magic and moves to Dublin.

FAMILY: See Friends.

POWERS: The ability to retain any information he reads.


OTHER SKILLS: Pedanticism, friendliness, good manners.

FRIENDS: Pretty much everyone. (Especially Venice Rain.)

ENEMIES: None he's aware of, particularly.

HATES: Bullies, people who damage books.

LIKES: Books.

ADDRESS: The Broken Spine Bookstore, Dublin, Ireland

JOB: Bookstore owner.



IN FIVE WORDS: That guy with the books.

Posted with permission, obviously.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone posted without permission? or is this just being polite?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bryony Rose

NAME: Bryony Rose

AGE: 203

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Auburn-red

HAIR STYLE: Long, over the shoulders. You can tell when she’s working, because it’s tied up in a lose ponytail or bun.

EYE COLOUR: Usually green, but changes colour depending on mood

HEIGHT: 5.7”


BODY TYPE: Athletic, slightly muscular


PERSONALITY: Feisty and sarcastic, Bryony seems nice enough but is hard to be in the same room as for more than ten minutes at a time before everyone wants to strangle her. Slightly random, but has very extreme mood swings, going from bubbly and bouncing off the walls to punching a hole in said wall and screaming her head off.

WEARS: A fitted white shirt and grey pinstripe waistcoat, black skinny jeans, a fitted black trench coat and combat boots. Often worn with a brightly coloured scarf, fingerless gloves, and some form of hat (usually a top hat or trilby).


NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born in England, and speaks with Received Pronunciation. She accentuates this now she’s moved to Ireland, just because it sounds cool.

HISTORY: Her parents were both killed pre-war when Bryony was 7, murdered by followers of the Faceless Ones for speaking openly against the religion. She was brought up in Elysium Asylum and began learning basic elemental magic (to protect herself against her parents’ murderers), but she later discovered she had a natural talent for telekinesis (through an accident including a rubber band, a lake and a rather unfortunate cow), and taught herself. She was pretty happy until a few years before The War, when she disappeared, presumed dead. She was reportedly spotted a few times during the fighting, but none of the sightings were very reliable, as war does funny things to people’s brains. A few years after the fighting had finished, she turned up in the Sanctuary, dragging one of the mages on the Sanctuary’s Most Wanted list by the ear. She has worked for the Sanctuary ever since, but won’t talk about where she was when she disappeared.

FAMILY: Deceased

POWERS: Adept - Telekinesis

FAVORITE WEAPONS: A dagger kept in her boot, her gun

OTHER SKILLS: Lock picking, colour changing eyes depending on mood (red for angry, blue for calm etc.)

FRIENDS: Gets on well with everyone (as long as she’s not in one of her irritating moods), but not particularly close to anyone, as they may ask unwanted questions about her past.

HATES: Puppets (they’re freaky and move when you’re not looking), authority figures (they demand respect they may well have earned, she just doesn’t want to give it to them), cows (they stand in the field and stare, plotting to take over the world)

LIKES: Sweets, reading, sweets, finishing a job successfully, sweets, hats, sweets

HATES: Puppets. They scare the living bajeebus out of her.

ADDRESS: Nowhere in particular, moves around a lot. Sometimes stays with other magic users, sometimes sleeps in abandoned houses, and sometimes doesn’t sleep at all. In between jobs she stays at Elysium Asylum, but never for long.

JOB: Bounty hunter for the Irish Sanctuary


NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some kind of sweet

MISC: Enjoys referring to people by their last names, especially when it irritates them. Always carries some form of sweets in her hat. Has a set of initials tattooed on her wrist in swirling script, which she doesn’t let anyone see what they are.

IN FIVE WORDS: Sarcastic, unpredictable, mysterious, bubbly, witty

[Bryony's OC posted with her permission]

Krane Farlin

Normal Krane
Age : Very old yet looks young (half demons cannot die of age but are as tender to damage as anyone else)
Pale blue eyes (red when angry)
Long dark brown hair
slightly tall

clothes (made of special material[not by Ghastly as he's an elder now)

black leather jacket
black leather trousers
black rock boots
(i like black and leather)


2 knives
and a crossbow

"Angry" Krane
no eyes but it can see
black shell like armor for skin
feet have short claws
stand on legs

how it fights

it fights like any animal except it can burst black and red streams of magical energy

[Krane's OC posted with his permission]

Thursday, September 29, 2011


NAME: Clitso
AGE:80 looks 18
HAIR STYLE: Long and puffy
EYE COLOUR: dark brown its real dark looks back
HEIGHT: normal
WEIGHT: average
PERSONALITY: dark and death like
WEARS: black strap top with waistcoat and skinny flare jeans
HISTORY: forgetful
FAMILY: none
POWERS: adept
FAVORITE WEAPONS: gun type 100
HATES: lots
LIKES: not much
ADDRESS: got none
JOB: none
DESCRIPTION: silent type

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So, um...

I updated my bio, but not by much.

I just wanted to give the link, rather than reposting it and all...

You don't have to check it out, I didn't change a lot.


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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elemental (Some)

This is a sort of update on some of our OC's
NAME: Nymphadora Samantha Change- Usually called Nymph or Nymphy
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: White but has a sort of light blue tint to it
HAIR STYLE: Long wavy, 1 small plait in her hair
HEIGHT: Normal
WEIGHT: Normal
BODY TYPE: She has very pale skin
PERSONALITY: Friendly but doesn't like almost being killed
WEARS: White dress tinted white, same colour boots and a snowflake pendant
FAVORITE COLORS: Icey blue and white
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: From Alaska, Speaks English slightly American accent
HISTORY: Mysterious Past, She seems to just have come from nowhere
POWERS: Element Ice
FAVORITE WEAPONS: None really but she would like to learn kung fu from Tiger...
OTHER SKILLS: Teleports herself and others with her mind but only when she's full of power
FRIENDS: Tiger Shark, Kyra Whirlwhind, Safira Ocean and Leo Bolt
HATES: Fire, Brazillian Rainforests, The language Spanish, Green, Pitcher Plants, Ugly purple/yellow/lime green frogs
LIKES: Ice, Cold, Reading
ADDRESS: None/Not saying
JOB: Well, she likes saving the world...
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Teleportation or nothing
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her snowflake pendant

NAME: Leonardo Bolt
AGE: 15
HAIR COLOR: Orange, Yellow Highlights
HEIGHT: Normal
WEIGHT: Normal
BODY TYPE: Slightly tanned skin
WEARS: Dark green top and Black jeans
FAVORITE COLORS: Yellow, Electric Blue
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Doesn't Say, I'll get back to you on that
HISTORY: Childhood friends with Nymph and grew up with her
FAMILY: Doesn't say
POWERS: Electric type moves
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Likes taser guns A LOT
FRIENDS: Nymph Change, Sort of friends with Kyra Whirlwhind and Saphira Ocean
ENEMIES: Tiger Shark
HATES: Tigers, Sharks, Bananas, Custard, Tiger Sharks, Walking, Running
LIKES: Lions, Fireworks, Guns, Electricity, Nymph Change
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Ussually teleports with Nymphy
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A tube of yellow hair gel

NAME: Tiger Shark
AGE: 12
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Black fading down to red most of the time flames up when angry
HAIR STYLE: Long Wavy, usually flames up when angry
EYE COLOR: Changes from time to time but mostly bright green
HEIGHT: Normal
WEIGHT: Normal
BODY TYPE: Dark but not too dark skin
PERSONALITY: Firey, Stubborn (at times) Brave, Adventurous
WEARS: Dark red floaty top, red faded trousers, light yellow scarf, black boots
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: From Rio De Janerio, Brazil, Speaks spanish but also has a fairly normal english accent
HISTORY: Won't say
FAMILY: Had some but values friends more
POWERS: Fire Element
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Daggers, Swords and meelee weapons
OTHER SKILLS: Can change to anything she wants
FRIENDS: Nymph Change, Kyra Whirlwhind, Sapira Ocean, Ebony Black
HATES: Leo Bolt, Water, Cold things and Leo Bolt
LIKES: Big Cats, Fighting, Martial Arts and Dangerous things
ADDRESS: Somewhere deep in a Brazillian Rainforest
JOB: None
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some sort of big cat, ussually Scar


Nympadora Change

Tiger Shark

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blood Butterflies version 2.0

NAME: Blood Butterflies
AGE: 274
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark black, almost blue, with white streaks
HAIR STYLE: Long. She doesn’t usually tie it up unless she feels really warm.
EYE COLOR: Clear red. It used to be green, yellow, orange and dots of red.
WEIGHT: 48 kg
BODY TYPE: Athletic
PERSONALITY: Cold and unwelcoming
WEARS: Clothes like Val’s except that the coat lining is wine red with white threads spelling out her name. When she’s attending parties, she wears a black dress and a red sash. When she’s wearing casual, she wears a black shirt and slashed jeans.
FAVORITE COLORS: Black, black and more black.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Decide on your own.
HISTORY: Butterflies has seen a lot in her life. Her parents are abusive. Tenebrae found her when she was four and she started to learn Necromancy. Her parents take drugs and constantly beat her to relieve their stress. Butterflies' family is very poor so one day she ran away when she was six. Her parents, being her parents, obviously didn't care. She was Quiver's prized pupil and they both had good times. Quiver sent her on a mission that she never came back alive from. She was sent to stop Bristol Jetstream from selling his soul to Dusk, but unfortunately was bitten by Dusk and was turned into a vampire. The first thing she thought of was bloodlust and after killing anybody who stood in her way, she slaughtered her parents. After realising what she had done, she retreated to Moloch and begged for help. Moloch refused and she ran away, the pain of rejection staring straight at her in the face. She then learned to be independent and is now a freelance assassin. She has a boyfriend. His name is Peginteferon Knight.

FAMILY: None. They are dead.
POWERS: Necromancy.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: She has five: Her Necromancer’s bracelet, Slivermoon, her sword, Bloodsun, her Williams PPK, Anguish, her jade knife and Melancholy, her silver bow.
OTHER SKILLS: Vampirism.
FRIENDS: Olivia Storm, Oliver Storm and Peginteferon Knight.
ENEMIES: Meh, she has a lot. Most of them want her head.
HATES: The Sanctuary
LIKES: Dark places, the Temple
ADDRESS: Changes changes changes.
JOB: Freelance Assassin
DESCRIPTION: Oh, and…. She has a Black Butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder. When she touches it, her full power is released and ragged bat wings tear out of her back. Her eyes will glow black and she can defeat whatever is thrown at her. Her magic, however, will be depleted after this, so she doesn’t use it very often. Her back is always straight and her eyes always look like they are searching your soul.
IN FIVE WORDS: Cold, Unwelcoming, Silent, Deadly, Dead.

why is the top so small? Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it.

Hey, remember this? It's the Bio Form!

Hello guys! Just a quick re-post of the the bio form version 2.0 ^^ Enjoy and feel free to use!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Felix Light Updated

AGE:235 looks 16
HAIR Colour: Ginger
EYE Colour:Green
PERSONALITY:Gets angry easily, can be kind but rarely.
WEARS:Either red McKenzie shorts, Black top and Black McKenzie trainers or Ripped jeans, Orange top and pumps or Blue top, Denim dungeree shorts and Black knee length all star converse boots.
HISTORY:Got lost and bitten.
FAMILY:One brother left.
POWERS:Vampire and Elemental
OTHER SKILLS:Not really got any more.
FRIENDS: Ivy? If you count her as a friend  really.
HATES:Pink, Spiders, wasps and brain freeeze
LIKES:Cats, black and blood.
ADDRESS:Vampire Inn
JOB: Not got one
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Running and well thats it
DESCRIPTION: Well how do you put this angry.
IN FIVE WORDS: Fierce, Fun, and, don't, know.

Friday, August 19, 2011

William Cavalier

Name: William Cavalier [cav-uh-leer]

Age: 304 [looks about 30]

Hair: Blond, relatively short, and curly

Eye color: Green

Height: 6 ft [about 1.8 meters]

Personality: Keeps to himself, doesn't talk much, very proud, only rarely has a smile

Nationality and accent: English

Wears: black pants, black button up shirt, black trench coat, black fedora

History: Worked for the sanctuary doing odd jobs- tying up ends in all sorts of areas from paperwork, to assassinations. He fell in love with a girl named Serenity. He was going to marry her, but on their wedding day, she was attacked by a vampire, her blood was drunk, and she died a day later during her two days of servitude. William has been searching for the vampire ever since, and has sort of become a mercenary. Although he prefers to be on the good side, what matters most is if if their hunting vampires or not.

Family: None

Power: Elemental

Weapon: Usually just two handguns, but will use any gun with proficiency

Other skills: An excellent shot with any and every type of gun

Friends: Anyone who hates vampires

Enemies: Vampires

Hates: Vampires, hot weather,

Dislikes: Springheeled Jack, being ordered around by a girl

Loves: Cool weather

Is neutral about: Necromancers

Address: He's more of a wanderer and lives in hotels or wherever an available spot to lay down is

Mode of transportation: His black motorcycle

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Name: Ayesha
Gender: Female
Age: 46 but looks 19
Hair colour: dark brown almost looks black
Eye colour:  brown
Personality:  funny, intelligent but can get angrily quite easily. She is a loyal friend. Has a very good sense of humour. She smiles a lot and doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks about her. Is also very honest.
Wears: black top and dark jeans with a black leather coat on top and black boots.
Nationality and accent: English. Has a weak English accent.
History: No one knows anything about her. She’s a very mysterious person doesn’t like to reveal too much about her.
Family: none
Powers:  a very strong elemental.
Favourite weapons: a large sword she sometimes carries around but considers magic itself to be a weapon.

Vehicle: Audi R8 modified to not make a sound and is useful in quick getaways.





 Likes:  reading, chocolate , fast cars and music
Hates:  Remnants and zombies and the colour pink.
Description:  tall, slim, dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders and covers her eyes most of the time.
Friends: Aquila Felis, NJ, Dragona Pine, Isabella midnight, Crimson nightmare and many more..

[Ayesha's OC]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jaffa's Clothes

I am bored. So here is what I imagine Jaffa Morbid to look like/wear.

WORK CLOTHES (Well, combat clothes)

I wasn't sure how to add captions, so I'll do it here :P
This is the list of what the stuff is from top to bottom.

Black Skinny Jeans
Union Jack T-shirt
Combat Boots (For any official bussinuss)
Converse Sneakers (Just to wear when not majorly busy)
Black Leather Overcoat (Great for stashing weapons)


So, my weapons from top to bottom are:

Bow and Arrow
Swiss Army Knife
9mm Gun (Usually has 2 of them stashed under her coat)


Same as this except Jaffa's hair is a darker brown and her fringe is blue.


This lot of clothing is just for when Jaffa is hanging around at Israel Asylum and just going into town with friends and stuff, she also wears her fingerless gloves with her other outfit.
From top to bottom:
Multi-Coloured Socks (just for fun :P )
Trilby Hat (Because I have a hat like this and I'm attatched to it :D )
Fingerless Gloves (Another thing I own and that I am totally attatched to)
Three quater lengths (Because they're mega comfy)


Yellow Porsche Cayman

Even though Jaffa's too young to supposed to be able to drive, she has friends in high places so she officially has a liscence :P She inherited some money from her parents and bought a Porsche. I saw a yellow Porsche on Top Gear and loved it so I looked for a Porsche and found this one :D (Yes, I wanted a yellow one :P

Well, that's about it unless I think of more stuff, I also apologise for my lack of computer savvy so there are no proper captions. Hope to talk to you all soon!!!!

Jaffa xx