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Monday, October 17, 2011

March Pathway-3rd Edition

TAKEN NAME: March Pathway

NICKNAMES: Mar, Mar-Chu.

GIVEN NAME: Zoey Donnelly Vesta


AGE: 65, looks 11-13. Because of her magic ability, she chooses to look younger, but can change her age whenever she likes or needs to.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Flaming Red

HAIR STYLE: Hair about Knee-length, if not an inch or two longer.

EYE COLOR: crystal clear blue

HEIGHT: four foot two

WEIGHT: with skill, she can shift her weight to whatever she chooses at the moment, without looking any different (However, she hardly has that skill so often, so she ends up being really, really light...)

PERSONALITY: bright and happy, however can judge a book by its cover. Can have a dark personality when she chooses (or when someones really annoying her). However, when something reminds her of a unpleasant experience in her past, she becomes jittery, zones out, and becomes a bit unstable, with wavering attention. Often has what people would call comedic emotions.

WEARS: a black shirt, long white vest, white jeans, and black boots for winter outfit. OR, a black t-shirt, short white vest, white shorts, and black boots for summer. Usually holds weapons and anything else in her boots.
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NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born somewhere in America, because of traveling she has virtually no accent, but can mimic almost anything (also due to her magic power).

HISTORY: Grew up traveling the world with her father due to the disappearance of her mother, March then lived with her grandparents (who did not know of magic) at the age of seven, going to school and getting a taste of being normal. Then, at around the age of eight, March acquired her shape shifting powers, but had no idea how to control them, she was unable to keep magic a secret from her grandparents, and they found out and tried to tell the world about it. When they were about to, March was attacked by a vampire, who realized who she was and ran off to tell Dusk, leaving March gravely injured. When she focused enough to go look for her grandparents, they had disappeared. She was on the run for a week before Dusk found her, and that is when she began to use a frying pan as a weapon. March can currently be located as a resident in Elysium Asylum.

FAMILY: Alida Vesta (Mother), Erebus Donnelly (Father), and possibly a few siblings. She doesn't much talk about those. She doesn't see extended family at all really (not to mention any other type of family). She doesn't know where they are, but little does she know they're out there, all together...

POWERS: Adept. Shape shifter. Preferred shape to take a Main Coon Cat for everyday, and a snow leopard for a fight. She can fully shift into other people and animals, as well as shift half-way, like have wings, or a tail, or cat ears instead of human ears.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: a ruby dagger that used to be part of her mothers ruby sword, and, of course, a frying pan. Also uses any other objects.

OTHER SKILLS: able to eat nine and a half snickers bars in one sitting. Has a uncanny ability to annoy vampires. And isn't bad at mini golf, is she does say so herself.

FRIENDS: Thalia Jane Circe, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Dragona Pine, Israel Elysium, Aquila Felis, Skyril Oblivion, Skylara Wolfbane, Octaboona Ambrosius, Lydia D., Ariah Curse, Vivianna Spark, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, and Quinnera Elviana.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Vampires, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Vampires, Springheeled Jack, Faceless Ones Followers (Finds then Creepy), Vampires, and, you know, more vampires.

HATES: Alarms, being left behind, attempts to kill her or her friends, vampires, Dusk, zombies, tornadoes, peas, beans, thunderstorms (as a cat), horror films (even though her life is one most of the time), Repeating sounds.

LIKES: ice cream, bread, potassium, dumplings, thunderstorms (as a human), cats, fry pans, reading, eggs (especially scrambles), birds, narnia, phantom of the opera, Falling (Until she hits the ground), and exploding bad guys.

JOB: She picks up the occasional odd job. Enjoys jobs where she get's to fight and usually torment vampires.

CURRENT LOCATION: Elysium Asylum, Ireland.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: She's a clever mage who can shift into anything she wants. Why do you THINK her mode of transportation is?

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A weapon, usually concealed.

DESCRIPTION: small mage with brilliant flaming red hair, wearing black and white color scheme.

IN FIVE WORDS: March Pathway The Shapeshifting Mage.

HEAD TO TOE: Knee-length flaming red hair, with fairly pale skin and crystal clear blue eyes. Black t-shirt, white vest, white jeans/shorts, and black boots that have a dark blue and gold dagger sheath poking out from within, and a frying pan sticking out on the other foot.

NOTES: March's family history is a mystery she'd very much like to find out, as in where her mom disappeared to, why vampires hate her family so much, and why she hasn't seen a relative in over ten years.

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