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Friday, October 14, 2011

Orca Dew Sage (beef's)

NAME:   Orca (dew) Sage (AKA beef!)
AGE: 13
GENDER: girl
HAIR COLOR: red slightly pink.
HAIR STYLE: Very long tied in ponytail or loose when crazy :P
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown or purple contacts
HEIGHT: smallish (170cm)
BODY TYPE: Athletic, sprinting
PERSONALITY: Funny, light & bubbly but get really annoyed quite easily. DOES NOT react well to boredom. Tends to punch things.
WEARS: Knee-high platform boots (multicoloured) Purple net tights, denim shorts, bright turtleneck or a t-shirt with some funny quote on it & usually large headphones. Also White rimmed big sunglasses, fingerless gloves.
FAVORITE COLORS:  Purple and Yellow
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English but can have a prominent Irish/Scottish/Indian/American accent if she feels like it.
HISTORY: Was brought up by cult of Judasists, who belived that Judas was the real Christ.
FAMILY: Non existent, nobody knows.
POWERS: Adept, Exhumes white energy from mouth, eyes and hands which either attack straight away or mould Orca into a giant version of herself which can only last for about 20mins, but has the power of the energy to use. Energy recides in her eyes.
OTHER SKILLS: Can roughly guess where someone is according to they’re personality and nature (only when she knows them)
FRIENDS: Friends with anyone and everyone. You’re either her friend or enemy. And if you’re enemy, your dead.
ENEMIES: There is a list, somewhere. On the internet probably.
HATES: Being left out. Not knowing things.
LIKES: Reading, learning, not learning, her hair ^^
ADDRESS: Used to live in Japanese School Of the Unusual but that was burnt down in a confrontation with an old enemy, so now she just sleeps where she falls.
JOB: Assassin by becoming close friend, learning everything about them then  BALMMOO!! Twin blade attack.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Harley Davidson yellow motorbike
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her Sunglasses and her boots.
DESCRIPTION:  energetic type
IN FIVE WORDS: that hyper freak in yellow.
NOTES: Was in china’s library when burnt down. Managed to escape just in time.

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