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Monday, August 22, 2011

Blood Butterflies version 2.0

NAME: Blood Butterflies
AGE: 274
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark black, almost blue, with white streaks
HAIR STYLE: Long. She doesn’t usually tie it up unless she feels really warm.
EYE COLOR: Clear red. It used to be green, yellow, orange and dots of red.
WEIGHT: 48 kg
BODY TYPE: Athletic
PERSONALITY: Cold and unwelcoming
WEARS: Clothes like Val’s except that the coat lining is wine red with white threads spelling out her name. When she’s attending parties, she wears a black dress and a red sash. When she’s wearing casual, she wears a black shirt and slashed jeans.
FAVORITE COLORS: Black, black and more black.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Decide on your own.
HISTORY: Butterflies has seen a lot in her life. Her parents are abusive. Tenebrae found her when she was four and she started to learn Necromancy. Her parents take drugs and constantly beat her to relieve their stress. Butterflies' family is very poor so one day she ran away when she was six. Her parents, being her parents, obviously didn't care. She was Quiver's prized pupil and they both had good times. Quiver sent her on a mission that she never came back alive from. She was sent to stop Bristol Jetstream from selling his soul to Dusk, but unfortunately was bitten by Dusk and was turned into a vampire. The first thing she thought of was bloodlust and after killing anybody who stood in her way, she slaughtered her parents. After realising what she had done, she retreated to Moloch and begged for help. Moloch refused and she ran away, the pain of rejection staring straight at her in the face. She then learned to be independent and is now a freelance assassin. She has a boyfriend. His name is Peginteferon Knight.

FAMILY: None. They are dead.
POWERS: Necromancy.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: She has five: Her Necromancer’s bracelet, Slivermoon, her sword, Bloodsun, her Williams PPK, Anguish, her jade knife and Melancholy, her silver bow.
OTHER SKILLS: Vampirism.
FRIENDS: Olivia Storm, Oliver Storm and Peginteferon Knight.
ENEMIES: Meh, she has a lot. Most of them want her head.
HATES: The Sanctuary
LIKES: Dark places, the Temple
ADDRESS: Changes changes changes.
JOB: Freelance Assassin
DESCRIPTION: Oh, and…. She has a Black Butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder. When she touches it, her full power is released and ragged bat wings tear out of her back. Her eyes will glow black and she can defeat whatever is thrown at her. Her magic, however, will be depleted after this, so she doesn’t use it very often. Her back is always straight and her eyes always look like they are searching your soul.
IN FIVE WORDS: Cold, Unwelcoming, Silent, Deadly, Dead.

why is the top so small? Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it.

Hey, remember this? It's the Bio Form!

Hello guys! Just a quick re-post of the the bio form version 2.0 ^^ Enjoy and feel free to use!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Felix Light Updated

AGE:235 looks 16
HAIR Colour: Ginger
EYE Colour:Green
PERSONALITY:Gets angry easily, can be kind but rarely.
WEARS:Either red McKenzie shorts, Black top and Black McKenzie trainers or Ripped jeans, Orange top and pumps or Blue top, Denim dungeree shorts and Black knee length all star converse boots.
HISTORY:Got lost and bitten.
FAMILY:One brother left.
POWERS:Vampire and Elemental
OTHER SKILLS:Not really got any more.
FRIENDS: Ivy? If you count her as a friend  really.
HATES:Pink, Spiders, wasps and brain freeeze
LIKES:Cats, black and blood.
ADDRESS:Vampire Inn
JOB: Not got one
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Running and well thats it
DESCRIPTION: Well how do you put this angry.
IN FIVE WORDS: Fierce, Fun, and, don't, know.

Friday, August 19, 2011

William Cavalier

Name: William Cavalier [cav-uh-leer]

Age: 304 [looks about 30]

Hair: Blond, relatively short, and curly

Eye color: Green

Height: 6 ft [about 1.8 meters]

Personality: Keeps to himself, doesn't talk much, very proud, only rarely has a smile

Nationality and accent: English

Wears: black pants, black button up shirt, black trench coat, black fedora

History: Worked for the sanctuary doing odd jobs- tying up ends in all sorts of areas from paperwork, to assassinations. He fell in love with a girl named Serenity. He was going to marry her, but on their wedding day, she was attacked by a vampire, her blood was drunk, and she died a day later during her two days of servitude. William has been searching for the vampire ever since, and has sort of become a mercenary. Although he prefers to be on the good side, what matters most is if if their hunting vampires or not.

Family: None

Power: Elemental

Weapon: Usually just two handguns, but will use any gun with proficiency

Other skills: An excellent shot with any and every type of gun

Friends: Anyone who hates vampires

Enemies: Vampires

Hates: Vampires, hot weather,

Dislikes: Springheeled Jack, being ordered around by a girl

Loves: Cool weather

Is neutral about: Necromancers

Address: He's more of a wanderer and lives in hotels or wherever an available spot to lay down is

Mode of transportation: His black motorcycle

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Name: Ayesha
Gender: Female
Age: 46 but looks 19
Hair colour: dark brown almost looks black
Eye colour:  brown
Personality:  funny, intelligent but can get angrily quite easily. She is a loyal friend. Has a very good sense of humour. She smiles a lot and doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks about her. Is also very honest.
Wears: black top and dark jeans with a black leather coat on top and black boots.
Nationality and accent: English. Has a weak English accent.
History: No one knows anything about her. She’s a very mysterious person doesn’t like to reveal too much about her.
Family: none
Powers:  a very strong elemental.
Favourite weapons: a large sword she sometimes carries around but considers magic itself to be a weapon.

Vehicle: Audi R8 modified to not make a sound and is useful in quick getaways.





 Likes:  reading, chocolate , fast cars and music
Hates:  Remnants and zombies and the colour pink.
Description:  tall, slim, dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders and covers her eyes most of the time.
Friends: Aquila Felis, NJ, Dragona Pine, Isabella midnight, Crimson nightmare and many more..

[Ayesha's OC]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jaffa's Clothes

I am bored. So here is what I imagine Jaffa Morbid to look like/wear.

WORK CLOTHES (Well, combat clothes)

I wasn't sure how to add captions, so I'll do it here :P
This is the list of what the stuff is from top to bottom.

Black Skinny Jeans
Union Jack T-shirt
Combat Boots (For any official bussinuss)
Converse Sneakers (Just to wear when not majorly busy)
Black Leather Overcoat (Great for stashing weapons)


So, my weapons from top to bottom are:

Bow and Arrow
Swiss Army Knife
9mm Gun (Usually has 2 of them stashed under her coat)


Same as this except Jaffa's hair is a darker brown and her fringe is blue.


This lot of clothing is just for when Jaffa is hanging around at Israel Asylum and just going into town with friends and stuff, she also wears her fingerless gloves with her other outfit.
From top to bottom:
Multi-Coloured Socks (just for fun :P )
Trilby Hat (Because I have a hat like this and I'm attatched to it :D )
Fingerless Gloves (Another thing I own and that I am totally attatched to)
Three quater lengths (Because they're mega comfy)


Yellow Porsche Cayman

Even though Jaffa's too young to supposed to be able to drive, she has friends in high places so she officially has a liscence :P She inherited some money from her parents and bought a Porsche. I saw a yellow Porsche on Top Gear and loved it so I looked for a Porsche and found this one :D (Yes, I wanted a yellow one :P

Well, that's about it unless I think of more stuff, I also apologise for my lack of computer savvy so there are no proper captions. Hope to talk to you all soon!!!!

Jaffa xx

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rue Nightlocke

NAME: Rue Nightlocke

AGE: 14

GENDER: Female. I thought that would have been obvious..

PERSONALITY: Timid, anxious, oddly has strong opinions, nervous, slightly depressed.

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black, messy hair down to her shoulders.

EYE COLOUR: Bluey grey.

HEIGHT: 5 foot 5

WEARS: Grey skinny jeans, folded up to her calf, with long black socks tucked under her jeans. Long grey top, converse shoes, black lacy gloves. (I will try to provide a pic soon)


HISTORY: When she was a young girl, a man of unspeakable evil murdered her whole family. She was forced to watch as he slowly and cruelly killed them, in his own disgustingly creative ways. In doing so, he had planted something inside of Rue, a rage that she has buried deep inside her, and a tendency to be terrified easily. Every night she is plagued by nightmares. She lives alone. She is afraid to let people near her, and she pushes away those that she loves, for fear of hurting them.

FAMILY: Deceased.

POWERS: Adept. Can move things with her mind, regardless of size or weight. She can also make things explode or smash by looking at them. She has the power to conjure up a curious navy blue energy force, which she can control.She is also psychic, and hears voices in her head. She is the wielder of unthinkable power of which she has no control over.

OTHER SKILLS: She is quite handy with a knife, and enjoys knife throwing.

HATES: Being the center of attention, it makes her nervous and embarassed.

LIKES: Knife throwing, and her cat.

JOB: Works at her local library.

CURRENT LOCATION: She has an apartment on the outskirts of Dublin.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Well, she was given legs for a reason..But she has an old bicycle.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her gloves. Her head. Her face.


[This is Rue's OC which I posted for her]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

March Pathway- 2nd Edition

TAKEN NAME: March Pathway

NICKNAMES: Mar, Mar-Chu.

GIVEN NAME: Zoey Donnelly Vesta


AGE: 65, looks 11-13. Because of her magic ability, she chooses to look younger, in the early morning looking younger, and growing a bit in age throughout the day, finishing at night being older.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Crimson/flaming red, full length of back.

EYE COLOR: crystal clear blue

HEIGHT: four foot two

WEIGHT: with skill, she can shift her weight to whatever she chooses at the moment.

PERSONALITY: bright and happy, however can judge a book by its cover. Can have a dark personality when she chooses (or when someones really annoying her). However, when something reminds her of a unpleasant experience in her past, she becomes jittery, zones out, and becomes a bit unstable.

WEARS: a black shirt, long white vest, white jeans, and black boots for winter outfit. OR, a black t-shirt, short white vest, white shorts, and black boots for summer. Usually holds weapons and anything else in her boots.
link to other items.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born somewhere in America, because of traveling she has virtually no accent, but can mimic almost anything (also due to her magic power).

HISTORY: Grew up traveling the world with her father due to the disappearance of her mother, March then lived with her grandparents (who did not know of magic) at the age of seven, going to school and getting a taste of being normal. Then, at around the age of eight, March acquired her shape shifting powers, but had no idea how to control them, she was unable to keep magic a secret from her grandparents, and they found out and tried to tell the world about it. When they were about to, March was attacked by a vampire, who realized who she was and ran off to tell Dusk, leaving March gravely injured. When she focused enough to go look for her grandparents, they had disappeared. She was on the run for a week before Dusk found her, and that is when she began to use a frying pan as a weapon. March can currently be located as a resident in Elysium Asylum.

FAMILY: Alida Vesta (Mother), Erebus Donnelly (Father), and possibly a few siblings. She doesn't much talk about those.

POWERS: Adept. Shape shifter. Preferred shape to take a Main Coon Cat for everyday, and a snow leopard for a fight. Recently discovered ground squirrels, and loves how they tunnel underground. Normally, when she is in a good mood, March has large, flaming red feathered wing on her back, which she inherited from her mother.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: a ruby dagger that used to be part of her mothers ruby sword, and, of course, a frying pan. Also uses any other objects.

OTHER SKILLS: able to eat nine and a half snickers bars in one sitting. Has a uncanny ability to annoy vampires. She can also find her way around a library blindfolded.

FRIENDS: Thalia Jane Circe, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Dragona Pine, Israel Elysium, Aquila Felis, Skyril Oblivion, Skylara Wolfbane, Octaboona Ambrosius, Lydia D., Ariah Curse, Vivianna Spark, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, and Quinnera Elviana.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Vampires, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Springheeled Jack, Faceless Ones Followers (Finds then Creepy), and You Know Who, even if he may be a book character.

HATES: Alarms, being left behind, attempts to kill her or her friends, vampires, Dusk, zombies, tornadoes, peas, beans, thunderstorms (as a cat), horror films (even though her life is one most of the time), Repeating sounds.

LIKES: ice cream, bread, potassium, dumplings, thunderstorms (as a human), cats, fry pans, reading, eggs (especially scrambles), birds, narnia, phantom of the opera, Falling (Until she hits the ground), and exploding bad guys.

JOB: She picks up the occasional odd job.

CURRENT LOCATION: Elysium Asylum, in a room she always finds if she's lost.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: she flies around.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A weapon, usually concealed.

DESCRIPTION: small mage with brilliant flaming red hair, wearing black and white color scheme.

IN FIVE WORDS: March Pathway The Shapeshifting Mage.


There it is! Now, if anyone is wondering, I prefer you use this one now. Much more detail. Oh, and sorry if your not a friend, just leave a comment and I'll add you in.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rosella Embers' OC

Hi everyone. Just letting you know that if you want my OC, email me at rosellaembers@y7mail.com to ask for it, as I seem to keep changing it, and having a permanent OC posted here seems inconvenient. 
Sorry for the hassle. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rabbit Ivory

Posted for Crescent:  Name: Rabbit Ivory  Age: 14 Gender: Female  Powers: Adept, can shape-shift into a hare, and is psychic.   Additional dets.: Is embarrassed cos shes a hare, but her name is Rabbit, is a really fast runner.  Looks: Long glossy black shoulder-length hair, pale skin, teal eyes.   Clothing: Plain black Doc. Martins, skinny black jeans, black and blue striped baggy tee-shirt Favourite Weapons: Two daggers, she has excellent aim with knives etc  Personality: Cheerful, friendly, easily scared.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Elemental Gang

These are people me and my friends put together. You might see them around on blogs and most of them named themselves after the OC they made.

Nymphy Change- Created by Nymph change
Name: Nymphadora Change
DOB: September
Hair Colour: Very Very Pale Blonde Almost White
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Personality: Cool, Calm, Adventurous
Abilities: Ice Breath- Can cool things down
              Teleportation- Teleports her or others to different locations with her mind
Story: In the story about these four charecters Nymphy suddenly appears. She uses the element ice and likes to throw icicles in defence. When sleeping she sleeps in a handmade ice shell that only fire can melt. She can take in the coldest of cold temperatures but if she gets too hot she cannot use her powers.

Tiger Shark- Created by ME!!!
Name: Tiger Shark
Age: 12
DOB: October
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Personality: Aggresive with attacks, Strong, Brave
Abilities: Fire Breather- Warms things up and sends jets of fire at people
              Changing- Can change her shape to different things
Story- In the story, Tiger sleeps on the streets. She is a runaway who is the first to be visited by Nymphy. She is very aggressive particularly against boys and when she gets really annoyed her hair sparks and turns into fire that will eventually cool down and die away. Likes to juggle daggers and breathe harmless blue flames at the unsuspecting folk below. Likes the warmth of fire and all things warm but if she gets too cold her powers burn out which can be a problem in the UK...

Kira Whirlwind- Created by Jade Cutler AKA Jade
Age: 14
DOB: Febuary
Hair Colour: Midnight Black
Eye Colour: Like black holes but Darker
Personality- Cool, Happy Go Lucky and a bit Shy
Abilities- Windy Breath- Can blow you away!
               Black Holes- Those eyes could suck out your very soul if she let you
Story- Lives in an Orphanage with her sister Delphine. She's calm and quiet but she can release wind out onto you so you could fall of the end of the world. She sleeps on the top of a hurricane that not many can break.

Ocean Wave- Created by Ocean Wave AKA Xanthe
Age: 13
DOB: April
Hair: Indigo Blue
Eye: Ocean Blue
Personality- Hyper, Sensitive and mostly depressed
Ability- Tear River- When she cries she cannot stop
Story- She likes to sleep on the beach at night because of her fighting parents. Surfing is her favourite thing to do. She gets depressed easily and with the combined efforts of those above the world doesn't get flooded.

Ebony Black- Created with combined effort by me and Nymph
Ebony is a fifth charecter. She is an assasain but soon joins the Elementals on they're quest. She has a companion a Rottweiler called Bruno and she is a goth.

More Soon!

Jas and Ren

Name: Jasmine Anastasia Deltora
Age: Around 13
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Hair Colour: Firey Red
Companion- A small red pocket sized dragon called Red
Personality: Has a firey personality to go with her firey hair. Strong, Brave but Stubborn and Mischiveous at times. She's inquizitive and is always up for adventures. Likes to run, fight people, breathe fire, juggle daggers and generally amuse people with her dangerous nature.
Story: Jas was brought up by people who found her in a cave in the highest mountain in the Minocho Reigion. This is why her birthdate is unknown but they celebrate it on 31st October the day she was found.

Name: Ren Tai Xiang
Age: 14
DOB: 5th November
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Companion: Silver a grey wolf
Personality: Cool, Calm and Quiet most of the time though he can get angry very easily. He is good at sword fighting and likes to practice every morning. Somewhat skittish and gives up easily.
Story: His father was a Japanese soldier who went missing in action the day he turned 11 so Ren has been living alone with his mother for 3 years.