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Monday, August 1, 2011

Elemental Gang

These are people me and my friends put together. You might see them around on blogs and most of them named themselves after the OC they made.

Nymphy Change- Created by Nymph change
Name: Nymphadora Change
DOB: September
Hair Colour: Very Very Pale Blonde Almost White
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Personality: Cool, Calm, Adventurous
Abilities: Ice Breath- Can cool things down
              Teleportation- Teleports her or others to different locations with her mind
Story: In the story about these four charecters Nymphy suddenly appears. She uses the element ice and likes to throw icicles in defence. When sleeping she sleeps in a handmade ice shell that only fire can melt. She can take in the coldest of cold temperatures but if she gets too hot she cannot use her powers.

Tiger Shark- Created by ME!!!
Name: Tiger Shark
Age: 12
DOB: October
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Personality: Aggresive with attacks, Strong, Brave
Abilities: Fire Breather- Warms things up and sends jets of fire at people
              Changing- Can change her shape to different things
Story- In the story, Tiger sleeps on the streets. She is a runaway who is the first to be visited by Nymphy. She is very aggressive particularly against boys and when she gets really annoyed her hair sparks and turns into fire that will eventually cool down and die away. Likes to juggle daggers and breathe harmless blue flames at the unsuspecting folk below. Likes the warmth of fire and all things warm but if she gets too cold her powers burn out which can be a problem in the UK...

Kira Whirlwind- Created by Jade Cutler AKA Jade
Age: 14
DOB: Febuary
Hair Colour: Midnight Black
Eye Colour: Like black holes but Darker
Personality- Cool, Happy Go Lucky and a bit Shy
Abilities- Windy Breath- Can blow you away!
               Black Holes- Those eyes could suck out your very soul if she let you
Story- Lives in an Orphanage with her sister Delphine. She's calm and quiet but she can release wind out onto you so you could fall of the end of the world. She sleeps on the top of a hurricane that not many can break.

Ocean Wave- Created by Ocean Wave AKA Xanthe
Age: 13
DOB: April
Hair: Indigo Blue
Eye: Ocean Blue
Personality- Hyper, Sensitive and mostly depressed
Ability- Tear River- When she cries she cannot stop
Story- She likes to sleep on the beach at night because of her fighting parents. Surfing is her favourite thing to do. She gets depressed easily and with the combined efforts of those above the world doesn't get flooded.

Ebony Black- Created with combined effort by me and Nymph
Ebony is a fifth charecter. She is an assasain but soon joins the Elementals on they're quest. She has a companion a Rottweiler called Bruno and she is a goth.

More Soon!