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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amphigory Mumpsimus

NAME: Amphigory Mumpsimus
AGE: 104- looks 104
HAIR COLOR: Bald- but hazel-y brown back when he had hair
HAIR STYLE: Well it used to be a monastic tonsure. Now he doesn’t have one.
HEIGHT: 5ft 7
WEIGHT: 168 pounds
BODY TYPE: Well I would say he has a rotund body shape.
PERSONALITY: Obstinate. Rather frail and tottery now. Ridiculously obstinate. Eccentric. His viewpoints are often nonsensical and bizarre. But he stubbornly maintains them.
WEARS: A plain brown habit consisting of a tunic, scapular, cowl and hood.
FAVORITE COLORS: Beige. Brown. Anything suitably dull and dreary.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Oh British most definitely. Probably a Novocastrian.   With a rather gruff voice. And a Geordie accent.
HISTORY:  Well born in 1908. Orphaned. Taken in by the local monastery. Always a child who preferred his own company. Grew up as a monk. His bizarre religious views meant that he was often kept out of sight. Now he is old. Nothing particularly exciting. He led a life as a scribe and a pea planter devoted to God. I only really made him because he’s adorable.  
FAMILY: None. An orphan and an only child. Also a bachelor.
POWERS: Well none magical wise as he is a mortal.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Monks? With weapons? Obviously his staff and flowerpot combination.
OTHER SKILLS: The flowerpots come in handy for growing pea plants in.
FRIENDS: Octaboona Ambrosius. Kallista Pendragon. Hestia Honeysuckle. Clarabelle.
ENEMIES: Why those dratted tomato planters. Blasphemers the lot of them! And don’t get him started on those devoted to the cauliflower. THE ONLY TRUE WAY IS THE PEA WAY!
HATES: Any vegetable that isn’t a pea. Also barley soup. And cats.
LIKES: (Can you guess?)
ADDRESS:  He still lives in the monastery. Somewhere near Newcastle.
JOB: Scribe. The pea planting is more of a hobby. Mania. Whatever.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: His legs still serve him pretty well.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:  His flowerpots. His staff. And his pea seeds.
IN FIVE WORDS: Obstinate monk loves pea plants.
NOTES:  Peas. Peas. Peas. DIE YOU BELIEVERS IN THE ASPARAGUS. Peas. Peas. Peas. Peas. I am not a hedgehog. Please go away. I have peas to plant.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

March Pathway's Bio- MAJOR CHANGE!!!!!!


So, I was re-doing this, below. And gasp! SHE WAS TURNING INTO A MARY-SUE! So me and Thalia are now calling it a MAR-y Sue. Pronounced differently. Google it or something. But, I've changed it, and now I think it's better...maybe. Please tell me?

Oh, and now you'll meet the newest members of March's weapons, Voldemort and Nagini. Mar's dagger evolved.

Yeah. You read right. 

(Hey, and Lizzy? Can you change it so on that current list version of the OC's, can you change it so that When you click "March Pathway" it goes to this one? It's still on the first one. Aaah, good, good times. That takes me back...I remember it like it was one year ago...)



TAKEN NAME: March Pathway

NICKNAMES: Mar, Mar-Chu.

GIVEN NAME: Zoey Donnelly Vesta


TRUE NAME: No one knows. Except maybe her. But as said, no one knows if that's true.

AGE: 66, however looks different ages depending on her maturity and serious-ness at what ever moment given.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Flaming Red (Auburn-y, red-y, crimson-y)

HAIR STYLE: Hair about Knee-length, if not an inch or two longer.

EYE COLOR: crystal clear blue

HEIGHT: Regularly, four foot two.

WEIGHT: She likes the weight 79 pounds. Thinks it's a good round number.

PERSONALITY: Doesn't try and be too optimistic, for belief that overfly optimistic people die young. Can have a dark personality when she chooses (or when someones really annoying her, and she ends up whacking them upside the head. Dangerous circumstances she bites them). However, when something bad is happening, she's able to take a more serious tone, like all sensible people. Often has what people would call comedic emotions (Which include many a time when she may hit you). She can be bribed with food in some situations, and could be bought easy friendship if you pay for a meal where she can buy whatever she wants. Fiercely protective of her friends, when she gets quiet and is looking around a lot, you can tell she's gathering and assessing the situation (She's good at noticing certain details, but sometimes, she'll be missing something huge that's right in front of her. Hence comedic emotions).

WEARS: Owns a surprising array of t-shirts. Wears a white vest for regular times, and white to black jeans (Hates pants of any other colors like red, green, or yellow. Thinks it makes people look like easter eggs). For summer she'll wear shorts of the same colour schemes, along with her awesome array of boots, usually taking to wearing black, brown, or in snow, white boots, storing anything she wants in the extra space of the boots. She doesn't normally wear anything in her hair while doing out, but while on a day when doing nothing, she likes trying on random hats she finds. When out with Voldemort and Nagini (See Favorite Weapons) she has then strapped to her back, or stuffed in a lacrosse stick bag, slung over her shoulder.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born somewhere in America, because of traveling she has about no accent, but can mimic almost anything (also due to her magic power).

HISTORY: Grew up traveling the world with her father due to the disappearance of her mother, March then lived with her grandparents (who did not know of magic) at the age of seven, going to school and getting a taste of being normal. Then, at around the age of eight, March acquired her shape shifting powers, but had no idea how to control them, she was unable to keep magic a secret from her grandparents, and they found out and tried to tell the world about it. When they were about to, March was attacked by a vampire, who realized who she was and ran off to tell Dusk, leaving March gravely injured. When she focused enough to go look for her grandparents, they had disappeared. She was on the run for a week before Dusk found her, and that is when she began to use a frying pan as a weapon. March can currently be located as a resident in Elysium Asylum.

FAMILY: Alida Vesta (Mother), Erebus Donnelly (Father), and possibly a few siblings. She doesn't much talk about those. She doesn't see extended family at all really (not to mention any other type of family).

POWERS: Adept. Shape shifter. Preferred shape to take a Main Coon Cat for everyday, and a snow leopard for a fight. She thinks being a bird is fun too. Mar can also shift slight features of herself to stay incognito at a given moment. (See age) She can also change her own age look, if she ever needed to get past security, or...vote or something.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her mothers' long sword, with a blade made of crimson ruby. The sword is by the name of french term Vol De Mort, 'To flee from death', but for the joy of it March calls him 'Voldemort', after everyone's favorite series. The scabbard is named Nagini, for obvious reasons, and is a rare, magical metal, that will never break or dent, being the ideal sword sheath. Oh, and Voldemort and Nagini have consciouses and souls, talk to people, and regularly give March advice when she needs help, and can move on their own is they're in a particularly magical-y mood. Didn't I mention that before? Well...now you know.

OTHER SKILLS: Trained in longsword fighting, with elements of traditional fencing. Created a technique for fighting with kitchen utensils that she only shares with few close to her, and isn't bad at mini golf, if she does say so herself.

FRIENDS: Thalia Jane Circe, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Dragona Pine, Israel Elysium, Aquila Felis, Skyril Oblivion, Skylara Wolfbane, Octaboona Ambrosius, Lydia, Aria Curse, Vivianna Spark, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, and Quinnera Elviana.
(Keep in mind I can't put down every single one of you, so I'm sorry if some of you are missed).

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Vampires, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Vampires, Faceless Ones Followers (Finds then Creepy and thinks they're lost in life), Vampires, and, you know, more vampires.

HATES: Alarms, being left behind, attempts to kill her or her friends, vampires, Dusk, zombies, tornadoes, peas, beans, thunderstorms (as a cat), horror films (even though her life is one most of the time), Repeating sounds, horses, horseback riding, and geese who try and kill her (Is more terrified really, same with the horses).

LIKES: ice cream, bread, potassium, dumplings, thunderstorms (as a human), cats, dogs, exotic animals, frying pans, reading, eggs (especially scrambled), birds, narnia, phantom of the opera, Falling (Until she hits the ground), peculiar things, expressive/explosive art, books, old houses, coincidences, the rare albino hummingbird, and exploding bad guys.

JOB: She picks up the occasional odd job. Will answer to the Sanctuary if they ask her politely.

CURRENT LOCATION: Elysium Asylum, Ireland.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: She's a clever mage who can shift into anything she wants. Why do you THINK her mode of transportation is?

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A weapon (usually concealed), her internal organs (however you never see them. That'd be weird), and her wit and peculiarity.

DESCRIPTION: A girl with a peculiar aura that seems to emanate around her and her possessions, starting with the talking sword.
(In case the reader finds that a bit odd, take note that the writer doesn't feel like adding it)

IN 5 WORDS: Lunatic With Considerable Weird Luck.

NOTES: Mar's a slight pyromaniac, so don't leave her alone with fire, she'll end up burning something. She keeps a quote book somewhere where she has quotes from everyone she knows, and only about 7 people in the world have seen it. She spends half of her free-time as something that's not human, and, randomly, she's well known in the hummingbird world.