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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things of note, please read!

Hey y'all! A few days ago, Hellboy brought up an excellent point using Bio-Rama's new email address (it's right there at the side of the page) So from this point onwards, I'm going to ask y'all to go through and tag ALL of your posts. I'm going to do it to all my OC's, and Hellboy's posts have been tagged form the start. If you can't edit the post for some reason send me an email and I'll tag it for you, M'k?

So to summarize, tag your posts, or the kitty will get you.

Oh yeah, one last thing, feel free to re-post your Bio(s) I know that OC's can really change over a short amount of time and it's sometimes necessary to re-post. Don't worry about it, you can re-post as much as you want (within reason)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Deryn Mellifluous aka Skulgirl

unruly dark curly brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Hair is long, to mid back.
startling bright blue eyes,
Age: Lost count after 40 years. Looks to be about 13 years old.
Wears jeans and boots.
weapon broad sword
karate expertish,
very friendly almost always or very mean when she needs to be almost scary mean,
loves to fight chop people up always wants to use her sword,
spaces out a lot when shes off duty
loves to draw and write and sing she doesn't look like she would be able to take down a weakling but she can take down a whole army with her swords
Also does necromancy
keeps her past to herself

This was posted by permission. Please ask Skulgirl before using her awesome OC.
Thank you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bridget Whiplash's clothes

...I'm bored... XD

Casual wear

(note, Bridget also has a black baby-doll t shirt with the word "Dead" written on it in big block letters, but i can't find a pic of something like that)

you can't go wrong with converse XD

Fighting wear

Her hunting knife sheath is like this, but made out of leather and she's wearing one on the other leg too.

Formal wear (when forced)

Or this dress with the same boots

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm posting this for Dragona, his blog is here http://dragonapine.blogspot.com/
Just one little thing he told my to say, This OC is un-kill able. You can't kill him.

Name: Unknown (no one knows his actual name) people refer to him as "Hawk."
Gender: Male
Age: 100, looks 20.
Occupation: Ninja, or if the price is right, Ninja Assassin.
Magic: Adept, has two powers: 1. All movements of his are silent. 2. Has the speed of a cleaver.
Nationality: English
Clothes: Always wears black. Has a full-face mask, much like a balaclava and wears tinted ski-type goggles to cover his eyes. "Hawk" always wears ninja-style clothing, a black top and black trousers, specially made. They are very mobile clothes. He has a belt containing throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol, and also some smoke grenades that he rarely uses. The smoke grenades are only for an emergency escape.
Personality: Mysterious. Doesn't give anything away. He speaks with an authoritative tone of voice, and doesn't use apostrophes, eg: Instead of "Can't" he says "Can not." He is ruthless, but likes to have his friends around him. He can be friendly.
History: Most of it is unknown. No one knows where he was born, and he has no accent to give it away. Hawk is rumoured to be the most deadly person alive. He is trained in unarmed and armed combat, being able to kill people before they can even blink in hundreds of different ways. Hawk is a master of all known fighting styles. His mortal enemy is Tesseract. They have battles from time to time, which Hawk always wins. That is all anyone knows about him.
Favourite weapons: Twin katanas in a crossed scabbard which is strapped to his back. Them are the weapons he uses most often, but he has throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol which he uses with pin-point accuracy. He never misses.
Transport: A sleek black motorbike with a prototype exhaust which allows him to travel silently, but he can turn it off if he so wishes.
Weaknesses: None that anyone knows of, but his magic is combat based, not magical. So he needs to be close to someone to be able to kill them, long range weapons are effective against him, if he doesn't dodge them of course.
Likes: Having his friends around him.
Dislikes: Long range weapons.
Friends: Kallista Pendragon, Nicolette Croga, Israel, Bridget Whiplash, Sarthacus Bolt, Florence Black, Skylara Wolfbane, Skyril, Octaboona Ambrosius. Sorry if I've missed anyone out, they're friends too! Just please say if I've left anyone out and I'll change it so you are as a friend.
Enemies: Everyone who gets in his way. They normally end up dead.
In 3 words: Silent, ruthless, unstoppable.

Wow, i should have thought of this before...

The name says it all my friends, the name says it all....

A couple days ago, I was thinking (le gasp!) and i came of with a brilliant idea! All this time to sign up for Bio-rama you had to send me a message using the crappy blogger messenger system, but the messages almost never reached me. So now, I'm proud to announce the Bio-Rama has its own email address! 


yay! *clapping wildly, brick'd* so now all you have to do is send an email to that account and you'll be all set! and don't worry, i won't spam or anything like that because i hate stuff like that :/

So go forth! send me an email and join the crew of Bio-Rama! :) have fun kiddos

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nyx Dawns Clothing

Hi! Thanks Lunar for inspiring me to do this!



(without the writing)

Casual (although, Nyx normally wears her fighting clothes...besides, she never has time for skirts and dresses anymore!)

(just the top/bottom!)

(now pretend that the top and the beanie are joined, so it is a hoodie...with, again, no writing)

(and a dress, just in case she has to sneak into a ball, or something

.......And finally, EARMUFFS!

why earmuffs, do you ask? Just because! :D

Phew! Now that that's over, you hopefully have a good idea of Nyx's apperance!
I'll probably be back to post about masks and stuff........

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lunar Tears' Clothing

Requested by Kallista, here are some pictures of what my OC would wear.

FIRST! What she would wear on a day when she's chasing/fighting...

SECOND! What she'll wear if there's a possibility of something happening...

(Always unfastened)

THIRD! Prepare to see lots and lots of dresses! Because... I love dresses!


(Sorry for the really weird models in some of these) And...

And... This one would only be worn at ball's or such...


*sighs in content at all the dresses*

LASTLY! What Lunar would like to die in. A morbid thought? Perhaps. But if Lunar ever dies, it MUST be in this! (Only the dress must be in white, not the colour in the photo.)

And this to be lying over her heart:
Kallista asked for 'some' pictures... But I like to be thorough. ;)

Niall Montblanc, OC of Niall, The Guy With the Boring Name.

- Character Name: Niall Montblanc
- Pronunciation of the Name: Nye-al Mohnt-blahnk
- Character Job: Student-y type thing

- Character Personality He likes to know things, has a good sense of humour, and he enjoys sarcasm and geek humour. He's pretty relaxed, and doesn't let much get on his nerves. However, Niall despises bullies. He dislikes physical conflict, but he can hold his own in an argument. (Or a fight. He's pretty handy if he wants to be.) If somebody's giving him trouble, he'd rather beat them up with facts and comebacks than get into a fight.
   Although he can be pretty shy, he's also fiercely loyal to the friends he does have. He loves to read, and he aspires to be an author, as well as a detective. He was fairly over-confident before discovering magic, so his ego is even bigger now he knows he's "Special".
- Character Likes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Reading, teh internets, writing.
- Character Dislikes: Bullies, being wrong.
- Mental Traits Kind of arrogant, but is smart enough for it to be justified. Is observant, and is good at retaining information. Sometimes a little scared...

-Allegiance: Neutral Good
-Race: Human
-Reasons for Allegiance: He dislikes evil. That's it.

-True Age 16
-Appearance Age 16
-Character Birthday: 20th July
-Bio: Once upon a time, in a tiny town in Northern Ireland, an old, Obi-Wan Kenobi style guy showed up randomly. Niall was just a nerdy kid who loved to read the Skulduggery books, amongst other stuff. After seeing the old guy shoot fire from his hands, and set another man on fire, Niall kept pestering him, asking him who and/or what he was. The guy showed him some very basic elemental magic, and then left.
   Niall then traveled to Dublin, to China's library. He learnt as much as he could, and got a coat made for him by a grumpy guy with a scarred face. Some sanctuary agents noticed his flair for scholarly magic, and tried to recruit him, but he declined. Now he's looking for adventure, and a mentor.

- Character Skin Color/Ethnicity: White
- Character Height: 5' 11"
- Character Hair Colour: Black. Really black.
- Character Hair Length/ Style Short, but not a buzz-cut. He doesn't style it, as he doesn't see the point.
- Character Eye Colour: Brown, but greeny-brown surrounding the pupils.
- Character Description: Tall-ish for his age, and a little bit lanky. Not especially strong, although he can run for a good while, and his long legs allow him to sprint as good as most athletes. Since discovering magic, he's been exercising.
- Character Attire: He wears glasses, even though they can be inconvenient. Although he dislikes the term "Geek Chic", it's probably the best way to describe his style. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. The shirt is often black, and usually has something like "There's no place like" on it. He often wears a long brown trenchcoat with lots of pockets on the inside lining, so that he can carry stuff.

- Large Equipment: Laptops are kind of big... He only carries it sometimes.
- Small Equipment: A book to read. A notebook. A pen. Twine. Swiss army knife. Matches. Snacks. MP3 Player and Earphones. More snacks.
- Pocket Items: The aforementioned stuff.
- Ammunition: Bullets.
- Weaponry: Swiss army knife. A gun he never, ever uses.

- Elemental Or Adept: Still in training. Elemental and some Adept.
- Specialization: Air for elemental. Scholarly magic for adept.
Ability Specific Info: The ability to retain any information he reads. Basic adoptive muscle memory
- Strengths: Intelligence.
- Weaknesses Fighting adepts who focus on power.
- Training A mage came to his hometown and taught him of magic after he refused to leave the guy alone. He traveled to China's library and picked stuff up from there. (See bio)

- Major Goal: Be awesome. Learn everything. Meet the mythical Skulduggery he's heard so much about. Become a freelance detective. Get published. Don't worry. Be happy.
- Minor Goals: Get better at magic, choose a discipline. Find out the old guy's name.
- Reasoning behind goal: He wants to be the very best, like no-one ever was.
- Motivation: Ego. ^_^;

Posted with the permission of, Niall, The Guy With the Boring Name.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant

NAME:Pyro-Dawn Tyromant.
EYE COLOUR:Blue, turns red when insane or using intense amounts of energy.
HEIGHT:1metre 75centimetres.
WEIGHT:Due to fire creating gases that are lighter than air, which circulate in Pyro's bloodstream, weight can vary and be consciously changed.
PERSONALITY:An overall nervous character who fights valiantly and bravely but struggles to start up a conversation.
WEARS:A grubby off-white T-shirt and long blue jeans, sometimes has crossed scabbards on his back.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:Weak, British accent.
HISTORY:Parents died when he was eight, was tought magic by a powerful Mage known as Octaboona Ambrosius. As an Elemental, an obsession with fire arose within Pyro and he decided upon his chosen name whilst becoming a fire elemental; an elemental who can utterly control fire. On a journey to the Sahara desert, Pyro found that,by using a combination of wind and fire, sand could be controlled. This skill developed until Pyro could create conscious beings from sand.
FAMILY:Parents died but Pyro considers Octaboona as his only family.
POWERS:Incredible control over fire; Pyro can turn his limbs into fire, his hair is constantly alight and he cannot be burnt. Pyro can also create literally anything from sand, even conscious beings.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:Two katana like swords that can burst into flame, if a long-ranged or explosive attack is required, twin fireballs that are formed in Pyro's hands and can be thrown with incredible accuracy.
OTHER SKILLS:Can sing, play violin, has an incredible mathematical brain and can beat most vidio games in under a day.
FRIENDS:Octaboona Ambrosius and Kallista Pendragon who is a trusted ally at all times.
ENEMIES:The Minions Of Evil.
HATES:Water, Darkness, Cold and Ice.
LIKES:Fire, Light, Warmth and Smoke.
ADDRESS:Roams the Streets of the World, mostly in Britain. Has a few safehouses in the deserts of the world that store vital emergency supplies.
JOB:Unemployed but works unnoficially as a bounty hunter in order to avenge his parents' death.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:A meteor constructs itself around Pyro and launches itself a huge distance, it can be guided when in flight and if Pyro uses his twin jets of flame, can be further boosted and can travel between countries.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:A locket that has within it a photo of him and his parents when they were still alive.
DESCRIPTION:Tall and thin with almost white skin, long spiky hair that is always burning, has piercing blue eyes that are almost completely obscured by hair most of the time.
IN SIX WORDS:Nervous but powerful lord of flame.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nicolette Croga

Name: Nicolette Croga

Age: 24 (looks 15)

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Dark brown with thin blue highlights

Eye Colour: Hazel but whilst doing biotics they tend to go plain black, plain meaning no white part of the eye is showing.

Appearance : Medium height, Thin and Pretty, She has tattoos of falling feathers on her back.

Clothes: Black jeans, with leather belt as well as deep blue top that leaves her stomach in view, its sleeveless but she wears blue arm warmers. This may not seem appropriate for combat but her biotic shield is all she need to keep her safe.

Personality: She is Funny, Kind, Forgiving and smart but get on the wrong side of her and she can be unforgiving.

Magical Skill: Biotic (can conjure up an energy blue in appearance that can throw, levitate, disarm and knock enemy's over. Can also be used to create shields and exhilarate healing.

Physical Skill: Daggers, She can hit opponents from far distances with incredible accuracy and Never misses her target.

Other Skills: She is a great gymnast and used to have a black belt in Jui-Jit-Zu. These skills have left her as a stealthy and fast individual who can stay silent when needed to. She can handle most guns but prefers Physical combat.

Weapon: Daggers, Biotics, or bare hands.

History: Nicolette learnt about the world of magic when she was only 10 years old, she was kidnapped be a necromancer, the English sanctuary managed to get her back safely but because of Nicolette's biotics her mind is well shielded, even without training, meaning they couldn't wipe her memory.

House: Lives in a small flat that is warm and cozy.

People in family: Nicolette's mother died giving birth and she never knew her real dad, she had adoptive parents but she didn't keep in contact after she was kidnapped and is still listed as missing in the mortal world.

Is she happy?: Occasionally

What frightens this character: She's terrified of being tortured
Whats good about this character: She's loyal to her friends

Whats not so good: If she gets angry of seriously upset she looses control over her powers.
Need more information? Please leave a comment below and I will answer it within 3 days  

Alexis Vex

NAME: Alexis Merry Vex

AGE: Doesn't remember. Looks to be about 14-16

GENDER: Female


EYE COLOR: Dark red

HEIGHT: 5 ft.


PERSONALITY: Shy and quiet around strangers. Vicious in battle.


NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Doesn't know nationality. Has an Irish accent.

HISTORY: All the remembers is from about a year ago when she woke up on the streets of Ireland. On that day, she woke up remembering her name, magic, and nothing more.

FAMILY: Doesn't know if she has any

POWERS: Lightening fast reflexes. It's almost as if she knows what's going to happen before it does.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: doesn't have a favorite. Anything is a weapon. Carries a falchion on her left hip and a gun on her right. Also has daggers in her boots.

OTHER SKILLS: Expert violinist

FRIENDS: Hasn't become friends with anyone

ENEMY'S: The Sanctuary. Doesn't know why they don't like her.

HATES: Sunshine, spring

LIKES: Rain, necromancers

ADDRESS: Doesn't have a home. She wanders

JOB: Assassin


IN FIVE WORDS: Deadly, shy, fast, cute, curious

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nyx's Eye Colours!

Okay, this post is probably going to have more pictures than words in it, just to let you know.
So Nyx has eyes that change colour depending on her mood -which is why she wears sunglasses or masks most of the time.
Here is a chart showing some colours to match her mood.
(I didn't know how to make the images smaller...Sorry about that!)


Happy-Clear Blue

Sad-Dark Blue


Vengeance (or after she has killed)- Red



Excited/Energetic- Electric Green

There's more that'll pop up in my fanfic, but for now, that's it to the beginner's guide to Nyx's eye pallet!

Thanx for reading!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rowan Moss

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]
Name: Rowan Moss

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Mossy green eyes, olive coloured skin (not olive green, but tanned) waist length thick red/auburn hair, with fringe that falls over her eyes, long eye-lashes

Type Of Clothes: Blue-grey patched jeans, black boots, brown shirt with a beaver eye on it, black bangles and bracelets.

Type Of Voice: Velvety, though some would describe it as sandpaper, bit of a dublin accent

Were Does She/He Live?: Underground in an old rabbits burrow she expanded using her powers.

Powers: Elemental, the power to control plants and such, can shape-shift into a fox, knows what herbs can heal injured animals ect, and has some healing proporities.

What Does He/She Really Want: To openher own animal sanctuary (Is a earthy kind of person)

Is She Happy?: Yes

People In Family: Older Sister, whereabouts unknown.

What Frightens This Charater?: Not much.

Whats good about this charater? Feisty, cheeky, likes to be in the thick of it, brave, kind

Whats Not So Good About This Charater: Short temper, not very understanding, protective, not very responsible, loves revenge, reckless

Sinder Darke

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name: Sinder Darke

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Description: Silky long black hair with heavy fringe, blue-grey eyes, pale skin, heavly lashed and outlined eyes, red lips, black nails.

Type Of Clothes: Blask ripped skinny jeans, black tee-shirt with the night mare before christmas skull on it, blue converse.

Type Of Voice: Slightly masculine, deep for a girls voice.

Were Does She/He Live?: In the hollowed out trunk of a huge oak tree.

Powers: Necromancy.

What Does He/She Really Want: Her memory back, and revenge on those who took her memory, because when she was younger, she woke up on a beach, with no clue to how she got there, or who she is, or was, except a piece of parchment clutched in her hand, saying: "Look behind you."
She was found by the authoritys, and put in a care home, until she ran away a year ago.

Is She Happy?: Sometimes.

People In Family: Hasn't the foggiest.

What Frightens This Charater?: That One day she'll look behind her, and see some horrendous monster like creature come to destroy her, or something like that.

Cresent teaches her necromancy, because Cresent was at the necrmancy temple but she ran away and took with her a book on necromancy. If Cresent is ever found by the order, she will be severly punished for stealing and leaving.

Cresent Lovelorne

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name: Cresent Lovelorne

Age: 13

Description: Long red-browny black shoulder length hair side fringe, dark eyes, tall for her age, slim, boyish figure.

Clothes: Black boots, black baggy jeans, plain black tee-shirt, that is a bit baggy. black string tied around her wrist.

Voice: Determined, but happy most of the time.

Where do they live: Is in the middle of trying to purchase a large apartment with lots of space so her and her friends can stay there.

What does she really want: For sorcerers to stop sending assasins after her, it iritates her

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: One older bro, doesn't see him much.

What frightens this charater: Small spaces( she has claustraphobia), and large spiders (she doesnt mind small ones or other kinds of bugs)

Whats good about this charater: helpful, brave, likes a bit of craic,

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, and sometimes thinks she can do things by herself but really needs help

What object does she usually carry? phone.

Power:  Necromancer(has necromancer tattoos, instead of an object, the tattoos are infused with death magic), Elemental, and can create a purple-blue energy force which she can control.

Torrance Valentine

I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name:  Torrance Valentine

Age: 13

Description: Sharp jagged messy short blonde hair, with a fringe.Light blue eyes, tanned skin kinda short, but slim.

Clothes: blue converse,  red jeans, yellow tee-shirt and green bangles.

Voice: Playful-ish

Where do they live: Is with Cresent apartment hunting at the mo, but sometimes stays at Rowans place.

What does she really want: For people to stop judging her on her size.

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: Younger sister

What frightens this charater: Feeling powerless, and people laughing at her, shes a very proud person.

Whats good about this charater: Brave willing, funny, mischievous

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, might just charge in without a plan, doesnt really have mercy.

What object does she usually carry? phone

Power:  Has the power to pump eletriciy through her hands and control any machine powered by it, and is working on learning to control weather.

Alice Bluelace

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name: Alice Bluelace

Age: 15

Description: Long light dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin,

Clothes: Converse, grey skinny jeans, plain blue-grey baggy tee-shirt, bangles, necklace with a moon.

Voice: Dreamy, aloof,

Where do they live: Tree-house

What do they really want: Potato cake, and to stop having visions, and driving those she loves away from her because they think shes a freak.

Is she happy? Always

People in family: Older brother.

What frightens this charater: really bad visions.

Whats good about this charater: Kind, Bright, funny,

Whats not so good: Never quite understands the severity of a situation, is a bit crazy, and is sometimes hopelessy unaware of her surrondings.

What object does she usually carry?  Rose Quarzts

Power: Seer, can sometimes levitate things with her mind, and a minamal amount of mind control

Updated list and other things of importance

Hey y'all! I updated the list (i was only a few days late) and want to tell y'all about a new policy. Since the message system for blogger is all messed up and i haven't been getting any messages, So if you want to post a Bio, but can't contact me, ask one of the people who are on Bio-rama to post it for you (make sure you add a link to that person's blog) Here is a list of all the Bio-rama members

Rosella Embers

Nyx Dawn

halo_pickle , in a tux.

Nicolette Croga - The Lone Wolf

Lizzy the lovely un-dead vampire writer

Darkane Claw

~Hellboy~ (A.K.A Israel Elysium)

Octaboona Ambrosius- Paragon Of The Purple Horde


Aquila Felis

Kallista Pendragon- The Beautiful Goddess Queen

Luna Devine

Jaffa Morbid

Lunar Tears

Mary Hiashi

Alexander (aka Necros)


Donkey Shooter

Leo Sparks

Geckogirl (Skylara Wolfbane)

Thrice Dozer the Clumsy Sleepwalker who hasn't smelly feet

Florence Black

Wow, Bio-rama has gotten i lot bigger then i thought it would ever be...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mar's OC

So, someone asked me to put Mar's Oc on here. Mar, if you see this: Hope it's alright for you!

Name: March (Mar) Pathway.
Age: 65, but looks 11
Gender: Female.
Height: four foot two.
Weight: seventy pounds.
Eye Color: sparkling blue.
Hair: A dark, crimson, red, to mid-back.
Personality: A bright personality, doesn't normally hold grudges. Very friendly.
Clothes: White long sleeved shirt, with black vest. White jeans, black hiking boots.
Nationality/accent: Irish, very slight irish accent.
History: Lived with her Father first few years of life, her mom disappeared when right after she was born. She then lived with her grandparents, who didn't know about magic. It was there she learned about her shapeshifting abilities. However because she was a beginner, she would turn at the oddest moments, but somehow kept magic a secret. When she was older she ran into Dusk, and he recognized her and tried to bite her. Inashi Kaen came and saved her that time, and told Mar that she in fact was also a vampire. Mar then met up with Mira, her childhood friend, and found out Mira was a adept too. A little ninja adept thing.
Magical Abilities: Chose the path of a adept. Can shape shift into any animal that she is very familiar with. Enjoy's turning into a little grey main coon cat the most.
Hand held weapons: A small, ruby dagger. Also loves using a fry pan. And everyday objects.
Friends: Mir, Soot, Shana, Ariana, Inyashi, Norah.
Enemies: Not really much...
Likes: Cookies. She also like cooking Mir her prized 'Muffins of Death', and then playing dodgeball with them.
Dislikes: Indoors, enclosed spaces.