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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bridget Whiplash's clothes

...I'm bored... XD

Casual wear

(note, Bridget also has a black baby-doll t shirt with the word "Dead" written on it in big block letters, but i can't find a pic of something like that)

you can't go wrong with converse XD

Fighting wear

Her hunting knife sheath is like this, but made out of leather and she's wearing one on the other leg too.

Formal wear (when forced)

Or this dress with the same boots


    Bridget is one fashionista vamp! XDDD

    Love the outfits. Especially the boots!

    I'm wondering who would be brave enough, (or stupid) to try and force Bridget to do anything!
    This is great Lizzy and helps me to gte to know Bridget better!

  2. YAY!

    <3 v boots!

    i hope u know vat I'll b writing in my fanfic she's wearing a Pink Floyd shirt!


  3. I'm glad y'all it :) and yes, boots are awesome! so is Pink Floyd!

  4. Love those clothes! Especially the boots!! And you're right (as usual), you can never go wrong with a converse :)

  5. *flying monkeys swoop in a carry lizzy away*