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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alice Bluelace

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name: Alice Bluelace

Age: 15

Description: Long light dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin,

Clothes: Converse, grey skinny jeans, plain blue-grey baggy tee-shirt, bangles, necklace with a moon.

Voice: Dreamy, aloof,

Where do they live: Tree-house

What do they really want: Potato cake, and to stop having visions, and driving those she loves away from her because they think shes a freak.

Is she happy? Always

People in family: Older brother.

What frightens this charater: really bad visions.

Whats good about this charater: Kind, Bright, funny,

Whats not so good: Never quite understands the severity of a situation, is a bit crazy, and is sometimes hopelessy unaware of her surrondings.

What object does she usually carry?  Rose Quarzts

Power: Seer, can sometimes levitate things with her mind, and a minamal amount of mind control

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