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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm posting this for Dragona, his blog is here http://dragonapine.blogspot.com/
Just one little thing he told my to say, This OC is un-kill able. You can't kill him.

Name: Unknown (no one knows his actual name) people refer to him as "Hawk."
Gender: Male
Age: 100, looks 20.
Occupation: Ninja, or if the price is right, Ninja Assassin.
Magic: Adept, has two powers: 1. All movements of his are silent. 2. Has the speed of a cleaver.
Nationality: English
Clothes: Always wears black. Has a full-face mask, much like a balaclava and wears tinted ski-type goggles to cover his eyes. "Hawk" always wears ninja-style clothing, a black top and black trousers, specially made. They are very mobile clothes. He has a belt containing throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol, and also some smoke grenades that he rarely uses. The smoke grenades are only for an emergency escape.
Personality: Mysterious. Doesn't give anything away. He speaks with an authoritative tone of voice, and doesn't use apostrophes, eg: Instead of "Can't" he says "Can not." He is ruthless, but likes to have his friends around him. He can be friendly.
History: Most of it is unknown. No one knows where he was born, and he has no accent to give it away. Hawk is rumoured to be the most deadly person alive. He is trained in unarmed and armed combat, being able to kill people before they can even blink in hundreds of different ways. Hawk is a master of all known fighting styles. His mortal enemy is Tesseract. They have battles from time to time, which Hawk always wins. That is all anyone knows about him.
Favourite weapons: Twin katanas in a crossed scabbard which is strapped to his back. Them are the weapons he uses most often, but he has throwing stars, throwing knives and a silenced pistol which he uses with pin-point accuracy. He never misses.
Transport: A sleek black motorbike with a prototype exhaust which allows him to travel silently, but he can turn it off if he so wishes.
Weaknesses: None that anyone knows of, but his magic is combat based, not magical. So he needs to be close to someone to be able to kill them, long range weapons are effective against him, if he doesn't dodge them of course.
Likes: Having his friends around him.
Dislikes: Long range weapons.
Friends: Kallista Pendragon, Nicolette Croga, Israel, Bridget Whiplash, Sarthacus Bolt, Florence Black, Skylara Wolfbane, Skyril, Octaboona Ambrosius. Sorry if I've missed anyone out, they're friends too! Just please say if I've left anyone out and I'll change it so you are as a friend.
Enemies: Everyone who gets in his way. They normally end up dead.
In 3 words: Silent, ruthless, unstoppable.


  1. you couldn't kill him if you tried, thats a warning that you could use...

  2. I'm not a friend! But I don't mind, LOL. He seems... Scary. But kinda nice in a way.

    *starts squawking like a hawk*


  3. I'm sorry if I've missed any of you awesome people out as friends. Everyone on here is Hawk's friend... I think :P I'm sorry I missed you out. You are still his friends.

  4. Woah!

    Dragona, do u hav an O.C. 4 u?

    like, Dragona?

  5. *weeps looking @ v friiends list*

    but it doesn't matter, as long az im a friend of urs Dragona!




  6. Yes you are a friend Nyx :P

    And yes I do have Dragona Pine as an OC, I just felt like making another one.

  7. What about me? I wanna be a friend :(

  8. Should I have a Taken Name like ye?

  9. Oh right I haven't commented.

    I don't find Hawk boring as such... just um boring to use.

  10. I agree with Octa. Most of my depiction of other's OC's concentrate on their weaknesses, or I describe a perfect moment of clarity for them, or something. With Hawk, that might be difficult. So it would just be like"Kill that guy, save the world, be awesome, disappear into the shadows until I'm needed again, repeat."

  11. Hellboy, as said, Hawk has a weakness of long range weapons. His magic is combat based and not long-range, so all someone has to do is get a sniper and gun him down. That's his weakness.