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Hey everyone! Welcome to Bio-rama! This is the blog where you post the Bio's of your OC's (original characters) so everyone can look and maybe use the OC in a fanfic or story. To post a Bio, send an email to thespotforbios@gmail.com or ask one of Bio-Rama's members to post for you. Don't worry, they won't bite ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things of note, please read!

Hey y'all! A few days ago, Hellboy brought up an excellent point using Bio-Rama's new email address (it's right there at the side of the page) So from this point onwards, I'm going to ask y'all to go through and tag ALL of your posts. I'm going to do it to all my OC's, and Hellboy's posts have been tagged form the start. If you can't edit the post for some reason send me an email and I'll tag it for you, M'k?

So to summarize, tag your posts, or the kitty will get you.

Oh yeah, one last thing, feel free to re-post your Bio(s) I know that OC's can really change over a short amount of time and it's sometimes necessary to re-post. Don't worry about it, you can re-post as much as you want (within reason)


  1. I'll let you tag Lizzy! I hVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO.

    Oops. Sorry about the caps lock. :P

  2. Oooh...i may re-post soon...stupid fanfiction...its messing up everything...

  3. erm...tag?

    srry, i hav no idea wat u mean....


  4. Um... I'm not a part of bio-rama but that is a weird idea. I don't know even what to do... really bad... no offense.

  5. ....wait whats a tag anyway? Do you go and actually put a tag on a person and say-


    -Or what?

  6. LOL Mar.

    ... I too do not know what you mean by the tagging of the photos... Will check some of Hellboy's posts to see if I can work it out...

  7. *looks down at Nyx pointing dramaticly like only people in animes can*


    but seriously, what exactly is tag?

  8. ok y'all, looks like we're going to have to change things a bit, i'm emailing hellboy to see how things are going to work out. hang in there for a little bit

  9. kay Lizzy!


    *tackles Mar in a hug*