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Friday, April 1, 2011

Necros (Re post)


NAME: Necros

AGE: Unknown (looks 20-30)


HAIR COLOR: Black (waist-length)

EYE COLOR: Changes between hazel, glowing electric blue, glowing crimson and glowing gold depending on usage of powers

HEIGHT: 6 foot/ 198 cm

BUILD: Slim, Well muscled but looks slim

PERSONALITY: Very quiet, only speaks when it is key (usually just nods or another simple body gesture. Does not harm anyone if its not necessary or he is not angered sufficiently. He doesn't like to kill unnecessarily also. Extremely loyal, and would go through anything to help friends. Likes to help people, especially protecting friends etc.

WEARS: Black suit, black dress shoes, white shirt with a black tie, a black overcoat which reaches  his knees.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: No particular accent, Nationality is unknown

HISTORY: Not much history is known, he went missing while he was younger, the magical community worked out that he was flung into a parrallel dimension, by some unknown force. In this parrallel dimension, he was thrown into a post-apocalyptic world, where heaven and hell waged war, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse had been killed. He was a prophesised chosen one, who ceased the apocalypse, and has been transported back somehow. All of his family are dead and when they are talked about badly he is enraged.

FAMILY: All deceased

POWERS: He is an adept, his powers are split into three sections:

-Immense strength and speed
   He has immense strength, durability, endurance, agility, stamina, and speed. Due to his abilities when he augments his energy manipulation, these are even further boosted, he never uses his full power for fear of destroying whatever continent he is on. His speed is so great that he seems to flicker and teleport short distances, e.g. he can "appear" behind an opponent from standing 25-50 meters in front of them just about instantly. And he can also jump really high :P

-Energy manipulation
   He can manipulate a certain energy that only he possess, it is black, with purple glowing edges, and a dark blue centre that looks like smoke traveling within the energy. He can manipulate this energy into almost any form e.g. swords, blasts, augmentation of arms legs and weapons etc. This energy is extensively powerful, for example when he turns it into a pair of energy swords they can cut through just about anything, and cannot be broken. The blast can obliterate...again almost anything (should he choose it to be the type of blast that obliterates)...haha...he can also manipulate it into the form of a barrier or shield, that can withstand almost anything (again).

-Rune/Glyph Magic
Due to his time in the Alternate dimension, Necros has learned of magical symbols used by both Angels and Demons. By using Angelic and demonic energy (Which he gained from staying in the Alternate dimension for an adverse amount of time, and absorbing it from commanders of both sides to keep himself ready straight after a battle) to draw these symbols, they become active and VERY powerful for whatever purpose they have. He also uses "Glyphs" in much the same way, but with one key difference, the Glyphs can be used to bring from or place something into another alternate dimension that Necros stumbled upon, which he uses for storage.

FAVORITE WEAPONS:  Dual Colt M1911, modified heavily to be able to be augmented by angelic and Demonic energies). He also has a sword which he rarely ever uses, due to the extreme boost in power it gives him, it is kept isolated in the separate, storage, dimension that he has control over.

OTHER SKILLS: Exceptionally skilled with swords, spears, guns, bows, and melee combat. He never misses his target with his guns. He also knows an array of martial arts, making him an extremely agile and difficult melee opponent. Can sense energies of almost every strong magical entitiy in the area, can discern whether someone is lying or not rather easily. Extremely perceptive and can pick up on opponents weaknesses during fights.

FRIENDS: Kallista Pendragon, Israel Elysium, Skylara Wolfbane, Leo Sparks, Mary Hiashi, Nicolette Croga

ENEMY'S: Anyone who attacks him, or threatens any friends he has/meets/makes.

HATES: When his friends are hurt and/or unhappy, he is highly perceptive at discerning how they feel.

LIKES: Protecting people, helping friends in need.

JOB: Former Mercenary, Former assassin, Former thief - No current "job"



DESCRIPTION: He is an extremely strong character (meant to be about on par or maybe even stronger than most of the strongest SP characters, Skulduggery included). Usually rather impassive, (but when thrown into a rage his teeth sharpen, and he tends to growl and roar alot, due to absorbed demonic energies :P). He is still learning how to use his powers without going overboard, or without them being to weak, so they can be unstable at times. He is also fairly handsome, and has long black hair.

IN FIVE WORDS: Lethal, Protective, Silent, Dependable, Overpowered :P



HIS GUN(S): The silver colouring, but it has engravings on each side of the slide (The part that move back when you shoot), Angelic and Demonic symbols.

HIS POWER: His power basically look like this, except that he can manipulate it into any form that he so chooses.

When Augmented with a weapon, the resulting attacks create shock waves of energy which damage enemies further (like shown here), He can also manipulate the energy created in the shock wave, for surprise attacks and such.
Just another example of his power, used in a different way

Examples Of Glyphs:
The Circle on the bottom right is a glyph, it contains circles within circles, with runes and symbols on the spaces between them

The Circle on the floor

The Two circles that the creatures are coming out of

A closer look at one of the Glyphs

Another better look

A different (clearer) Example of a glyph

This glyph differs in that it contains a triangular pattern of circles, with a joining ring, showing the difference that the glyphs can hold.

Another example, this time the glyph causes a burst of energy.


    Love the pics you have on your weapons and Glyphs. It will be helpful in upcoming chapters. Love that sword Alex!
    Brilliant OC Alex!

  2. But he is way to cool for my oc. I was going to have them hook up. :P

  3. I think that would've actually worked out :P Serious and laid-back, and pssh as if Kallista is not a cool character...

  4. LOL Still might do it. She will keep him on his toes! ;)

  5. *pokes Alex in the arm*





    Hey Alex.


    Im going to use Necros for my new fanfiction. Ive already added him into the plot, so you cant say no.

    *points at kallista*

    She told me to.

    *walks away*

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