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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lilith Nightshade

Name: Lilith Nightshade
Age: 14 (will stay looking 13)
Gender: Female
Clothes: Casual leather jacket, jeans and T-shirt
Description: Just over average size for age, black, shoulder length hair with bottom edge tinted blood red, eyes so dark are practically black
Magic: None, was changed into vampire a year ago now
Weapons: Um... her? And basically anything else she can find
History: Was very happy normal person, when on her thirteenth birthday, she was turned into vampire, but is not able to think or talk about it so no one really nows much of her story
Likes: Friends, the colour red, being lazy, punching bullies, punching evil people, punching mean people
Dislikes: Being punched, being attacked, being interupted when being lazy, people being mean to her or her friends, being threatened, bullies, evil people, mean people
In Three Words: Loyal, Mysterious, Dangerous



    question: did she know about magic, or have any magic before becoming a vamp?

  2. your blog is so cool! some of these OC's are pretty neat. =D