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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is an alternate universe ok. I'm allowed to go completely crazy with my imagination :D

NAME: Dolores Ambrosius
AGE: Four (although this is the equivalent to a sixteen year old human mentally)
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Colossal Squid
LENGTH:  14 metres (46 feet)
WEIGHT: 495 kilograms (1090 pounds)
PERSONALITY: Extremely mischievous. Very cute and sweet the way all small children are. Loves to pretend to be all prim and proper and then catches people unaware with some prank or practical joke.
WEARS: Very long pink raffia dress, a rose woollen cardigan and matching parasol.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: French accent. English everything else (mannerisms, style, clothing, tastes, etc.) 
HISTORY: Born in the South Pacific off the coast of Argentina. Captured and sent to London Zoo as a baby. Currently living in the River Seine).
FAMILY: Parents killed by humans when captured. No known siblings.
POWERS: Has the ability to speak all human languages as well as her native squid.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her very own beak and tentacles. And a laser beam which she hides in her parasol.
OTHER SKILLS: Plays the pianoforte. Is extremely accomplished at knitting. Well read (especially poetry). Wishes she could write her own. Drinks vast quantities of tea. Can dismember a person in ten seconds and then artistically rearrange their insides to form a reproduction of a Van Gogh or a Monet.
FRIENDS: Raphael Pendragon, Quinnera Elviana, Gepard Valk, Jericho Matteus, Skyril Oblivion, Rosella Embers, Nyx Dawn, Pyro Dawn Tyromant, Red Waterfall, March Pathway, Thalia Circe, Jodi Harte, Venice Rain, Niall Montblanc, Arcturus Fracture. Her very best friend though is Hestia Honeysuckle.
HATES: Croissants. Dolphins. Mitt Romney.
LIKES: Pink things. Fish. Doctor Who. Scones are pretty tasty. So are albatrosses.
ADDRESS: The bottom of the Seine.
JOB: Four year olds don’t  have jobs.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her pink parasol.
DESCRIPTION: So colossal squid have deep red skin, a mantle (their torso), eight arms and two longer tentacles which are covered in suckers lined with small teeth and all limbs are equipped with sharp hooks on the end.  Some are three pointed. Some swivel. Some are made of digestive biscuit. Some sing opera whilst others can pick up radio and one can hack into any computer system in the world. However none of them know how to order Chinese takeaway which Dolores finds very disappointing. Very long and sharp beak. Large bulbous eyes (hers are gold). Bioluminescent.  
IN SEVEN WORDS: The most ladylike squid I ever saw.
NOTES: Fear of heights. Fear of preschoolers. Lonely as has no other squid friends and can’t start school as she is afraid of her classmates. Therefore must find an education through non conventional means.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm proposing a situation

Look at your current (main-ish, I guess?) Skulduggery Pleasant OC. Do you have a good visual picture? Got their personality in mind? Their magical talent? Their history?

OK- I want you do look way back when when you first created them. For some of you that may not be long ago, and for others I AM SO SORRY. But for all of you, I want you to really focus on that time. Recall how you picked their (your?) names and background and powers and weapons and all that jazz.

Now try and remember if you ever considered something that didn't make it to the final character. Different power? Hair color? Name? What else? Is there anything you'd like to change about your character NOW, in present day? And if you could (will? would? I don't know) change, would you do it? If you sit there thinking of what you would change, what else comes to mind? Anything else you'd want to try? I got you thinking now, didn't I? (I hoooppee soooo)

'Kay, I'm getting to the point now. Enough theoretical stuff.

I'm going to write about an alternate Skulduggery universe. Like, a major AU project thing. Taking the instances with what I said above (What isWhat could have been, what is, what may be changed, something new), I'm re-vamping March, and so far I've asked Thalia and Mir and Lyd to look into that too. And yes, I'm asking you to do that to.

Morph those ideas together and make a new bio. This is your time to experiment and go NUTS. But also keep thinking while your at it. You can give them a new power, a different back story, make them look different, or maybe if their parents were dead now they're alive. And Hellboy- maybe you'd even make Elysium Asylum different. Maybe it's a massive boat... That we all live in. O_O But you know, it'd be appreciated if it wasn't a boat. Maybe we all just live in the Midnight Hotel or something (hehehehe).

You don't have to write this big monster of a bio- it can just be little, experimenting with different ideas. When I'd write a story I'd just open up more on that.

It's much appreciated if you DO make a longer bio, tho. Please try and do something. Aaaanyyyttthhhiiinnngggg. Seriously, think about it. Let your mind be blown by yourself (is that even possible...?). THERE ARE NO RULES. This is your character, do with it what you want. No rules, all for the need that I'm implying is for the character to be different. Almost RADICALLY DIFFERENT, HAHA.

If you do make a bio, put it on Bio-rama~!
(Bio-rama's looked so lonely lately I want to give it the love that it deserves ;_;)

And if you don't officially have a ownership of the blog (is that what it's called? I don't really knoww...), then put it on your own blog, and put the link in the comments. OR, ask someone elseto post it. :3

Now is the part where I beg you to do it.

I'm really intrigued by this idea of an AU and I need an idea of the whole world to work.

(Oh, and I think I'll just keep the original SP verse characters normal/regular/original. Because I can't get Derek to personally try this. But I would if I could)


Any questions (I'm not sure if I really got my point across or not) at all can be asked directly to me via chat, or in these comments. :)