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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Help Kallista

Following then post prior to this one and also on the Eight Great Immortals, and on many of your blogs' comment section, we need your help.

If you don't know what this is about yet, which I'd be very surprised, scroll down to the previous post.

Now! What I want you to do is after you have written your plea to Kallista's parents on your own blog, copy the link for it and paste it in the comment section below. This means that there will be a list of all the posts so that they can easily be read.

So, for instance, my post can be read at http://susurrusofstories.blogspot.com/2011/05/for-kallistas-parents-and-miss.html

Good luck!

Friday, May 27, 2011

To all SP Bloggers

To make sure that Skyril's comment is widely known I am posting it here.



GO to your blogs and post a plea to Kallista's parents to let her come on as she did before. Tell them what you think of her and tell them how great she is. Get all the blogs in Blogland posting some such as I have said. I hope they will see it. I don't know that they will, but all we can do is hope and post our thoughts of our dear friend Kallista Pendragon!

Do it as soon as possible and let anyone that has not seen this know of this plan.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vesper Belle

Sorry I'm posting so much!

Name: Vesper Belle
Gender: Female
Age: 157, looks about 22.
Power: Elemental
Weapon: A knife with a silver hilt, a rifle she keeps in her closet, a thin rapier she hides behind her dresser.
Occupation: Assassin for hire.
Hair: Long, straight and light honey-blonde, usually worn out.
Eyes: Piercing blue.
Nationality: Irish.
Home: Classified information.
Personality: Cold and mostly unfeeling. She does not feel attachment. She doesn't care about anyone but herself.
Likes: Herself, money, daytime television, killing.
Dislikes: Idiots, people who won't die, people who won't pay, rude people, snobby people, people in general, cold weather, being civilised, animals, black and white movies, stains, the Sanctuary, the law, and a one Everisse Eterna.
Clothes: Anything but a suit.
Backstory: Killed her own family, became an assassin, not much else you lot need to know.
Family: Deceased mother, father and younger sister named Branwen.
Quote: "Watch your back, your front, and your sides too. I'm coming. And I will kill you."

Arma-Rose Sequester

Name: Arma-Rose Sequester
Hair: Bubblegum pink, with lime green bangs and a lime green ringlet secured by a daisy-shaped hair clip hanging on either side of her face.
Eyes: A very pale lavender, with no pupils.
Age: 37, but looks 19.
Clothes: Any type of shirt, and jeans doodled on randomly with marker.
Magic: Adept. Can read emotions and see auras.
Personality: Very enigmatic, and vague in her way of speaking. Generally meek, but with unexpected bursts of energy. 
Likes: Tea, running, soap operas, chinchillas.
Dislikes: The dark, heights, people with black auras, large dogs.
Home: Ireland. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, but migrated to Dublin. She lives in Elysium Asylum, rooming with Everisse Eterna, Skyril Oblivion and a girl named Serenity Cerise. She is fluent in both German and English, and tends to slip onto German when she is excited.
Family: An older sister named Sicily, a younger brother named Felonious, and her mother and father in Berlin.

If you use this character, she goes by either Arma-Rose, or just Arma.
Posted with the permission of Arma-Rose Sequester.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tabby Everist

NAME: Tabby Everist
AGE: 83 looks 22
GENDER: Female
LIKES: Casual clothes, chocolate, work,  Ethiopia, France, Uganda, Corfu, Spain, America/ Las Vegas
DISLIKES: Evil, guns, gore, nuts, men
WORK: Runs a hotel in the meantime

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rachel's OC

Name: Rachel McCoach
age: 15
Gender: female
Hair: Dark brown with dark streaks of red, shoulder length
Eye colour: VERY dark green/brown
height: 5ft 7
Personality: quiet around strangers until she gets to know them; funny; imaginative; has no qualms about hitting someone if they deserve it; puts others physical safety before her own (which gets her in trouble); mostly honest unless it is otherwise benificial in the long term; very suspicious, is hard to tell if shes lying- she looks guilty when she both is and isnt...
Wears: mostly dark brown and white, with sturdy walking boots :)
Nationality: Scottish
Powers: energy manipulation
Weapon(s): green dagger, good with archery bow
Likes: cooking (but it doesnt like her so always turns out as a mess); kicking bad guys asses; drawing; writing; reading; watching films; hanging around at the scottish sanctury like a bad smell; practicing in the sim-rooms; pottering around with mythical creatures :)
Dislikes: baked beans; walking for ages; being bored; and people (mostly cocky bad guys) who ASSUME they know all her abilities...

Felix Light

NAME: Felix Light.
AGE: 235 looks15.
GENDER: Female.
PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, fierce.
HAIR: Ginger.
EYES: Green.
MAGIC: Vampire.
CLOTHES: Black skinny jeans or denim shorts, pink and purple checked top with blue or pink (Exception) strap top under, army boots, corgi top.two pairs of McKenzie trainers.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Pink flower in hair.
LIKES: Fighting, black, shades, music, reading, TV, writing/drawing, monkey socks, laptop
DISLIKES: Greedy people,makeup, dangly earings, pink, spiders/insects, dresses.
MODE OF TRANSPORT: Walking or running.
Home: Vampire temple

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tuska Morris

Name-Nickname: Tuaska Morris- Tusk
Age: 104 looks 22
Hair: Long Dark brown, Little bits of fringe at the side. wears a black strappy headband
Clothes: Normal Blue T-shirt with three quarter bottoms, white Mc Kenzie Trainers.
Likes: Clowns, Spiders, Black
Dislikes: Mean people, Laptops, Girly people, Pink, snobs.
Three words: Friendly, serious, Playful

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lucky Jack

Name: Lucky Jack
Age: 54 ( Looks 21)
Gender: Not reveled
Hair: A light brown in a mullet style, slightly curly.
Eye color: A green/brown hazel
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: Average
Personality:  Loyal, not to bright, curmudgeonly yet eager to please friends, stubbron, slightly suspitious, a bit quiet. Can become loud and obnoxious when overexcited. A bit delusional, Lucky lacks social graces but is honest and simple.

Wears: Loose fitting work clothes. Dark flannels and jeans in the cooler weather. A oversized t-shirt and jeans in warmer weather.  Also wears a cowboy hat when working outside.

Nationality & Accent: American. Has no accent.

History: Was born in Bad Ax, Michigan to middle wage income parents. Discovered magic at a relatively young age. Not very good with magic but it had been discovered that the luck of others is effected drasticly when around Lucky Jack.  Most people experience good luck. But when Jack is upset a person can experience bad luck.
Lucky became a wanderer at age 15. Israel Elysium came across Lucky just in time as Lucky's was loosing a fight.  Israel hired Lucky to look after his home when he is not in residence.
Lucky Jack is fiercly loyal to Israel and his team. Everyone except Kallista Pendragon.

Family: Keeps family a secret for their safety.

Powers: Is an Elemental but a terrible one. Lucky's real ability is giving or taking away people's luck.

Favorite Weapons: Has none. Cannot fight well. When out working on the Elysuim grounds, Lucky likes to pretend to fight, using a rake or  shovel as a makeshift weapon. Often hurts self in the process.

Friends: Necros, Thor, Octaboona, Nicolette Croga,  Skyril Oblivion, Jodi Harte, Israel Elysium, Bridget Whiplash, Skylara Wolfbane, Evangeline Crow, Aquila Felis, Insanity Nova Moonshine, Sarthacus Bolt, Dragona Pine, Florence Black, Alex Night, Darkane Claw, Mary Hiashi, Deryn Mellifluous , Leo Sparks, Lillivale Diamondsnipe, Thrice Dozer, Nyx Dawn, Lunar Tears, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Jaffa Morbid, Rosella Embers, Morgana Wolf, Niall Montblanc, and March Pathway.

Enemies: Anyone who threatens her family, friends, or hurts the innocent. Has a strong dislike for Kallista Pendragon.

Likes: Family and friends. Being outside in nature. Loves animals.

Address: In the basement of Elysium Manor. Knows all the secret passageways.

This is all I have so far Will most likely edit this soon with more info about Lucky. Artwork is done by Darkane Claw and used with her permission. Thank you Darkane for providing me with such an epica picture of Lucky!
For more on Darkane's incredible art. Visit her blog.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tristessa Murano :OC

Name: Nicknames: Tessa or Tess
Age: 550, but looks around 22
Gender: Female
Hair: Loosely curled chesnut brown. Not very dark, not very light. Just over shoulder length, so that it can be easily tied back, though normally she keeps it down.
Eyes: Lavender coloured, with flecks of a darker purple.
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Lighter and thinner than most. Around 7 stone.
Personality: Has a very strong and independent personality, but is generally rather light-hearted. Mysterious at times, and loyal to friends. Has a hot-temper.
Wears: Urm… clothes? Mainly dark colours, almost business-like. Generally suit trousers (but very comfortable and moveable ones) and some sort of blouse. And her cloak, which is crimson and covered in symbols, which are insanely powerful.With her cloak, she can do almost anything (except make a jammy dodger appear from no where, she’s still working on that).
Nationality and Accent: Ethinically Italian but has an English accent as she lives in England.
History: She’s been through a lot. She was thrown out of her homeland, Italy, for betraying the Italian Sanctuary (by giving away some of their secrets to a criminal who nearly destroyed the Italian Sanctuary). Afterwards, she fled to England and with the help of some good friends, she managed to rehabilitate her image and got work in the English Sanctuary. Afterwards, she was transferred to the Irish Sanctuary. Previous to her work in the Italian Sanctuary, she did a lot of freelance work in symbols, many of which was for criminals (unbeknownst to her). She feels a lot of inner-guilt because of this and that is why she works for the sanctuary.
Family: An only child. She doesn’t know where her parents are and hasn’t seen them since she was in Italy. Their names were Mateo and Theresa.
Powers: An adept, working within symbols. An expert at her field, was taught by China Sorrows.
Favourite Weapons: A small golden dagger, used in self defence only.
Other Skills: Knows a variety of martial arts, and is rather academically gifted. Can play a large variety of musical instruments (for no apparent reason).
Hates: Fighting, violence, show-offs, drugs, depression, war.
Likes: Peace, starbursts, music, good food.
Address: Constantly changes.
Job: Freelance symbols work and sanctuary work.
Mode of Transportation: Symbols can take her to most places she needs to go as she has set up symbols in many different places, most of which are significant to her, though some are just capital cities. Should she need to go anywhere else, walking and car sharing work the best.
Never seen without: Her crimson cloak.
In Five Words: Mysterious, loyal, guilty, gentle, powerful.

Okay, so, if you want to know anything else, leave a comment. If you want to use her, feel free, but would you mind leaving a comment so I can read it? Also, if someone wants to put this on Biorama, go for it :D To be honest, I'm not really sure why I put this up... but anyway... My fanfic will not be continuing, though I will eventually post the remainder of The Criminal Statement of Amelie Gibson!
Tristessa Murano

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Septimus Zephyr

NAME: Septimus Zephyr
AGE: 403 (looks around 20)
HAIR COLOUR: Bright auburn. Long and wavy. Waist length. Hides his face by a waterfall of hair.
EYE COLOUR: Piercing eyes of deepest blue. Humourous and quick moving but with a firm undeniable steel to them.
HEIGHT: 5 ft 11
WEIGHT: 12 stone.
PERSONALITY: Quick witted, laid back, humourous and  a tease.
WEARS:  Flowing purple robes, barefoot, a deep violet shirt. Cloak with silver lining, patterned with golden stars, but without  spectacles.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Irish born and bred. Irish accent. Commanding voice.
HISTORY: Born in Ireland he travelled the world seeking for someone to explain why his magic was what it was. Why had he been given this ability? What was it he kept dreaming of? Why was he different?
FAMILY: Septimus never knew who his family was. He didn't seem to belong anywhere.
POWERS: All will be revealed...
FAVOURITE WEAPON: Septimus' favourite weapon is his powers. However he does enjoy using his terrible singing.
OTHER SKILLS: Well Septimus's singing isn't a skill as such. More sort of a horrible agonizing experience.
FRIENDS: None. Septimus doesn't belong.
ENEMIES: Alvin The Elf
HATES: Well he doesn't like people called Alvin. Or elves. Or infact Alvin The Elf.
LIKES: Singing.
ADDRESS: Currently living somewhen in the 12th century.
JOB: Septimus doesn't belong. He has no job.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A little brown box.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, young man with a gleam in his piercing blue eyes and a rougeish grin on his face.
IN FIVE WORDS: A madman with a box (Thank you Doctor!)