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Hey everyone! Welcome to Bio-rama! This is the blog where you post the Bio's of your OC's (original characters) so everyone can look and maybe use the OC in a fanfic or story. To post a Bio, send an email to thespotforbios@gmail.com or ask one of Bio-Rama's members to post for you. Don't worry, they won't bite ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Felix Light

NAME: Felix Light.
AGE: 235 looks15.
GENDER: Female.
PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, fierce.
HAIR: Ginger.
EYES: Green.
MAGIC: Vampire.
CLOTHES: Black skinny jeans or denim shorts, pink and purple checked top with blue or pink (Exception) strap top under, army boots, corgi top.two pairs of McKenzie trainers.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Pink flower in hair.
LIKES: Fighting, black, shades, music, reading, TV, writing/drawing, monkey socks, laptop
DISLIKES: Greedy people,makeup, dangly earings, pink, spiders/insects, dresses.
MODE OF TRANSPORT: Walking or running.
Home: Vampire temple

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