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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thor's OC

AGE: 17
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
PERSONALITY: He is cocky, speaks very well. He is mysterious and very little is actually known about him. He is very in to theatrics and dramatic entrances/exits. Has a habbit of stepping out of shadows when no one knew he was there. Enjoys blowing things up. Whenever he fights or chases someone, he puts in his iPod earphones. He does this because he wishes his life had a soundtrack.
WEARS: a punk rock style leather jacket, a black and white striped dress shirt underneath black jeans, open knuckle leather gloves, black (steel-toed) combat boots, and studded leather bands around his lower arms. wears reflective aviator sunglasses
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: American, has a slight New York accent
HISTORY: CLASSIFIED. If anyone asks him, he smiles, and ignores the question altogether. All that is known is that his brother, Loki, killed Thor's girlfriend, Sif.
FAMILY: His brother Loki. And (deceased) father, Odin.
POWERS: He is a Necromancer who's main power is shooting black shadow-lightning out of a huge war hammer (his necromancy-weapon-thing)
FAVORITE WEAPONS: His necromancer war hammer. one side of the hammer-head is flat (traditional hammer style) and the other is sharp like an axe. Also carries a Berreta handgun, and an army knife.
OTHER SKILLS: He can fly, and in a storm, he can channel the storm's lightning and hit his enemies with it. Also, speaks Spanish, French, German, Greek, Mandarin, etc. He is also very good looking. He is an experienced free-runner/ parkour-er.
FRIENDS: His father, Odin (deceased). Kallista
ENEMY'S: His brother, Loki.
HATES: People who do not appreciate how good looking he is.
LIKES: Attractive women. Rock music.
ADDRESS: 221B Baker Street, London.
JOB: Assasin. Con-Artist. Bounty hunter.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: His armored motorcycle.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His "Thor's Hammer" necklace.
DESCRIPTION: il figure that out later
IN FIVE WORDS: later also.
2 things u need 2 kno bout my character (Thor):
1. He's a pathological liar. He tends to lie to anyone about anything, regardless of wether they are his friend or enemy. He rarely answers the same question the same way twice.
2. This one won't suprise you. Right before he kills people, he smiles and winks at them ;)
He has blue eyes- electric blue. The color of static electricity.
He has medium lenght hair which spikes up a bit in the front.
He likes running, climbing, and jumping off of things. He's an expert at parkour (and he uses it when he chases/hunts people). In case you don't know, parkour is this kind of stuff:


Also: here is a link to a picture of what his hammer looks like:


He is a good guy. So don't make me evil, if you're considering that!!
Also, he wears a grey chain around his waist thru the belt loops on his jeans instead of wearing a belt. He clips pocket and holsters for his weapons and other stuff to the rings on the chain.
He has a a tattoo of a thin black lightning bolt that starts just below the the right side of his jawbone that snakes down his neck, over his right shoulder, around and around his right arm all the way down to the back of his right hand. It glows the color of his eyes when he uses his hammer. Also, theres a letter tattooed on each of the knuckles on his right hand. they spell T-H-O-R.

He flirts with girls compulsively (but of course, that doesn't surprise u or anyone else that knows me :P)

He is trained in all kinds of sword fighting, but prefers his hammer. But if the need arises, or if any of his sword wielding friends want to spar, he will sword fight.

Also... you're probably wondering wear he keeps his huge hammer (it's roughly the length of his right arm- from shoulder to fingertip). His leather jacket has leather loops on the back that his sticks the handle of the hammer thru.

*Posted By Queen Kallista without Thor's permission. In my defense, he said I could use his OC. He has taken off both his blogs from public viewing however and does not come onto chat or the blogs to talk. He left me with no choice and I need his OC where I can find it easier.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blood Butterflies

Name: Blood Butterflies

No nickname.

No friends either.

Height: Let's just say she's tall.

Age: 274 (looks about 14)

Hair colour: Black, looks almost blue. Straight.

Has a short-temper.

Eye colour: Clear red. Used to be a mix of green, yellow, orange and the occasional speck of red.

What she wears: Black clothes, tailored by Ghastly. The lining of the coat is a mix of white and wine red, the white spelling out her name.

Gender: Female

Nationality: Classified Information.

Location: Changes all the time.

Occupation: Freelance assassin.

Dislikes: People who don't die, the Sanctuary. And the law that prevents killing.

Likes: Killing people

Hobbies: Killing random people. And kicking people in their asses and faces.

Powers: Necromancy, Vampirism

Personality: Cold and unwelcoming.

Weapon: A long jade dagger and a hunter's bow.

History: Butterflies has seen a lot in her life. Her parents are abusive. They take drugs and constantly beat
her to relieve their stress. Butterflies' family is very poor so one day she ran away when she was six. Her parents, being her parents, obviously didn't care. She wandered around the city before Tenebrae found her and sensed traces of magic within her. He, being the 'nice' person who wanted more people to join the Necromancer order, invited her to the Temple to be guided under Quiver. She was Quiver's prized pupil and they both had good times. Quiver sent her on a mission that she never came back alive from. She was sent to stop Bristol Jetstream from selling his soul to Dusk, but unfortunately was bitten by Dusk and was turned into a vampire. The first thing she thought of was bloodlust and after killing anybody who stood in her way, she slaughtered her parents. After realising what she had done, she retreated to Moloch and begged for help. Moloch refused and she ran away, the pain of rejection staring straight at her in the face. She then learned to be independent and is now a freelance assassin. She has a boyfriend. His name is Peginteferon Knight.

Never seen without: Her jade knife, black Necromancer bracelet, bow(She's rarely seen anyway.)

Discerning features: The thin scar across her left eyelid. Given to her when training in the Temple.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant (V. 2.0)

This is a re-post of my OC with a few new changes.

NAME:Pyro-Dawn Tyromant.
EYE COLOUR:Blue, turns red when insane or using intense amounts of energy.
HEIGHT:1metre 75centimetres.
WEIGHT:Due to fire creating gases that are lighter than air, which circulate in Pyro's bloodstream, weight can vary and be consciously changed.
PERSONALITY:An overall nervous character who fights valiantly and bravely but struggles to start up a conversation.
WEARS:A crumpled, white T-shirt, long blue jeans and a grey hoodie or brown leather jacket, sometimes has crossed scabbards on his back.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:Weak, British accent.
HISTORY:Parents died when he was eight, was tought magic by a powerful Mage known as Octaboona Ambrosius. As an Elemental, an obsession with fire arose within Pyro and he decided upon his chosen name whilst becoming a fire elemental; an elemental who can utterly control fire.
FAMILY:Parents died but Pyro considers Octaboona as his only family.
POWERS:Incredible control over fire; Pyro can turn his limbs into fire, his hair is constantly alight and he cannot be burnt. Also, if he is knocked unconcious, the flame on Pyro's head becomes a slightly taller, stronger being, like a reflection only made of fire.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:Two katana like swords that can burst into flame, if a long-ranged or explosive attack is required, twin fireballs that can be thrown with incredible accuracy.
OTHER SKILLS:Can sing, play violin, has an incredible mathematical brain and can beat most vidio games in under a day.
FRIENDS:Octaboona Ambrosius, Kallista Pendragon, Chanoro Flashfreeze and Red waterfall who are trusted allies at all times.
ENEMIES:The Banished.
HATES:Water, Darkness, Cold and Ice... and Cockroaches.
LIKES:Fire, Light, Warmth, Smoke and Hot Chocolate.
ADDRESS:Roams the Streets of the World, mostly in Britain. Has a few safehouses in the deserts of the world that store supplies for emergencies.
JOB:Unemployed but works unnoficially as a bounty hunter in order to avenge his parents' death.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:A meteor constructs itself around Pyro and can be launched a huge distance, it can be guided when in flight and can be further boosted by twin jets of flame to travel between countries. From the inside, the meteor looks like a large golden sphere.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:A locket that has within it a photo of him and his parents when they were still alive.
DESCRIPTION:Tall and thin with almost white skin, long spiky hair that is always burning, has piercing blue eyes that are almost completely obscured by hair most of the time.
IN FIVE SYLLABLES:A walking bonfire.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ursula Prase

Name:  Ursula Prase
Age:  324, looks mid-40s.
Gender:  female
Hair:  brown and frizzy, graying, especially in front
Eyes:  hazel
Height:  5'2"
Weight:  210lbs
Complexion:  fair, very freckled
Personality:  Socially inept and anti-social.  Prefers company of animals to humans.  Curmudgeonly, practical, straight-forward, sentimental, depressive, generally honest - often to the point of saying the wrong thing and regretting it.  
Wears:  Clothes, until they no longer function as such and are downgraded to rags, and she has to go to the thrift store for new...ish ones.  Usually jeans and t-shirts, sometimes dykey button-up shirts.  Enjoys dressing up for special occasions, but has no idea of current fashions so effect is odd flower-child/hippy look.
Nationality/Accent: American, generic American accent.
Backstory:  Um.  She doesn't remember.  Nothing spectacular, really.
Weapon:  She has no interest in fighting.   She carries a knife because it's useful for non-violent things, and has a 38 revolver locked up in case of emergencies involving horrible trailer accidents or things of that nature.
Family:  Two grown children who live nearby.  Parents and husband were not magic that they knew of, and died of old age some long long time back.  I don't know if she's in any relationships now.  Probably depends on relevance to story - she won't cheat but makes no claims to monogamy, either.
Skills:   first aid, being generally maternal, can make pretty decent vegetarian chili.
Power:  telepathic communication with animals (including humans, but they're irritating, and can communicate other ways, so she doesn't bother with them much - not to say she didn't at first, but the novelty wore off, plus it was gross), minor healing abilities
Discerning Features:  glasses, clumsiness, strange friends :-D
Likes:  dogs, cats, goats, horses, chickens, being alone, dancing, home-grown tomatoes, doodling, reading, sci-fi TV shows, chatting online, dry heat, coffee, knitting and sewing, building stuff, power tools etc etc etc
Dislikes:  violence, people who do horrible things to other people, abuse of any sort of any living creature, chick flicks, capers, meat, sharing living space, cleaning up other people's messes, being cold, keeping non-domestic animals in captivity
Friends: Kallista Pendragon, Everisse Eterna, Skyril Oblivion

Posted on the behalf of Ann Marie!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mercy Triskelion

Post 100! Woohoo! 


Name: Mercy Triskelion

Gender: Female

Age: 143, looks 25

Hair: Long, black and glossy, wavy.

Eyes: So dark, they look black.

Height: 5 foot 6 1/2

Personality: Volatile-ly violent. Unpredictable, shrewd, inventive. 

Wears: Black shirts and pants.

Nationality: Brazilian, with a... Brazilian accent? Portuguese accent? Don't they speak Portuguese in Brazil?

Backstory: Mercy was once a detective for the Brazilian Sanctuary, but was fired because of her volatile violence. She ended up killing 85% of her interrogation victims before she could get anything out of them. She moved to Ireland at the age of 101 after she was fired. 

Weapon: Her Triskelion Stars, throwing stars in the shape of triskelions, with a button in the middle you press to extend the extra blades.

Family: None

Skills: Archery, throwing her Stars, gymnastics, running, painting. She is also a contortionist.

Power: Elemental

Discerning features: She lost her left pinky in a fight at the age of 33. 

Likes: Throwing stars, granola, large animals, the colour black

Dislikes: Optimists, kittens, pink, spinach

Soot Featherwing

Soot is the OC Mar originally made for me before I knew what Skulduggery was and had read the books. But now, after I made Thalia, I decided to bring poor Soot back to life. After a quick talk with Mar about Soot's power, we decided on a shape shifter. So here is the new Soot Featherwing.

NAME: Soot Featherwing

AGE: Around 60, looks to be around 9 or 10.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Dark, dark gray, almost black with pastel blue and pink streaks. To the bottom of her shoulder blades with bangs.

EYE COLOR: Pale silver.

HEIGHT: 4 foot, 6 inches.

WEIGHT: 85 pounds

PERSONALITY: Stubborn, brave, and determined. Fiercely loyal to her friends. Spazzy. Has the split personality of a young child – sweet on the outside, devious and crazy on the inside.

WEARS: Black ballet shoes, dark gray tights, black shorts, a light gray tank top with thin darker stripes, a black poncho with silver embroidery, and a black pinstriped fedora.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Canadian with a Canadian accent.

HISTORY: Soot’s father despised her because she reminded him of her mother, who had supposedly died long ago. She ran away from her home when she was 6. A few months later, she was found by Alida Vesta, March Pathway’s mother. Alida taught Soot how to shape shift over the course of four years, but during an attack by vampires, she disappeared.  Soot traveled alone for a while afterwards, and eventually bought a house in Ireland. She met Thalia, March, and Mirtil when they were running from vampires after one of Thalia bombs ‘accidently’ went off. She became good friends with them, but has a weird, friendly rivalry with March.

FAMILY: ‘Dead’ mother and evil, possibly dead father.

POWERS: Shape shifter. Favorite things to turn into are a tortoiseshell cat and a black nightingale.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Three small, obsidian knives and a handheld flamethrower.

OTHER SKILLS: Makes awesome cupcakes.

FRIENDS: Thalia Circe, Kallista Pendragon, Everisse Eterna, and Mirtil Lucifer. Has a friendly rivalry with March Pathway. 

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Springheeled Jack, Scapegrace, Justin Bieber, the bald squirrel in the corner.

HATES: Hot weather, people who annoy her, people in general.

LIKES: Autumn, rain, clouds, cemeteries, manga and anime, drawing, reading, music, dancing.

ADDRESS: A house somewhere in Dublin, Ireland.

JOB: Sometimes helps out at China’s library.



DESCRIPTION: Soot is a small, slender girl who loves the quiet and music. Her dark gray hair is thick and messy, and often gets in her eyes. Her shoes seem unpractical, but she actually had Ghastly put thin, unnoticeable soles on the bottom of them to give her more traction.

IN FIVE WORDS: The girl with the hat.


Mar here. This is Thalia's other bio, for Soot. That was her talking at the top (Thalia). 

Thalia Circe

Well, this is Thalia's bio.


This is copyright Thalia, I guess.


NAME: Thalia Jane Circe

AGE: 73, looks 13

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Black, a blond dyed streak on the front right side (not in her bags, though)

EYE COLOR: Stormy gray. Turn silver only in moonlight and, while sometimes menacing, are usually warm.

HEIGHT: 5 foot

WEIGHT: Extremely light. Weighs practically nothing, but is in full health. However, she is near impossible to knock down or blow over, which greatly confuses her friends and others she knows. Refuses to tell anyone why.

PERSONALITY: Very sarcastic, but bright and hyper. Tends to talks very fast and very much, but can still be silent. Smiles a lot. Doesn’t really care what others think of her. Violent when angry. Very stubborn and extremely weird. Evil, smart prankster and a rebel. Dislikes authority.

WEARS: A black cargo jacket, black cargo pants, combat boots, a silver locket and bracelet, and (usually) a gray t-shirt of The Gaslight Anthem (one of her favorite bands). T-shirt changes a lot, but is usually advertising a band she likes, some other music, or a cause she supports.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Greek and Russian with an English accent.

HISTORY: Thalia was born in Moscow, Russia under the given name Calliope. A natural born mage, first she thought she was going insane when she discovered her power to read minds. Her parents told her about magic. Her mother’s side of the family are all Necromancers, and disowned her mother because she decided to be an Elemental. Thalia was the middle child, between her older brother Finn and younger sister Fay. When the Necromancers of her family took her brother away when she was four, Thalia’s parents fled with their daughter to Athens, Greece where Fay was born. Fay could not do magic, but was okay with it. When Thalia was eight, her family moved to London, England. For reasons still unknown to Thalia, vampires deeply hate the Necromancer side of her family, and, lead by Dusk, killed her sister and parents in some sort of revenge (though this attack was also because Dusk hates Thalia for humiliating him every time they meet). Right before his death, Thalia’s father gave her her sword, which was passed down from his side of the family. It has a strange magic power, causing it to never break or bend. It will glow and act as a compass to where the owner truly needs to go in times of need. After her family’s massacre, Thalia took the name ‘Thalia Jane Circe’ because Thalia meant ‘the joyous, the flourishing’ and was one of the muses of Greek mythology, Jane was one of her favorite book characters (from the book Jane Eyre), and Circe was a female sorcerer in Greek mythology. Thalia works on expanding her power, and it is unknown to everyone except her how far she has gotten with her mind abilities. She sometimes, but very rarely, works for different Sanctuaries around the world, but travels around a lot. Thalia holds a grudge against Dusk.

FAMILY: Parents and sister are dead. Finn may be alive, but Thalia hasn’t heard from him since he was taken away. Necromancer side of the family pays her to stay away from them. She has never had any contact with her other side of the family, but she assumes that they are alive.

POWERS: Known to all are her abilities to read minds, pull objects toward her, immobilize people for short periods of time, and blow up things such as brick walls, doors, glass, trees, and the like. She has other abilities that she keeps secret for now.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her sword, a rice paddle that is actually a canoe paddle, a plastic spatula, homemade bombs, throwing knives, and her messenger bag. The bag actually expands to be as large as she needs it to be (on the inside, it stays the same size on the outside and weighs the same as an empty bag). It’s where she keeps her weapons beside her sword and some other odd, random items.

OTHER SKILLS: Many martial arts, blowing things up, playing the bass.

*FRIENDS: March Pathway, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion, Soot Featherwing, and some others. Is completely terrified by Octaboona Ambrosius because she can’t read his mind.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, random angry Russians.

HATES: Onions, wearing skirts or dresses, extreme heat, people who lack senses of humor, telemarketers.

LIKES: Punching people, blowing things up, pranking people, being lazy, stealing her friend’s shoes and laughing at their faces afterwards, going on adventures, animals (particularly llamas, large dogs, birds of prey, and cats), music

ADDRESS: Down Insanity Street (doesn’t live anywhere in particular. Can usually be found in Ireland, England, Russia, Greece, or Canada. The easiest way to get a hold of her is to call her cell phone.)

JOB: Professional prankster

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Her feet. Keeps a motor bike at one of her houses in Dublin, Ireland.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her locket, bag, and a clever smile.

DESCRIPTION: A small, pale, spunky girl. She is strong, not bulky like a body-builder, but rather lean. Her choppy, messy, black hair is always down. The bangs are uneven and go at least to the top of her eyes, while some cover half. She always has a mischievous glint in her eyes.

IN SIX WORDS: Fred and George Weasley times ten.

QUOTE: “Well…you see, I was just standing here, and then it exploded.”

*The 'friends' list is not complete because I knew I would forget someone. Basically, unless you randomly decided that your OC doesn't like Thalia or doesn't know her, then it's safe to assume that they're her friend.


Yes. Well okay. 

But I have a rule to make- 

Thalia shan't be killed unless there is a good reason, and you have a classy way of writing. 

Evangeline Litmus

Evangeline Litmus

Name: Evangeline Litmus

Age: 10, looks about 6

Gender: Female

Hair: Jet black and short, because she cuts it herself.

Eyes: Huge and dark brown.

Height: 4 feet

Personality: Sweet and quiet, but shy. Has difficulty opening up to others.

Wears: Anything that fits.

Nationality/Accent: American, with a Brooklyn accent.

Backstory: Her parents worked for the American Sanctuary. After her father, Normandy Forrest, was murdered, and her mother mysteriously disappeared, she moved with her older sister Blithe to Ireland, and moved into Elysium Asylum. She didn't take a name until she arrived, previously going by her given name of Melanie Flynn. She is like a younger sister to Everisse, since her real sister doesn't pay her much attention. She took in a stray Persian cat named Dahlia. 

Weapon: Wooden sword.

Family: Deceased father and missing mother, older sister Blithe Choir, surrogate sister Everisse.

Skills: Cooking, her green thumb

Power: Elemental

Discerning Features: Birthmark on neck, scar on finger from where Dahlia bit her, stuffed monkey named Mush, who she carries around everywhere. 

Likes: Sweet things, teddy bears, purple, fancy hats, cats, butterflies, popcorn, fairy tales

Dislikes: Sour things, most bugs, large dogs, scary movies