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Friday, June 10, 2011

Thalia Circe

Well, this is Thalia's bio.


This is copyright Thalia, I guess.


NAME: Thalia Jane Circe

AGE: 73, looks 13

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Black, a blond dyed streak on the front right side (not in her bags, though)

EYE COLOR: Stormy gray. Turn silver only in moonlight and, while sometimes menacing, are usually warm.

HEIGHT: 5 foot

WEIGHT: Extremely light. Weighs practically nothing, but is in full health. However, she is near impossible to knock down or blow over, which greatly confuses her friends and others she knows. Refuses to tell anyone why.

PERSONALITY: Very sarcastic, but bright and hyper. Tends to talks very fast and very much, but can still be silent. Smiles a lot. Doesn’t really care what others think of her. Violent when angry. Very stubborn and extremely weird. Evil, smart prankster and a rebel. Dislikes authority.

WEARS: A black cargo jacket, black cargo pants, combat boots, a silver locket and bracelet, and (usually) a gray t-shirt of The Gaslight Anthem (one of her favorite bands). T-shirt changes a lot, but is usually advertising a band she likes, some other music, or a cause she supports.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Greek and Russian with an English accent.

HISTORY: Thalia was born in Moscow, Russia under the given name Calliope. A natural born mage, first she thought she was going insane when she discovered her power to read minds. Her parents told her about magic. Her mother’s side of the family are all Necromancers, and disowned her mother because she decided to be an Elemental. Thalia was the middle child, between her older brother Finn and younger sister Fay. When the Necromancers of her family took her brother away when she was four, Thalia’s parents fled with their daughter to Athens, Greece where Fay was born. Fay could not do magic, but was okay with it. When Thalia was eight, her family moved to London, England. For reasons still unknown to Thalia, vampires deeply hate the Necromancer side of her family, and, lead by Dusk, killed her sister and parents in some sort of revenge (though this attack was also because Dusk hates Thalia for humiliating him every time they meet). Right before his death, Thalia’s father gave her her sword, which was passed down from his side of the family. It has a strange magic power, causing it to never break or bend. It will glow and act as a compass to where the owner truly needs to go in times of need. After her family’s massacre, Thalia took the name ‘Thalia Jane Circe’ because Thalia meant ‘the joyous, the flourishing’ and was one of the muses of Greek mythology, Jane was one of her favorite book characters (from the book Jane Eyre), and Circe was a female sorcerer in Greek mythology. Thalia works on expanding her power, and it is unknown to everyone except her how far she has gotten with her mind abilities. She sometimes, but very rarely, works for different Sanctuaries around the world, but travels around a lot. Thalia holds a grudge against Dusk.

FAMILY: Parents and sister are dead. Finn may be alive, but Thalia hasn’t heard from him since he was taken away. Necromancer side of the family pays her to stay away from them. She has never had any contact with her other side of the family, but she assumes that they are alive.

POWERS: Known to all are her abilities to read minds, pull objects toward her, immobilize people for short periods of time, and blow up things such as brick walls, doors, glass, trees, and the like. She has other abilities that she keeps secret for now.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her sword, a rice paddle that is actually a canoe paddle, a plastic spatula, homemade bombs, throwing knives, and her messenger bag. The bag actually expands to be as large as she needs it to be (on the inside, it stays the same size on the outside and weighs the same as an empty bag). It’s where she keeps her weapons beside her sword and some other odd, random items.

OTHER SKILLS: Many martial arts, blowing things up, playing the bass.

*FRIENDS: March Pathway, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion, Soot Featherwing, and some others. Is completely terrified by Octaboona Ambrosius because she can’t read his mind.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, random angry Russians.

HATES: Onions, wearing skirts or dresses, extreme heat, people who lack senses of humor, telemarketers.

LIKES: Punching people, blowing things up, pranking people, being lazy, stealing her friend’s shoes and laughing at their faces afterwards, going on adventures, animals (particularly llamas, large dogs, birds of prey, and cats), music

ADDRESS: Down Insanity Street (doesn’t live anywhere in particular. Can usually be found in Ireland, England, Russia, Greece, or Canada. The easiest way to get a hold of her is to call her cell phone.)

JOB: Professional prankster

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Her feet. Keeps a motor bike at one of her houses in Dublin, Ireland.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her locket, bag, and a clever smile.

DESCRIPTION: A small, pale, spunky girl. She is strong, not bulky like a body-builder, but rather lean. Her choppy, messy, black hair is always down. The bangs are uneven and go at least to the top of her eyes, while some cover half. She always has a mischievous glint in her eyes.

IN SIX WORDS: Fred and George Weasley times ten.

QUOTE: “Well…you see, I was just standing here, and then it exploded.”

*The 'friends' list is not complete because I knew I would forget someone. Basically, unless you randomly decided that your OC doesn't like Thalia or doesn't know her, then it's safe to assume that they're her friend.


Yes. Well okay. 

But I have a rule to make- 

Thalia shan't be killed unless there is a good reason, and you have a classy way of writing. 

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  1. This is a phenomenal OC! I am most pleased! See I'm planning to use Thalia in my latest fanfiction. (Yes I know its been 8 months. I suck.)
    And you have so much detail and awesomeness that it'll make my part awesome by simply having you in it.
    Also Thalia seems like great fun to write.