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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant (V. 2.0)

This is a re-post of my OC with a few new changes.

NAME:Pyro-Dawn Tyromant.
EYE COLOUR:Blue, turns red when insane or using intense amounts of energy.
HEIGHT:1metre 75centimetres.
WEIGHT:Due to fire creating gases that are lighter than air, which circulate in Pyro's bloodstream, weight can vary and be consciously changed.
PERSONALITY:An overall nervous character who fights valiantly and bravely but struggles to start up a conversation.
WEARS:A crumpled, white T-shirt, long blue jeans and a grey hoodie or brown leather jacket, sometimes has crossed scabbards on his back.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:Weak, British accent.
HISTORY:Parents died when he was eight, was tought magic by a powerful Mage known as Octaboona Ambrosius. As an Elemental, an obsession with fire arose within Pyro and he decided upon his chosen name whilst becoming a fire elemental; an elemental who can utterly control fire.
FAMILY:Parents died but Pyro considers Octaboona as his only family.
POWERS:Incredible control over fire; Pyro can turn his limbs into fire, his hair is constantly alight and he cannot be burnt. Also, if he is knocked unconcious, the flame on Pyro's head becomes a slightly taller, stronger being, like a reflection only made of fire.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:Two katana like swords that can burst into flame, if a long-ranged or explosive attack is required, twin fireballs that can be thrown with incredible accuracy.
OTHER SKILLS:Can sing, play violin, has an incredible mathematical brain and can beat most vidio games in under a day.
FRIENDS:Octaboona Ambrosius, Kallista Pendragon, Chanoro Flashfreeze and Red waterfall who are trusted allies at all times.
ENEMIES:The Banished.
HATES:Water, Darkness, Cold and Ice... and Cockroaches.
LIKES:Fire, Light, Warmth, Smoke and Hot Chocolate.
ADDRESS:Roams the Streets of the World, mostly in Britain. Has a few safehouses in the deserts of the world that store supplies for emergencies.
JOB:Unemployed but works unnoficially as a bounty hunter in order to avenge his parents' death.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:A meteor constructs itself around Pyro and can be launched a huge distance, it can be guided when in flight and can be further boosted by twin jets of flame to travel between countries. From the inside, the meteor looks like a large golden sphere.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:A locket that has within it a photo of him and his parents when they were still alive.
DESCRIPTION:Tall and thin with almost white skin, long spiky hair that is always burning, has piercing blue eyes that are almost completely obscured by hair most of the time.
IN FIVE SYLLABLES:A walking bonfire.