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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ursula Prase

Name:  Ursula Prase
Age:  324, looks mid-40s.
Gender:  female
Hair:  brown and frizzy, graying, especially in front
Eyes:  hazel
Height:  5'2"
Weight:  210lbs
Complexion:  fair, very freckled
Personality:  Socially inept and anti-social.  Prefers company of animals to humans.  Curmudgeonly, practical, straight-forward, sentimental, depressive, generally honest - often to the point of saying the wrong thing and regretting it.  
Wears:  Clothes, until they no longer function as such and are downgraded to rags, and she has to go to the thrift store for new...ish ones.  Usually jeans and t-shirts, sometimes dykey button-up shirts.  Enjoys dressing up for special occasions, but has no idea of current fashions so effect is odd flower-child/hippy look.
Nationality/Accent: American, generic American accent.
Backstory:  Um.  She doesn't remember.  Nothing spectacular, really.
Weapon:  She has no interest in fighting.   She carries a knife because it's useful for non-violent things, and has a 38 revolver locked up in case of emergencies involving horrible trailer accidents or things of that nature.
Family:  Two grown children who live nearby.  Parents and husband were not magic that they knew of, and died of old age some long long time back.  I don't know if she's in any relationships now.  Probably depends on relevance to story - she won't cheat but makes no claims to monogamy, either.
Skills:   first aid, being generally maternal, can make pretty decent vegetarian chili.
Power:  telepathic communication with animals (including humans, but they're irritating, and can communicate other ways, so she doesn't bother with them much - not to say she didn't at first, but the novelty wore off, plus it was gross), minor healing abilities
Discerning Features:  glasses, clumsiness, strange friends :-D
Likes:  dogs, cats, goats, horses, chickens, being alone, dancing, home-grown tomatoes, doodling, reading, sci-fi TV shows, chatting online, dry heat, coffee, knitting and sewing, building stuff, power tools etc etc etc
Dislikes:  violence, people who do horrible things to other people, abuse of any sort of any living creature, chick flicks, capers, meat, sharing living space, cleaning up other people's messes, being cold, keeping non-domestic animals in captivity
Friends: Kallista Pendragon, Everisse Eterna, Skyril Oblivion

Posted on the behalf of Ann Marie!


  1. I need to note a couple things, cause I'm sure people will make assumptions based on the male spousal unit: Ursula's queer. She's widowed and technically available, but please don't put her in a relationship with any OC without talking to me first, or in a relationship with any SP canon character with an apparent or real age less than 30 (eg Valkyrie, Fletcher, Caelan, probably Tanith).

    But you can kill her off all you like. :-D

  2. Ummm....*hides the gift of the DVD My Best Friends Wedding, from Ann as well as the gift of Spam behind her back*

    Soooooo Ann!

    *gives her puppy dog eyes*
    Can my oc be a friend of your OC?

  3. Which one? She'd definitely be a friend of Lucky Jack. I can't think of anything about Kallista that would make them not friends, either. If she ends up with too many friends, though, she's going to get oversocialized and stop talking to all of them.

  4. Yes. Definately Lucky. But KP too. :D
    You could put in a limit of friends that your oc will have. Then it could be put to everyone's attention. Then it could be whoever comes 1ft will be your friend, (if you like th eoc). Until the quota is filled up.

  5. Gee, Ev. I don't know.... I thought you didn't like me.

    ;-D Duh. Course you can.

  6. LOL, Ann! I like your character! Very interesting! :D

  7. Interesting indeed!

    Yay! I'm a friend! And Skyril should be one too!


  8. I would be your friend but my OC is grumpy and doesn't really have friends.

    I believe they'd get along though however :P

  9. LOL. I expect they would get along, except they're both too grumpy and antisocial to actually, you know, see each other. Ever.

  10. :D ptepare to be included in my Fanfic!

    *evil grin*