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Friday, June 10, 2011

Soot Featherwing

Soot is the OC Mar originally made for me before I knew what Skulduggery was and had read the books. But now, after I made Thalia, I decided to bring poor Soot back to life. After a quick talk with Mar about Soot's power, we decided on a shape shifter. So here is the new Soot Featherwing.

NAME: Soot Featherwing

AGE: Around 60, looks to be around 9 or 10.

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Dark, dark gray, almost black with pastel blue and pink streaks. To the bottom of her shoulder blades with bangs.

EYE COLOR: Pale silver.

HEIGHT: 4 foot, 6 inches.

WEIGHT: 85 pounds

PERSONALITY: Stubborn, brave, and determined. Fiercely loyal to her friends. Spazzy. Has the split personality of a young child – sweet on the outside, devious and crazy on the inside.

WEARS: Black ballet shoes, dark gray tights, black shorts, a light gray tank top with thin darker stripes, a black poncho with silver embroidery, and a black pinstriped fedora.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Canadian with a Canadian accent.

HISTORY: Soot’s father despised her because she reminded him of her mother, who had supposedly died long ago. She ran away from her home when she was 6. A few months later, she was found by Alida Vesta, March Pathway’s mother. Alida taught Soot how to shape shift over the course of four years, but during an attack by vampires, she disappeared.  Soot traveled alone for a while afterwards, and eventually bought a house in Ireland. She met Thalia, March, and Mirtil when they were running from vampires after one of Thalia bombs ‘accidently’ went off. She became good friends with them, but has a weird, friendly rivalry with March.

FAMILY: ‘Dead’ mother and evil, possibly dead father.

POWERS: Shape shifter. Favorite things to turn into are a tortoiseshell cat and a black nightingale.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Three small, obsidian knives and a handheld flamethrower.

OTHER SKILLS: Makes awesome cupcakes.

FRIENDS: Thalia Circe, Kallista Pendragon, Everisse Eterna, and Mirtil Lucifer. Has a friendly rivalry with March Pathway. 

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Springheeled Jack, Scapegrace, Justin Bieber, the bald squirrel in the corner.

HATES: Hot weather, people who annoy her, people in general.

LIKES: Autumn, rain, clouds, cemeteries, manga and anime, drawing, reading, music, dancing.

ADDRESS: A house somewhere in Dublin, Ireland.

JOB: Sometimes helps out at China’s library.



DESCRIPTION: Soot is a small, slender girl who loves the quiet and music. Her dark gray hair is thick and messy, and often gets in her eyes. Her shoes seem unpractical, but she actually had Ghastly put thin, unnoticeable soles on the bottom of them to give her more traction.

IN FIVE WORDS: The girl with the hat.


Mar here. This is Thalia's other bio, for Soot. That was her talking at the top (Thalia). 


  1. My oc is a friend too! YAY!
    It's TRUE!
    Check out th eoc's bio on Thalia' spage!
    MAr has to fix it on here or else I'll give her a big ole noogie!
    And I an't scared of her frypan at all!


    Well, maybe a little bit!

  2. Kallista's right, Mar ^^ Her OC is part of Soot's friends list. Could you please put her in?

  3. Can you add Ev too? I put her in on the one on my blog...

    (sorry for all this)

  4. Everybody hates that bald squirrel in the corner.

    And Bieber.

    But mostly the bald squirrel.