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Friday, June 10, 2011

Evangeline Litmus

Evangeline Litmus

Name: Evangeline Litmus

Age: 10, looks about 6

Gender: Female

Hair: Jet black and short, because she cuts it herself.

Eyes: Huge and dark brown.

Height: 4 feet

Personality: Sweet and quiet, but shy. Has difficulty opening up to others.

Wears: Anything that fits.

Nationality/Accent: American, with a Brooklyn accent.

Backstory: Her parents worked for the American Sanctuary. After her father, Normandy Forrest, was murdered, and her mother mysteriously disappeared, she moved with her older sister Blithe to Ireland, and moved into Elysium Asylum. She didn't take a name until she arrived, previously going by her given name of Melanie Flynn. She is like a younger sister to Everisse, since her real sister doesn't pay her much attention. She took in a stray Persian cat named Dahlia. 

Weapon: Wooden sword.

Family: Deceased father and missing mother, older sister Blithe Choir, surrogate sister Everisse.

Skills: Cooking, her green thumb

Power: Elemental

Discerning Features: Birthmark on neck, scar on finger from where Dahlia bit her, stuffed monkey named Mush, who she carries around everywhere. 

Likes: Sweet things, teddy bears, purple, fancy hats, cats, butterflies, popcorn, fairy tales

Dislikes: Sour things, most bugs, large dogs, scary movies


  1. cool! :)

    and interseting last name... litmus... you can get litmus paper, can't you? i think it tells you whether something is an acid or alkaline, and how much it is of whichever... am i right? :)

  2. You're right! I knew the word, but I didn't look up the meanin until I came up with this name. It just sounded nice.