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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chanoro Flashfreeze V3.1

Name: Chanoro Flashfreeze
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, (frosted with snow), blue eyes,(with white pupils), pale and thin.
Height: Tall
Weight: Light
Magic type: Elemental, Ice, (very powerful).
Nationality: British, (weak British accent)
Clothes: Jeans, shirt and leather jacket. (also long, black boots).
Weapons: Ice, twin katanas, storm shuriken, (...Shhhhh...ring of ice), Smith and Wesson 500 calibre Magnum.
Friends: Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Octaboona Ambrosius, Kallista Pendragon, Gideon Solace, Rebeckka Doldrum, Isabella Midnight, Lilith Nightshade, Quinnera Elviana, Dragona Pine, Krane Farlin, Flash Incarnadine, Gambit Aurora, Arrius Triskelion, etcetra etcetra...
Personality and features: Stubborn, strong-willed, cool-tempered and steely witted.
Likes: Friends, beating up enemies, my sword, evil smiles, ice, silver.
Dislikes: Enemies, losing, falling, time-wasters, avocado.
Enemies: Nyx-Dawn, Sauron Nightshade, people who annoy me.
Transport: A black Lotus Exige Sport 240. (or ice-blasting or sliding).

History: his parents dissapeared when he was ten, leaving him with his three-year old brother, who he brought up and named Alex Phenomenon, and his nine-year old sister, Caldaria Cloudburst. He searched for his missing parents and found no trace, three years of his life have misteriously been wiped from his brain, his only remaining family is his brother, Alex Phenomenon, (in stasis in one of Chanoro's deep-space research facilities), his cousin, Arrius Triskelion, his sister Caldaria Cloudburst and his half brother, Cain Sparkscourge. He took down a legion of undead soldiers when he was thirteen and got a thin, white scar running up the length of his spine, he was trained for five years by Ocularis Infinity, two of these years were wiped from his memory.

Recently, Chanoro has developed advanced split personality syndrome, which has resulted in the creation of a second sentient conciousness sharing his cortex, this second conciousness or Darkside has never fully taken control, but it could break losse at any moment.....

Roundup: Very powerful, edgy, witty lord of ice.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vivianna Spark

   Vivianna Spark

    She only wears this when she fights
  Her favorite pants
            Hair color: Dark red, looks almost black
           Hair texture: Very curly
           Eye color: Bright hazel, but when she uses her power they turn black.
          Face: Pale, demonically perfect, bright bloody lips
          Weight: Eh
          Height: 'Bout 5'7
          Clothes: See above. Likes to go barefoot.
          Magical ability: Adept, Elemental, and Necromancer. Half demon. Her eyes flash black and her nails grow into titanium rods, and her hair burst into flames, fangs, all that jazz.
          History: Created by an evil scientist. Half demon. Uses everyday of her life trying to stop being evil, but feels she will never stop. No family.
         Friends: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkeryie Cain, Ghastly Bespoke, China Sorrows, Dead Men, pretty much all of Skulduggery's friends.
         Enemies: Tanith Low, All of Skulduggery's Enemies
         Relationships: Used to be in a relationship with Erskine Ravel. Didn't end up well. Pretty awkward, now.
        Likes: Silence, coldness, running barefoot, adrenaline, laughter.
        Dislikes: Evil people, boring-ness.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wattpad help. Could really use you guys.


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Crystal Darkflair (OC)

NAME: Crystal Darkflair
GENDER: Female
HAIR STYLE: Curly. Tied up when fighting. Usually down.
HEIGHT:5foot 7
WEIGHT: Doesn’t know
PERSONALITY: Kind, Bubbly, Smart and cheerful
WEARS: Brown short leather jacket, White tshirt , Black jeans and balck boots
FAVORITE COLORS: Black, Violet, Grey
HISTORY: Crystals mother died when she was 6. Her father was cruel to her and was nearly always drunk. He beat her a lot. She left home when she was 14 and she found magic people in a temple in Dublin. Their she learned it was a necromancy temple. She got tired of the temple and she ran away and started work iin a café . When the owner of the café died when Crystal was 18 he left the café to her. She lives in the apartment above the café and put the shop for sale. It still hasn’t been sold. Crystal works as a sanctuary agent now.
FAMILY: She hasn’t talked to her Dad since she was 14 and her moms dead. She is an only child.
POWERS: Necromancy. She gets her powers from a black Crystal on a neckalce around her neck.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her Samurai sword
OTHER SKILLS: Chopping peoples heads off
FRIENDS: Flame Phoinix, Valkyrie V., Kallista, Legolas, Pyro, Lionkiller,Ayesha, Dragona, Dantea Dredkin, Kribu, Gep,  and a few more I just can't think of them.....
ENEMIES: None…….yet…………..
HATES: Being stuck inside too long
LIKES: Skittles, Fighting Zombies, Being with her friends
ADDRESS: Saint Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland
JOB: Sanctuary Agent
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Black Crystal Necklace
IN FIVE WORDS: Tallish, Dark haired, Bubbly, Girl