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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mercy Triskelion

Post 100! Woohoo! 


Name: Mercy Triskelion

Gender: Female

Age: 143, looks 25

Hair: Long, black and glossy, wavy.

Eyes: So dark, they look black.

Height: 5 foot 6 1/2

Personality: Volatile-ly violent. Unpredictable, shrewd, inventive. 

Wears: Black shirts and pants.

Nationality: Brazilian, with a... Brazilian accent? Portuguese accent? Don't they speak Portuguese in Brazil?

Backstory: Mercy was once a detective for the Brazilian Sanctuary, but was fired because of her volatile violence. She ended up killing 85% of her interrogation victims before she could get anything out of them. She moved to Ireland at the age of 101 after she was fired. 

Weapon: Her Triskelion Stars, throwing stars in the shape of triskelions, with a button in the middle you press to extend the extra blades.

Family: None

Skills: Archery, throwing her Stars, gymnastics, running, painting. She is also a contortionist.

Power: Elemental

Discerning features: She lost her left pinky in a fight at the age of 33. 

Likes: Throwing stars, granola, large animals, the colour black

Dislikes: Optimists, kittens, pink, spinach


  1. Portuguese, yes, but I'm sure it's a bit different than Portuguese in Portugal. I'd go with a Brazilian accent?