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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lucian Bramble

Uhh this is a new character that will be featuring in the next part of my story- once it is written :P- But yeah

NAME: Lucian Bramble

AGE: 1017 (looks 25-30)


HAIR COLOR: Crimson with black regrowth, this is naturally occuring. His hair is shoulder length and it slicked back behind his ears.

EYE COLOR: Crimson Irises normally, But when hungry they become very dark, but still hold a little colouring.

HEIGHT: 6 foot/ 198 cm

BUILD: Well muscled, Strong body shape

PERSONALITY: Serious most of the time, looks down on regular humans when his vampirism takes control, is friendly and humble but he becomes arrogant when he loses himself to the Vapirism. Honest. He doesnt like to harm humans without cause, or anything for that matter. He owns his own blood bank and so has a seemingly unlimited pool of blood, to make sure he doesnt go on a blood-fuelled rampage and destroy a whole civilization by losing control.

WEARS: Slim fitting black suit, black tie, white shirt, pointy black dress shoes, sometimes wears gloves with vampiric glyphs on the back of his hands.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: No particular accent, Romanian Decent, Said to be the original vampire

HISTORY: He cannot remember, after being turned he went to fight in many wars, the balkan wars, the world wars, vietnam, medieval, japanese daimyo conflics etc. etc. After that phase he became a mercenary and assassin. The Vampirism strain was taken from his body by scientists, in an attempt to make their own soldiers stronger, faster etc. This failed, and instead turned them into mindless beasts, spreading their defective vampirism unendingly.

FAMILY: All deceased

POWERS: He is a Vampire, but he is a special case:

-Vampiric Individuality
Lucian is an exception to the vampire race in that he holds incredible control over his vampirism, and he does not transform at night. He holds all abilities of a transformed vampire (Super-human strength, speed, etc.) Without having to lose control. Of course there is a limit, if someone runs at him and they are caked in sweet smelling blood, he can lose control and feed incessantly until his hunger is satisfied. He is able to walk in sunlight, and is immune to what would kill most vampires. He is essentially, the perfect killing machine.

-Immense strength and speed
   He has immense strength, durability, endurance, agility, stamina, and speed. Like Necros his speed is extreme. He can also keep Necros' speed up for long distances.

FAVORITE WEAPONS:  Usually uses his bare hands, they become clawed when he wishes (His nails basically elongate so that they can rip effectively, and become very sharp. Other than that he is incredibly deft with a spear, he holds some other power after his vampirification and can make his spear materialise when needed.

OTHER SKILLS: Excels in espionage, and front-line battle. Trained mercenary, assassin, and soldier, so he knows how to fight and effectively kill.

FRIENDS: Necros, Kallista Pendragon, Israel Elysium.

ENEMY'S: Anyone who attacks him, or he deems worthy of death while in vampiric state

HATES: People interrupting him when he feeds or reads, Vampires (Because they are a plague that resulted from his DNA)

LIKES: Feeding, Reading

JOB: Mercenary, assassin, thief, spy, Former Soldier

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Aston Martin DBS, black, and also on special occaisions, His Lamborghini Reventon.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His fangs (hehe), A gold chain that he carries around his neck, the piece of jewellery on it changes, sometimes, just for fun, he likes to put a cross on there, since it has no effect on him.

DESCRIPTION: He is made for bringing death. Everything about him has the adverse predatorial reason for being there. Even His appearance is meant to lull you into a false sense of security. He is not a nice character, nor is he a mean one, he is simply a strong character with no moral allegiance to either side. But if correctly influenced he can make an exceptional ally and friend.

His Cars:-

His Spear:-

His Secondary Apparel (Clothing set):- (He still keeps his hair, it doesn't change to this single spike thing :P)

His Eyes :- (Left is normal, Right is thirsty)

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