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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nicolette Croga

Name: Nicolette Croga

Age: 24 (looks 15)

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Dark brown with thin blue highlights

Eye Colour: Hazel but whilst doing biotics they tend to go plain black, plain meaning no white part of the eye is showing.

Appearance : Medium height, Thin and Pretty, She has tattoos of falling feathers on her back.

Clothes: Black jeans, with leather belt as well as deep blue top that leaves her stomach in view, its sleeveless but she wears blue arm warmers. This may not seem appropriate for combat but her biotic shield is all she need to keep her safe.

Personality: She is Funny, Kind, Forgiving and smart but get on the wrong side of her and she can be unforgiving.

Magical Skill: Biotic (can conjure up an energy blue in appearance that can throw, levitate, disarm and knock enemy's over. Can also be used to create shields and exhilarate healing.

Physical Skill: Daggers, She can hit opponents from far distances with incredible accuracy and Never misses her target.

Other Skills: She is a great gymnast and used to have a black belt in Jui-Jit-Zu. These skills have left her as a stealthy and fast individual who can stay silent when needed to. She can handle most guns but prefers Physical combat.

Weapon: Daggers, Biotics, or bare hands.

History: Nicolette learnt about the world of magic when she was only 10 years old, she was kidnapped be a necromancer, the English sanctuary managed to get her back safely but because of Nicolette's biotics her mind is well shielded, even without training, meaning they couldn't wipe her memory.

House: Lives in a small flat that is warm and cozy.

People in family: Nicolette's mother died giving birth and she never knew her real dad, she had adoptive parents but she didn't keep in contact after she was kidnapped and is still listed as missing in the mortal world.

Is she happy?: Occasionally

What frightens this character: She's terrified of being tortured
Whats good about this character: She's loyal to her friends

Whats not so good: If she gets angry of seriously upset she looses control over her powers.
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  1. Awesome character bio Nicolette! :)
    Like the detail of her still being listed as missing in the mortal world. I could see a side story of just that. Like if she was to come across one of her relitives or something like that. :)

    I did have a question. If she was to get upset and loose control over her powers, would there be anyway to keep her safe and others too, and get her powers back under control?

  2. Well objects would sort of orbit around her and if she was angry she would lash out with those so if she is angry / upset just steer clear until she calms down ;)

  3. Yes! I didn't think anyone other then me played that game!

  4. Can I use this for my fanfic?

    *puppy eyes*