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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cresent Lovelorne

 I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name: Cresent Lovelorne

Age: 13

Description: Long red-browny black shoulder length hair side fringe, dark eyes, tall for her age, slim, boyish figure.

Clothes: Black boots, black baggy jeans, plain black tee-shirt, that is a bit baggy. black string tied around her wrist.

Voice: Determined, but happy most of the time.

Where do they live: Is in the middle of trying to purchase a large apartment with lots of space so her and her friends can stay there.

What does she really want: For sorcerers to stop sending assasins after her, it iritates her

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: One older bro, doesn't see him much.

What frightens this charater: Small spaces( she has claustraphobia), and large spiders (she doesnt mind small ones or other kinds of bugs)

Whats good about this charater: helpful, brave, likes a bit of craic,

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, and sometimes thinks she can do things by herself but really needs help

What object does she usually carry? phone.

Power:  Necromancer(has necromancer tattoos, instead of an object, the tattoos are infused with death magic), Elemental, and can create a purple-blue energy force which she can control.

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