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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Torrance Valentine

I'm posting this for Cresent :) her blog be here: [link]

Name:  Torrance Valentine

Age: 13

Description: Sharp jagged messy short blonde hair, with a fringe.Light blue eyes, tanned skin kinda short, but slim.

Clothes: blue converse,  red jeans, yellow tee-shirt and green bangles.

Voice: Playful-ish

Where do they live: Is with Cresent apartment hunting at the mo, but sometimes stays at Rowans place.

What does she really want: For people to stop judging her on her size.

Is she happy? Yes, most of the time.

People in family: Younger sister

What frightens this charater: Feeling powerless, and people laughing at her, shes a very proud person.

Whats good about this charater: Brave willing, funny, mischievous

Whats not so good: Isn't very careful, might just charge in without a plan, doesnt really have mercy.

What object does she usually carry? phone

Power:  Has the power to pump eletriciy through her hands and control any machine powered by it, and is working on learning to control weather.

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