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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mar's OC

So, someone asked me to put Mar's Oc on here. Mar, if you see this: Hope it's alright for you!

Name: March (Mar) Pathway.
Age: 65, but looks 11
Gender: Female.
Height: four foot two.
Weight: seventy pounds.
Eye Color: sparkling blue.
Hair: A dark, crimson, red, to mid-back.
Personality: A bright personality, doesn't normally hold grudges. Very friendly.
Clothes: White long sleeved shirt, with black vest. White jeans, black hiking boots.
Nationality/accent: Irish, very slight irish accent.
History: Lived with her Father first few years of life, her mom disappeared when right after she was born. She then lived with her grandparents, who didn't know about magic. It was there she learned about her shapeshifting abilities. However because she was a beginner, she would turn at the oddest moments, but somehow kept magic a secret. When she was older she ran into Dusk, and he recognized her and tried to bite her. Inashi Kaen came and saved her that time, and told Mar that she in fact was also a vampire. Mar then met up with Mira, her childhood friend, and found out Mira was a adept too. A little ninja adept thing.
Magical Abilities: Chose the path of a adept. Can shape shift into any animal that she is very familiar with. Enjoy's turning into a little grey main coon cat the most.
Hand held weapons: A small, ruby dagger. Also loves using a fry pan. And everyday objects.
Friends: Mir, Soot, Shana, Ariana, Inyashi, Norah.
Enemies: Not really much...
Likes: Cookies. She also like cooking Mir her prized 'Muffins of Death', and then playing dodgeball with them.
Dislikes: Indoors, enclosed spaces. 


  1. *leaps in*

    *hugs aquila till she can't breath*


  2. ...You know i find it fitting that you posted it in March~

  3. GAH!

    Mar, am i not ur friend?!

  4. eh...i add a new friend every time someone puts me in their stories, bacause any other way there's really no reason to...

    she's seventy...oh my freakin flyin penguins. i...a...i'm not the best with weight and height...

  5. Hi again Mar-chu

    I'm and SO SO SO SO SO sorry about what i did before, but i hope you don't hold grudges like it said in your OC.

    that being said, would you like to be in my fan fic?

    I am STILL felling horrible and i need any opportunity to make it up to you.


    (I you insist, you may call me Rosey, but i don't really like it. But i am letting you torture me until you forvive me.)

    (Nyx! don't get any ideas...)

  6. er...what are you talking about? i forgave you AGES age...what? i didn't? now thats nonsense...i just said i very quietly...

    SURE~! (as long as i get to punch at least ONE thing)

  7. Punch my arm!

    thats the most sore right now

  8. No! i the fanfic!

    ...i wanna punch Dusk!

    ...even tho he'll probably try and kill me then.

    ...i still wanna do it.

  9. alright, you can punch dusk AND me? how 'bout that?

  10. *flips a coin*

    oh. thats interesting.


  11. *looks around frantically*

    Dr Nye?!

    iz that me?!


    ...lol, u cn punch me if u want!


  12. nooooooo! your not Dr. Nye!

    (it's in mortal coil)

    and Dr Nye is so terrible it only deserves to be called an it.

  13. http://thespotforbios.blogspot.com/2011/10/march-pathway-3rd-edition.html

    Behold the newer bio!

    (use this one please!)