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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elysium Asylum

Hello again.

Finally, with all of your help, I have decided to call Israel's Manor/Mansion 'Elysium Asylum'. And no, not asylum as in the place to care for people with mental or physical impairments.

More of mental and physical...enhancements...

If you don't already know (i'm sure a lot of you do) an Asylum is 'a place for offering safety, shelter'. And the word 'Elysium', which is also Israel's last name, means...well, it means a lot of things. When i first found it, it said that the definition was 'Eternal', but now that i look over it, there are references all over the place to the Elysian Fields, a sort of Greek afterlife. Other than that, it said 'A place of ideal happiness'. Which is cool.

Also, it refers to 'A place that exists only in imagination; a place said to exist in fictional writings.'

It was quite freaky when i found that little piece of writing. I mean, come on, 'A place said to exist in fictional writings'? Seriously? I couldn't have asked for a better choice of words.

So, 'A place so ideally awesome that it could only exist in your imagination, and is a shelter that provides safety'.

Hell freakin' yeah.

I remember Kallista asking for some pics, so i did a quick search, and this is what i guess it would look like.

I think the pictures were taken at different times (the flowers). I thought of an idea though, that the flowers would change colour or type depending on the weather, the overall emotions of those inside the manor (if someone has died, there could be poppies outside, or something...im not too good with flower arrangements :P) or just general things. All because of magic, of course.

I don't have any pics ideas for the inside, but i'm thinking a big entrance hall with a balcony and stairs, lots of rooms for guests and long-timers, and a common room with a nice big fireplace and couches. A sparring room, for training and so on. Then there could be a ping pong table somewhere, gaming consoles, studies, whatever- i'm asking you all to be as imaginative as you can in your writing.
The grounds would be huge, with a medium sized fence around the edges, protected by various enchantments. A pool, deck chairs, trees, lush grass (kept preserved by magic).
Located in Dublin, i think. That place seems to be central enough. Also, if anyone gets bored, we can go for a small walk and visit Derek ;P

There would also be a sort of 'grand room' where Israel slept, although his attitude towards it is that he feels that he must sleep there, but he doesn't want to. He doesn't like being all that formal with things, so the only reason he;s living in the room is because of his deceased parents lived there, and he feels he owes it too them not to leave the room dusty and unwanted. Therefore most of his possessions are sort of pushed into the corner, as he feels no need to spread everything around the room. To be honest, The room gives him the creeps. Especially the big centered desk with the large leather seat behind it that his father used to sit and give him lectures in. On it, he has a small mug with various items, like two green shotgun shells (in case all other ammo has been stolen or wasted, a sort of last stand thing), a few pens, his USB, a thirteen year old cigar that he is saving for a later achievement, and a simple old-style silver lighter. He has a HP laptop sitting there too, and an engraved box which is full of old family photos.
He does not sleep in the big king-sized bed in the room, instead he sleeps on a smaller single bed near the wall, with a holster strapped to the leg of it for his double barrel shotgun.

For the other rooms, they aren;t small ones, nor do they not have luxuries. I suggest that each of your characters can have their own room, but if you would rather in your story, you can have rooms with bunk beds in them, so as to have maybe four people sleeping in the same room. Other than that, you could always sleep on one of the couches in the common room :P

So, that was about all i wanted to say.

You are ALL free to use this manor. I am giving it out to everyone, to use as a permanent place to stay, or as a guest, a retreat, or any other reason. If you're seeking asylum, help, friends, or just a place to crash, this is the place to go.

I hope to see this place in many stories.

Cya all later!


    I KNEW you would find a really cool and dramatic place! XDDDDDD
    I love how you described it and the details you included.
    I like the idea of everyone having thier own rooms. Much more fitting for a place like this.

    Thanks for your hard work in getting this toghether Hellboy!

  2. Epic, can I please use Elysium Asylum in my new fanfic?

  3. This is really cool! I love the idea of the flowers changing colors :D
    Epic all around!

  4. I say the flower arrangement should be black roses..

  5. I say this is AWESOME!!!

    Although Octaboona seems to be a rather solitary character at present.

    We shall see.

  6. And there's the fact my fanfic takes place 500 years before all of your's :D

    But I still think it BRILLIANT and will definately use this somehow.

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  8. Hellboy. I request a corner room with balconeys facing the garden area. Can I do this?

  9. Sure! That would be perfect. I;m not quite sure which corner, but you DID dibs one first, so you could choose (I'd say choose the second-floor corner, in the front-right section of the house. Cos on the left is just a big forest of pines. I haven't thought about anything on the right, so you could be imaginative and design or simply mention a garden area.).

  10. YEAH! Thanks Hellboy! OK. To make it official.

    I, Kallista Pendragon claim the room on the second floor, right front corner of Elysium Asylum.
    That is all.

  11. Hi Drifting Dreamer. Welcome to the fan fic blogs. :P
    I hope you can come on and chat with us a bit when we are on. There is plenty of talent from the people of the blogs. I think you could get great advice from them. Octaboona, Dragona, Lizzy are just some of them. A couple others who are brilliant at writing are Hellboy and Alex. They will have awesome tips for you and sre very friendly. Derek himself has left great tips to writing. I'm just learning myself, so I don't know if I could be of any help.
    You should do what I did. Just jump into it and start writing. :D
    Many of us have created our own original character inspired by the SP books. We but them all on one blog called bio rama. I will have to fing the link so you can take a look.
    Anyways, we have given each other permission to use the OC's in each of our fanfics.
    Would you like to be part of this? It's a lot of fun. Let me know.
    It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you around the blogs!

  12. Well I claim the highest room in the house. Somewhere in the very top of a tower. Hard to get to and secluded with an air of mystery!

  13. LOL
    Well KAllista will think of a way to sneak up on Octa!

  14. Used Elysium Asylum in my fanfic Hellboy! Check it out!

    @Kallsta-am I not an awesome fanfic writer? Lol, just kidding :P


    (please note: Epica. A word created by our wonderful friend, Hellboy and used with permission)

    *whispers to Hellboy*
    You gave me permission long ago. :P

  16. Welcome, Drifting Dreamer.

    *whispers back to Kal* That i did...wait...why are we whispering?

    I checked and commented, Jaffa. Thanks for putting it there!

    Hm. I will give you the highest room, Octa. Only prob is that there's no towers...it;s not Hogwarts :D

    Altho...an atic would be cool...shrouded in mystery and unused or visited...there's a scene in "Edward Scissor Hands', at the end, where he's in the attic mansion and there's this large hole in the roof...maybe something like that, although a spell cast over the hole to stop water from leaking in, and the walls would be lined with bookshelves...there would be a huge desk pushed up against the wall, covered in quills/inkpots or pens....y'know, which ever type of stationary. And old couches that were long ago replaced in the manor would be stored up there. They could be arranged around the hole in the roof, because (seeing as how it is a slanted roof and the hole faces outwards) you would be able to see a great view of the surrounding land (great inspiration for your character, so many poems to be written!) It wouldn't have to be dusty, either. It could be dark and uninviting, or brightly lit yet still secluded. And everyone in the manor think's that it's haunted by the ghost of Kenspeckle's brother...yet really it's just his brother living up there.

    Now that i think about it...that kinda sounds like a really crappy idea lol...Yeah, i;ll just give you the room across from mine, the highest in the house. I don't know.

    Chou, i got homework to do.

  17. Hi Drifting Dreamer,
    Welcome to the blogs! If you ever need me, just comment on my blog, the link is jaffasreviews.blogspot.com
    There are HEAPS of amazing writers on here that I'm sure would love to help, all the people Kallista mentioned are EPICA (Hellboy, I believe you gave me permission to use that)

    Lots of love from
    Jaffa xx

    EVERYONE! I have dibs on the room across from Kallista's in Elysium Asylum because that's the way I wrote it in my story :P

  18. Same with me Drifting Dreamer! ;) Glad to meet you!

    Hellboy! T'is so awesome! And thankyou for letting us use it too!

  19. *Spontaneously combusts as she now knows how to continue the story she's been trying to write for ages now*
    Anyone can use this, right? :D

  20. Oh my God! This is perfect! I've been looking for a place for my OC to live, and now I have one!

    I'm rooming with Skyril and Arma-Rose!