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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nyx Dawn's O.C

Name: Nyx Dawn

Age:about 16, getting to 17

Gender: Female

Hair: Black hair with golden tips and a fringe that always gets in her eyes

Eyes: Changes colour depending on her mood.

Height: 5 foot 9


Personality: Has a dark and sarcastic side to her, but can sorta be bright and energetic.

Wears: Black pants, a red singlet, a pair of high black boots and a black leather jacket. She wears either sunglasses or a mask to cover her eyes. She also has a miniscule gold lightning bolt on the back of her neck. Sometimes, she'll wear a pendant with a snake on the end, given to her by a fellow asassin...

Nationality and Accent: She’s from Rome, Italy and has a light Italian accent. (But not the Mario one!) She also speaks fluent English and Italian.

History: It dates back a long, long time ago in a dark forest…but I’ll spare you the story.

Family: All of Nyx’s family are believed dead, or else they have disappeared into thin air.

Powers: She can use a gold thread move and attack things, but she took up Necromancy to learn to do more with it. She is also talented in the area of martial arts.

Weapons: A samurai sword, a jewelled dagger that she also holds her Necromancy in and, in case of emergency, a collection of shuriken.

Magic Classification: Adept and Necromancer

Other Skills: She has amazing balance. She makes great coffee too…

Occupation: NINJA! She works for Dusk, carrying out assassinations for him

Hobbies: She meditates regularly, likes singing and taking photos and enjoys practicing with her shuriken.

Friends: Rosella, Jaffa, Kallista, Hellboy, Aquilia, Octaboona, Nicolette, Dragona and Lizzy. (Sorry if I missed anyone! I didn’t even know I knew that many people!) But she can be very hostile if she needs to be.

Enemies: Basically, every one who’s not her friend.

Hates: Gosh, where to begin? …Anchovies, annoying people, amnesia…and that’s only the A’s!

Likes: Sushi, emos, chocolate, mythical things, her music, books, probably more things. She just hasn’t found them yet…

Address: She moves around a lot, but her home town is in Italy

Mode of transportation: She normally walks (or runs), but she does have a red motorcycle.

Never seen without: Her dagger. It’s kept in an inside pocket in her jacket.

Description: Kind of like a dash of black and red in the distance, but when she comes close, she’s like a kaleidoscope of colours.

In five words: Dangerous, sharp, beautiful, colourful, on-edge.

Phrase: Come closer, I dare you!


  1. LOL SHe sounds AWESOME!!!! I want to use her in my story if I can Nyx. Pretty please? It might be awhile, but she will fit in perfectly.

  2. CAN I USE HER TOO?!?!??! FOR MY STORY?!?!?!

    it seemed perfect once i saw the word 'ninja'!!!!

  3. Yay! I'd LOVE 2 b in both ur stories!


  4. Hey Nyxie!!!!! hows it goin?

    Pretty cool OC!

    I thought she was the dreamer magic thing...?

    what happened?


    .......... >:D oh, good O.C, too........

  6. dang. i forgot i asked somebody again...

    but i'm still gonna use her.

  7. oh my. i saw 'works for Dusk', and saw a problem. here we go...