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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lunar Tears' Clothing

Requested by Kallista, here are some pictures of what my OC would wear.

FIRST! What she would wear on a day when she's chasing/fighting...

SECOND! What she'll wear if there's a possibility of something happening...

(Always unfastened)

THIRD! Prepare to see lots and lots of dresses! Because... I love dresses!


(Sorry for the really weird models in some of these) And...

And... This one would only be worn at ball's or such...


*sighs in content at all the dresses*

LASTLY! What Lunar would like to die in. A morbid thought? Perhaps. But if Lunar ever dies, it MUST be in this! (Only the dress must be in white, not the colour in the photo.)

And this to be lying over her heart:
Kallista asked for 'some' pictures... But I like to be thorough. ;)


  1. YAY!!!
    *claps hands*
    PERFECT Lunar! Thanks! XDDDDD
    This really helps! I wish some more people would do the same with thier oc's.
    Love the clothes. Am going to do a post soon on Kallista's fashions too.

  2. BEAUTIFUL LUNAR!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love v dresses (and that's coming from ME!)

    maybe morbi, but it's still a beautiful/haunting image!

    wait, does this mean i have 2 kill u in my fanfic!??!?!?!??!?!?!?


  3. LOL, no you don't have to kill me. It's just I don't mind much by what writers do with my OC, for creativity! "White is the true colour of death" and all.