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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jaffa's Clothes

I am bored. So here is what I imagine Jaffa Morbid to look like/wear.

WORK CLOTHES (Well, combat clothes)

I wasn't sure how to add captions, so I'll do it here :P
This is the list of what the stuff is from top to bottom.

Black Skinny Jeans
Union Jack T-shirt
Combat Boots (For any official bussinuss)
Converse Sneakers (Just to wear when not majorly busy)
Black Leather Overcoat (Great for stashing weapons)


So, my weapons from top to bottom are:

Bow and Arrow
Swiss Army Knife
9mm Gun (Usually has 2 of them stashed under her coat)


Same as this except Jaffa's hair is a darker brown and her fringe is blue.


This lot of clothing is just for when Jaffa is hanging around at Israel Asylum and just going into town with friends and stuff, she also wears her fingerless gloves with her other outfit.
From top to bottom:
Multi-Coloured Socks (just for fun :P )
Trilby Hat (Because I have a hat like this and I'm attatched to it :D )
Fingerless Gloves (Another thing I own and that I am totally attatched to)
Three quater lengths (Because they're mega comfy)


Yellow Porsche Cayman

Even though Jaffa's too young to supposed to be able to drive, she has friends in high places so she officially has a liscence :P She inherited some money from her parents and bought a Porsche. I saw a yellow Porsche on Top Gear and loved it so I looked for a Porsche and found this one :D (Yes, I wanted a yellow one :P

Well, that's about it unless I think of more stuff, I also apologise for my lack of computer savvy so there are no proper captions. Hope to talk to you all soon!!!!

Jaffa xx

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