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Friday, August 19, 2011

William Cavalier

Name: William Cavalier [cav-uh-leer]

Age: 304 [looks about 30]

Hair: Blond, relatively short, and curly

Eye color: Green

Height: 6 ft [about 1.8 meters]

Personality: Keeps to himself, doesn't talk much, very proud, only rarely has a smile

Nationality and accent: English

Wears: black pants, black button up shirt, black trench coat, black fedora

History: Worked for the sanctuary doing odd jobs- tying up ends in all sorts of areas from paperwork, to assassinations. He fell in love with a girl named Serenity. He was going to marry her, but on their wedding day, she was attacked by a vampire, her blood was drunk, and she died a day later during her two days of servitude. William has been searching for the vampire ever since, and has sort of become a mercenary. Although he prefers to be on the good side, what matters most is if if their hunting vampires or not.

Family: None

Power: Elemental

Weapon: Usually just two handguns, but will use any gun with proficiency

Other skills: An excellent shot with any and every type of gun

Friends: Anyone who hates vampires

Enemies: Vampires

Hates: Vampires, hot weather,

Dislikes: Springheeled Jack, being ordered around by a girl

Loves: Cool weather

Is neutral about: Necromancers

Address: He's more of a wanderer and lives in hotels or wherever an available spot to lay down is

Mode of transportation: His black motorcycle

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  1. FANTASTIC OC Skyril!

    LOVE IT!!!

    My OC wants to help him find this vamp!

    Hopes he make an excetopn to Bridgit, Lilith, and one other SP OC. Can't remember.