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Monday, August 1, 2011

Jas and Ren

Name: Jasmine Anastasia Deltora
Age: Around 13
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Hair Colour: Firey Red
Companion- A small red pocket sized dragon called Red
Personality: Has a firey personality to go with her firey hair. Strong, Brave but Stubborn and Mischiveous at times. She's inquizitive and is always up for adventures. Likes to run, fight people, breathe fire, juggle daggers and generally amuse people with her dangerous nature.
Story: Jas was brought up by people who found her in a cave in the highest mountain in the Minocho Reigion. This is why her birthdate is unknown but they celebrate it on 31st October the day she was found.

Name: Ren Tai Xiang
Age: 14
DOB: 5th November
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Companion: Silver a grey wolf
Personality: Cool, Calm and Quiet most of the time though he can get angry very easily. He is good at sword fighting and likes to practice every morning. Somewhat skittish and gives up easily.
Story: His father was a Japanese soldier who went missing in action the day he turned 11 so Ren has been living alone with his mother for 3 years.

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