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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everisse Eterna, edited

Edited OC repost! Hopefully final version.

(Anything previously written about her is discredited)

NAME: Everisse Eterna
AGE: 20, looks about 15
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Originally dark brown, dyed bright red
HEIGHT: 5 foot 5
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
PERSONALITY: Eccentric. Says very random things, many worry she's insane. Aggressive and sometimes violent, swings from bubbly to angry in a matter of seconds. Can be a show-off, but quiet and mistrustful of people she doesn't know. Zones out a lot. Intelligent, but lacking common sense. Clumsy. Always seeking out adventure, and will jump on any chance for one.
WEARS: Jeans and t-shirts, mostly. Sneakers for shoes. Bright-colored socks.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Mixed black and white. Connecticut-born, with a slight New England accent.
HISTORY: Discovered her powers at the age of seven. Her family kept her from leaving the house out of worry, so she ran away. She lived on the street for seven months before a man who called himself Grand Mage found her, and brought her to Elysium Asylum. She has lived there since.
FAMILY: Parents she hasn't seen in thirteen years. Evangeline Litmus, a sort of surrogate younger sister.
POWERS: Electrical Manipulation. She can shoot lightning, but she's terrible at aiming. It also uses up a lot of energy, which she has to sap from electrical sockets and the like. She can magnetize certain metals, and control electrical appliances when she's focused. If she runs out of electricity, she can't use her magic, and can only hold a certain amount at a time.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: A small knife she likes to keep on her person. A sword, which she's slightly terrible at using since she doesn't actually know how to use a sword, so she doesn't carry it with her. Pepper spray.
OTHER SKILLS: Drawing, some singing. She speaks Spanish fairly well.
FRIENDS: Ursula Prase, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion, March Pathway, Thalia Circe, many others.
ENEMY'S: Anyone who threatens her or her friends, that one guy with the face, ignorant people
HATES: Heights, being sick, running
LIKES: Glitter, wolves, insects, purple, fruit, anime, playing the guitar badly, doodling
ADDRESS: Elysium Asylum
JOB: None
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Bright green scooter
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her lucky necklace, shaped like a dragon
DESCRIPTION: Not exactly fat, not exactly skinny. Hair is corn-braided, she has a lot of minor-injury scars because she's careless.
IN FIVE WORDS: Crazy girl with lightning powers.

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  1. I meant to add that she either emits sparks or siphons energy in excess when she'a really angry or scared or upset, and you don't need permission to use.