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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Niall Montblanc

NAME: Niall Montblanc

AGE: 16



EYE COLOR: ... Let's just say hazel.

HEIGHT: 5-11 ish

WEIGHT: 65-odd kilos

PERSONALITY: He likes to know things, has a good sense of humour, and he enjoys sarcasm and geek humour. He's pretty relaxed, and doesn't let much get on his nerves. He dislikes physical conflict, but he can hold his own in an argument. If somebody's giving him trouble, he'd rather beat them up with facts and comebacks than start a fight. He'll run away if he has to.
He's fiercely loyal to his friends. He loves to read, and he aspires to be an author, as well as running the Spine.

WEARS: He wears glasses, even though they can be inconvenient. Although he dislikes the term "Geek Chic", it's probably the best way to describe his style. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. The shirt is often black, and usually has something like "There's no place like" on it. He often wears a long brown trenchcoat with lots of pockets on the inside lining, so that he can carry stuff.
Is quite partial to this ([link]) hat.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Norn Iron. Not a strong accent, thank frog.

HISTORY: Nerdy guy learns about magic and moves to Dublin.

FAMILY: See Friends.

POWERS: The ability to retain any information he reads.


OTHER SKILLS: Pedanticism, friendliness, good manners.

FRIENDS: Pretty much everyone. (Especially Venice Rain.)

ENEMIES: None he's aware of, particularly.

HATES: Bullies, people who damage books.

LIKES: Books.

ADDRESS: The Broken Spine Bookstore, Dublin, Ireland

JOB: Bookstore owner.



IN FIVE WORDS: That guy with the books.

Posted with permission, obviously.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone posted without permission? or is this just being polite?

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  1. Awww, so cute! *huggies Niall*
    Well done Niall!

    @Ven I put that permissionthing down just to cover my but in case soem one questions me. :P