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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bryony Rose

NAME: Bryony Rose

AGE: 203

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Auburn-red

HAIR STYLE: Long, over the shoulders. You can tell when she’s working, because it’s tied up in a lose ponytail or bun.

EYE COLOUR: Usually green, but changes colour depending on mood

HEIGHT: 5.7”


BODY TYPE: Athletic, slightly muscular


PERSONALITY: Feisty and sarcastic, Bryony seems nice enough but is hard to be in the same room as for more than ten minutes at a time before everyone wants to strangle her. Slightly random, but has very extreme mood swings, going from bubbly and bouncing off the walls to punching a hole in said wall and screaming her head off.

WEARS: A fitted white shirt and grey pinstripe waistcoat, black skinny jeans, a fitted black trench coat and combat boots. Often worn with a brightly coloured scarf, fingerless gloves, and some form of hat (usually a top hat or trilby).


NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Born in England, and speaks with Received Pronunciation. She accentuates this now she’s moved to Ireland, just because it sounds cool.

HISTORY: Her parents were both killed pre-war when Bryony was 7, murdered by followers of the Faceless Ones for speaking openly against the religion. She was brought up in Elysium Asylum and began learning basic elemental magic (to protect herself against her parents’ murderers), but she later discovered she had a natural talent for telekinesis (through an accident including a rubber band, a lake and a rather unfortunate cow), and taught herself. She was pretty happy until a few years before The War, when she disappeared, presumed dead. She was reportedly spotted a few times during the fighting, but none of the sightings were very reliable, as war does funny things to people’s brains. A few years after the fighting had finished, she turned up in the Sanctuary, dragging one of the mages on the Sanctuary’s Most Wanted list by the ear. She has worked for the Sanctuary ever since, but won’t talk about where she was when she disappeared.

FAMILY: Deceased

POWERS: Adept - Telekinesis

FAVORITE WEAPONS: A dagger kept in her boot, her gun

OTHER SKILLS: Lock picking, colour changing eyes depending on mood (red for angry, blue for calm etc.)

FRIENDS: Gets on well with everyone (as long as she’s not in one of her irritating moods), but not particularly close to anyone, as they may ask unwanted questions about her past.

HATES: Puppets (they’re freaky and move when you’re not looking), authority figures (they demand respect they may well have earned, she just doesn’t want to give it to them), cows (they stand in the field and stare, plotting to take over the world)

LIKES: Sweets, reading, sweets, finishing a job successfully, sweets, hats, sweets

HATES: Puppets. They scare the living bajeebus out of her.

ADDRESS: Nowhere in particular, moves around a lot. Sometimes stays with other magic users, sometimes sleeps in abandoned houses, and sometimes doesn’t sleep at all. In between jobs she stays at Elysium Asylum, but never for long.

JOB: Bounty hunter for the Irish Sanctuary


NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some kind of sweet

MISC: Enjoys referring to people by their last names, especially when it irritates them. Always carries some form of sweets in her hat. Has a set of initials tattooed on her wrist in swirling script, which she doesn’t let anyone see what they are.

IN FIVE WORDS: Sarcastic, unpredictable, mysterious, bubbly, witty

[Bryony's OC posted with her permission]

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