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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Israel Elysium

Drawing By Louis Bullock, aspiring Graphic Designer

NAME:Israel Elysium
AGE:163, looks 25
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
EYE COLOR: A startling green, with flecks of gold.
HEIGHT: 6 ft
WEIGHT: Not fat nor stockily built, but not overly thin either. I don't know, 75kg?
PERSONALITY: Leader. Is protective over his friends. Enjoys a bit of verbal sparring. Likes one-liners. A practical person; always has a roll of gaff tape on him. High self esteem, never misses a chance to refer to himself as being awesome.
WEARS: Black or blue jeans and heavy combat boots. A large, brown jacket/trenchcoat that goes below the knees, and a leg holster strapped to, well, his leg. Is known to wear a small brown hat sometimes, with the brim not extending too far over his head.
HISTORY: Born in Australia around 1850. Had a run in with some unfriendly mages and was rescued by Skulduggery Pleasant around the young age of 14. Once he had found out about magic, spent most of his time in China's library, learning, and then returning to his parent's home. Once he was older, did some detective work with Skulduggery but got bored of it. Took part in many wars, and was well known as the 'Captain with a plan'. He acquired his trademark war veteran jacket in a mortal war.  Mastered his powers and grew up to become a well-liked and well-known sorcerer.
FAMILY: Family threw him out once learning that he was some sort of magician outsider, around the age of 17. He liked it that way though, because it gave him a chance to explore the world more. Years later, they died, and despite hating him for what he was, he happened to be their only child. In their will they gave him their mansion, which he re-named to Elysium Asylum. (Click here for more info on E.A)
POWERS: Can see up to five minutes into his own future. But instead of seeing just one path, he sees them all, and can choose the best one. He is able to see the future of others if he is near them or touching them, then tell them the best path to take. The best part about this power is that it is almost instentaneous. It only takes him a moment to read thousands of posibilities. Also, he has rigged his gun so that every bullet is acompanied by a wave of blue energy, capable of either knocking out multiple enemies or breaking through walls/doors. There is a slight delay between the gun firing and the wave emitting from the barrels, allowing him to fire at a first enemy and quickly target a second so that the buckshot (shotgun round) hits the first person and the blue wave collides with the second.
However he tends to forgot, frequently, the fact that he can see into the future, and neglects his power so. Often he'll rush into a situation and wish that he'd paused for a moment to check what he's going to be up against.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: His double-barrel sawn-off shotgun, loaded with normal shotgun rounds. The gun itself, as noted, shoots off energy with every shot. If he presses a part of the engravings down until it clicks, the blue energy wave will not fire. All he has to do is press the engravings on the other side of the gun to let the wave fire again.
OTHER SKILLS: Leadership is a strong point. Agility, endurance.
FRIENDS: Kallista Pendragon, Aquila Felis, Nicolette Croga, Jodi Harte, Skylara Wolfbane, Bridget Whiplash, Skyril Oblivion, Mary Hiashi, Leo Sparks, Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, China Sorrows, Fletcher Renn, Finbar Wrong, Kenspeckle Grouse, Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke.
ENEMY'S: Not any outstanding ones. He just doesn't like wrong-doers.
UNSURE ABOUT: Vampires. He doesn't trust them.
HATES: People who couldn't give a damn about others. Evil things. Coffee.
LIKES: His friends. Fighting, his van and also his double-barrel sawn-off shotgun. The occasional alcoholic beverage.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His trademark shotgun, or at least his brown jacket.
DESCRIPTION: Looks to be 25, small beard and lots of stubble. short brown hair (Not curly, but not perfectly straight). Strong arms and legs. The picture above is accurate enough, except I would imagine his jacket to be knee-length.
FAVORITE QUOTE ('s) : "Hell freakin' yeah!"  "To hell with this..."
IN FIVE WORDS: Courageous leader, caring, damn awesome.


  1. woo *happy dancing* i'm a friend ^-^ i love that, you are 'Damn awesome' - too right xD

  2. lol can i use ur character for my fanfic????

  3. I'm not your friend???? I kinda didn't know that the power was instantaneous so in my fan fic you kinda go into a trance to see the future. . . do you read my fan fic?

  4. yeah read it! Sorry, ill fix it so your my friend.

    Yep, there you go!

  5. Can i use Israel for my fanfic? it would be wonderful if he could save my character from sudden death, which my character seems to be coming really close to a lot now.

  6. lol Sorry Mar-chu for not commenting earlier. I don't check this post as much as i regularly do. If you really want to contact me, you should post a comment in the latest post at my blog (http://susurrusofstories.blogspot.com/).

    Although yes, you can use him in your story. I would be honored.

  7. *blinks*

    Oh yeah....i kinda forgot i asked....


    I'm still using him.

  8. *scratches head in confusion and astonishment*

    Crap. I came here to look over details for my fanfic and saw I never commented on your OC. :O
    I didn't even ask for permission to use your OC!

    Um...you arn't going to sue me are you?
    *laughs nervously*
    Friend! Buddy! Pal!

    OK. LOL
    I came because of the art Skyril's brother did. He does look like your OC.
    So now I'm wondering, along with the brown coat, does Israel wear a shirt and tie? Or just a t-shirt?

  9. Just a t-shirt, I think. I don't really see him as a tie kind of person. He's not really one for formality.

    LOL I'm not going to sue! :] Plus, I can't even remember if I asked for YOUR O.C let alone half the people in my story!

  10. Hi Hellboy! We have yet to meet, but you read my fanfic and I yours (though I may not comment, sorry 'bout that)

    So... Are the SP characters friends or enemies? Confused... :)