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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mary Hiashi

You don't really have to ask me to use my character. Just tell me if you are. I'm not going to be on the internet so much and so I won't be able to o.k. you very quickly. Capiche?

NAME: Mary Hiashi
AGE: 426 but looks to be about 25
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Onyx black
EYE COLOR: Crimson
WEIGHT: 140-ish maybe. I don't know.
PERSONALITY: Witty, charming, but is not kindly to others if she doesn't want to be.
WEARS: Black ninja style outfit.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English. Has a very light english accent.
HISTORY: No one really knows anything about her except her name.
FAMILY: She condsiders her three mastiffs (Haku [female], Ellie [female], and Doon [male]) to be her only family.
POWERS: She can hide where she is. So she can 'erase any noise, sound, or scent that comes from her'. When she 'erases herself', it's like she is nonexistent. Also, after much meditation and training, she uses thoughtforms as 'pets'.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Shaolin Broadsword and Kunai knives for throwing. (Why Kunai? Why not?)
OTHER SKILLS: Fluent in more than a hundred different languages.
FRIENDS: Doesn't have very many. Is an old acquaitence of Skulduggery's
ENEMY'S: No one ever lives long enough to hate her.
HATES: Children (But she has an odd maternal side, wierdly enough), crowded areas, and the colour pink.
LIKES: Candy, smoothies, killing, reading, and mastiffs.
ADDRESS: She has a castle in the middle of nowhere (In Ireland). That cannot be found by anyone unless she lets them.
JOB: Assassin
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: She doesn't really ever use anything but if it's far away, she has a motorcycle. (She created it herself and it makes absolutely no sound. Sleek and black.)
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A book, always has one on her person. As well as a pendant that looks like a star.
DESCRIPTION: Very pale, slight muscles (not over muscley), rightly curved. Kind of looks like a doll. Hair is long and straight.
IN FIVE WORDS: Sneaky, Beautiful, Witty, Charming, Killer
LITTLE PHRASE THING: Say goodnight Gracie.