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Hey everyone! Welcome to Bio-rama! This is the blog where you post the Bio's of your OC's (original characters) so everyone can look and maybe use the OC in a fanfic or story. To post a Bio, send an email to thespotforbios@gmail.com or ask one of Bio-Rama's members to post for you. Don't worry, they won't bite ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


hey yall, i was thinking we should have a sort of badge thingy that you can put on your blog so people know that you have a bio posted on this site. tell me what yall think


  1. You have a great idea there, Lizzy! I think it will be helpful to those who are writing fan-fics as well as to those who want to write fan-fic.

  2. ok, ill start designing one :)

  3. good i also agree it would be useful ;)

    also it will make us feel special :)

  4. i likee. why not a badge with teal and croobie font?what say you?