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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jodi Harte

NAME: Jodi Harte

OCCUPATION: Con artist (this is a really important point, okay?)

AGE: 91, but looks about 18/19

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR: Black, styled in a layered bob with fringe.- ALWAYS wears either rainbow clips or small bows!!!

EYE COLOUR: Blue. Like the ocean.

HEIGHT:5ft4??? sounds normal, i guess.


PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, rolls her eyes often and will be mean to stupid people

WEARS: While con-ing... white skinny trousers and colourful blouse with white 3 inch heels. Fighting: Lace up brown leather boots, denim jeans and teal blue woolly short sleeved jumper with one button at the top with a grey long sleeved t-shirt underneath. Casual: anything with a scarf or stylish hat or converses xD

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: British, Londoner accent.

HISTORY: Father taught her how to con people, while her mother coached her through magic. Mother was a elemental, and father was a adept.

FAMILY: Both parents died in a car accident... (I'll edit this later, if i tell you what happened next it will blow off my current story line on my blog)

POWERS: Elemental.


OTHER SKILLS: Fighting ability: incredible! Loves baking and reads lots of Shakespeare plays

FRIENDS: Not many, really. again, i'll edit this when i get to the climax of my story, but of course, you can change who my OC likes and dislikes ect.

ENEMY'S: Skyril- in my story: YOU DON'T HAVE TO STICK WITH IT!! :)

HATES: Stupid people, Summer time, injections, and the colour yellow

LIKES: Baking, reading, when it rains, Winter months, her iPod, rainbow clips and talking to Caelan in the Midnight Hotel

ADDRESS: A apartment in London

JOB: Con Artist.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: A Gumpert Apollo: http://www.germancarblog.com/2010/02/gumpert-apollo-next-generation-to-be.html

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Rainbow hair clips xD

DESCRIPTION: Fights on the Good side, but isn't great friends with the Good guys :P

IN FIVE WORDS: Awesome fighter and kicks ass!!! xD

Ok, if you want to use my OC, you don't have to ask, i'll always say yes. But please comment to tell me that you're using Jodi, and where i can find your blog to read it :) xD :D
Thanks, Lenka xxx


  1. Jodi sounds delightful and fun! Would she be friends with someone like my oc Kallista Pendragon? :)

  2. youre on my fan fiction on of the many many many people