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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arcus Flare (another character!!)

NAME: Arcus Flare

AGE: Unknown (looks 25-30)


HAIR COLOR: White (Pure white)

EYE COLOR: Black scleras (the white part of the eye), Yellow/Gold Iris' (the colour surrounding the pupil), Black pupil


PERSONALITY: Very quiet, only speaks when it is key (usually just nods or another simple body gesture. Does not harm anyone if its not necissary or he is not angered sufficiently. He doesnt like to kill unnecissarily also. Extremely loyal, and would go through anything to help friends. Likes to help people, especially protecting friends etc.

WEARS: http://wen-m.deviantart.com/art/Michael-9378287?q=gallery%3AWen-M%2F11369308&qo=18
He wears what that guy wears, But his hair reaches his waist, oh and the gauntlets are the ones i put below.He has the wings and the sword.

NATIONALITY & ACCENT: Unknown Nationality, No particular accent

HISTORY: He was In the same dimension with Necros and helped him out, they trained together, faught hordes of angels/demons/monsters together. So basically same history, except he didnt go from our world to there, he came from there to our world after all of the fighting. He was an angel, but seeing the wrong that both sides had wrought he decided to help Necros.

FAMILY: He sees Necros as Family (His brother).

He has immense strength, durability, endurance, agility, stamina, and speed, due to his abilities when he auguments his powers these are even further boosted. His speed is so great that he seems to flicker and teleport short distances, e.g. he can "appear" behind an opponent from standing 25-50 metres in front of them just about instantly. And he can also jump really high
He can manipulate a certain energy that only he posseses. He can manipulate this energy into almost any form e.g. swords, blasts, augumentation of arms legs and weapons etc. This energy is extensively powerful, for example when he turns it into a pair of energy swords they can cut through just about anything, and cannot be broken. The blast can obliterate...again almost anything (should he choose it to be the type of blast that obliterates)...haha...he can also manipulate it into the form of a barrier or shield, that can withstand almost anything (again). He can augment it through his gauntlets or his legs to make his strikes SOOO much more powerful!

FAVOURITE WEAPONS: His spear (see below), his sword (see in the picture of what he wears) but mostly he fights with his hands and legs, his gauntlet's shapened fingertips enable his to cut and rend with them, basically making them as effective as sword or dagger.

OTHER SKILLS: Exceptionally skilled with swords, spears, guns, and melee combat. He also knows an array of martial arts, making him an extremely agile and difficult melee opponent. Can sense energies of almost every magical entitiy in the area, can discern whether someone is lying or not rather easily. Extremely perceptive and can pick up on opponents weaknesses during fights.


ADDRESS: Wherever you should wish

JOB: Freelance Mercenary, Freelance Bodyguard etc. etc.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: He mostly flies places (with his wings)

DESCRIPTION: He is an extremely strong character. He usually carries his spear or sword around without it being strapped to his back, but he does tie it there when needed, it is about the length from the ground to another couple of feet higher than his head (so its relatively long). Usually rather impassive, but when angered he is gets pretty uncontrollable. He is still learning how to use his powers without going overboard, or without them being to weak, so they can be unstable at times.

HIS SPEAR: (The one in the middle, Slightly yellow one)

HIS GAUNTLETS: (The second last one/The red one/The one second from the right)

HIS POWER: (Basically like that, except he can manipulate/form it into almost anything, nothing ridiculous though)


This character is to be used in conjunction with Necros, please let me know before you use him, thanks!


  1. Yeah! 1st comment!
    Very cool character, Alexzz. I can see Necros and Arcus as brothers! How do you think he would get along with the other characters here on Bio? Or my character?

  2. I don't know haha, he would speak when asked something, generally polite so i guess he would get along well, but would aggravate the hyperactive people with his quietness

  3. and im still waiting for part 3, post soon please!!!

  4. tell me-are they twins?

    because generally u dont have two characters exactly the same even down to the way they speak as brothers unless they're twins.

    Are they?

  5. eh idk, maybe, maybe just linked souls :P

  6. haha, i wanted two very very alike characters, because i wanted them in separate stories, but to be (in their entirety) the same person