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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bridget Whiplash

 Please do not use this bio for reference, I'm posting a redone one soon.

NAME: Bridget Whiplash
AGE: says her age is 568, give or take a century. looks about 16. real age: 3850 years old
GENDER: Female
EYE COLOR: Gray-green, turns red when angry
WEIGHT: Very thin
PERSONALITY: Ruthless, has an odd sense of humor, some times friendly(rare)
WEARS: Jeans and a t-shirt
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: forgot were she came from, no accent, speaks 237 different languages
HISTORY: she fought in the war but was bitten by a vampire(who she promptly killed)
FAMILY: dead, only one left is Bone, who is a very distant cousin
POWERS: Vampire, uses serums(made by Bone) to control  the  "bad behavior"
FAVORITE WEAPONS:her 12 foot long, black leather whip. also uses guns and knives
OTHER SKILLS: Lock-picking, hot-wiring, bomb-making, etc...
FRIENDS: Kitty Barlow, Skylara Wolfbane, Nicolette Croga, Israel Elysium, Sarthacus Bolt, a few vamps
ENEMY'S: you want me to list all 169?
HATES: Peppy people, pastel colors, things she can not kill, Vampire discrimination
LIKES: Blood, black nail polish, Caelan
ADDRESS: ??? its in Ireland, i know that much
JOB: Runs the Vampire Inn part time, sometimes hunts down criminals for the sanctuary
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Walks or uses her(stolen) Chevy Cobra
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: her little black case, it has all her serums in it along with some needles
DESCRIPTION: a mini story will work; Bridget was lounging on the couch, ear-buds firmly in place and eyes closed. she wasn't moving, breathing, or anything, it was like she was in a coma. Skylara stood on the other side of the large room, eying Bridget's still form, "fight" she whispered and in a half second Bridget was off the couch and on her feet, whip out. "fight? where?" she asked looking around the room, then she saw Skylara, rolling around on the floor; laughing. scowling, she sat back down on the couch and replaced her ear-buds, resuming her comatose position, but then.... "fight"
IN FIVE WORDS: Ruthless, lethal, nocturnal, odd, strong

QUOTE: "if you want to die a horrible death, please, come closer"'
BAD HABITS: killing people (she has to drain people of there blood to survive)

 thanks to Hellboy's brother for the amazing picture!


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