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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


ok i am sitting in my boring ict lesson right now and i only want to say that you should try doing this in school it feels kinda weird if you ask me :D anyway Leo i am not gonna grow your hair back cause you were mean and i not gonna say sorry ... it will ruin my reputation if my friends see me saying sorry to a interent guy...boy...alien...dog??? anyway I LOVE PIE peace out !

Florence B

PS i love pie although i am alergic! :D


  1. Name: Sarthacus Bolt
    Age: 75
    description: Long dark hair, blue eyes, black leather waistcoat, black trench coat, black boots, black trousers, black sleeves, black gloves, sometimes (But very little) a black fedora hat, hands go on fire, instead of a fireball, has a branch that he can shoot out of his wrist, and can do many things (Look on my blog for more info).
    Body type: Extremely thin, but very strong.
    Nationalaty/accent: Scottish
    Magic: Elemental
    Evil realtions: Springheeled Jack is his cousin, and has Jack's powers.
    Agility: Extreme
    Master of: Stealth, fighting on old castles or ricketty bridges.
    Favourite Music: Bon Jovi It's My LIfe, Bon Jovi Living on a prayer, Bon Jovi (BJ) Have A Nice Day, The Hobbit game Crossing The Bridge Maralin Manson This Is Halloween.
    Books: CHERUB Series, Shapeshifter, The Hobbit.
    Quote of Words: (If at Halloween) Round that corner, man, hiding in the trash can, something's waiting there to pounce and now you'll SCREAM!!! (If behind a very nervous bad guy) Boo. (If about to fight, talking to somebody else) We'd better stand tall when they're combing us out, don't bend, don't break, and don't back down.
    Friends: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke, Dragona Pine, Isreal Elysium, Skylara Wolfbane, Darkane Claw, Kallista Pendragon, Evangeline Crow Skyril Oblivion.

  2. In fact, Don't include the Dont bend don't break etc. bit, please!