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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Florence's Bio

NAME: Florence Black

AGE: 19 looks 15

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR:Black with Purple Highlights, goes down to her waist

EYE COLOR: Charcoal black, with a mysteries shine

PERSONALITY: Very mysteries, sometimes doesn't talk sense and has to explain, very amusing, loyal, only respects three rules:
1. family and friends always first,
2. Never kill your family or friends
3.Kill anything that you dont like, you hate, you dont want to know about, you find annoying, is dangerous.

WEARS: A hooded cloak (simular to the onle Raven has from Teen Titans but mines Dark Purple) Usually wears short sleeved t shirt, Red and black checkered skirt, fishnets and knee high boots.And wears a red and black chekerd hat on good days.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Her nationality is The Dark Side and her accent is English with a bit of Russian.
HISTORY:Was a born Necromancer (she didn't learn anything she just knew it all) keeps getting in with the *wrong crowd* her big brother makes her do anything by black mailing her. And threatening to kill her parents if she doesn't obey. She had killed a lot of Zombies in her life keeps meeting them and decides to go in for the kill....was once a PRO Assasin but quit after the 5th job.

POWERS: Is a born Necromancer finds a new power every month (Full moon) can sense death of a 900 metre radius.

FAVORITE WEAPONS:Her two swords over filled with mists/shadows.

OTHER SKILLS: Can turn a vampire back to its human form with a touch of both hands. Can kill anything including a panckae.

FRIENDS: Skylara Wolfbane, Dragona Pine, Leo Sparks, Nicolette Corga, Darkane Claw, Artemis Fowl. sorry if i missed ppl out ! im friends with you to!!! .... i think :D

HATES: cooking, rements, Faceless ones, cats ...... Finds out more later

LIKES: killing taking pictures/video's of funny moments and putting them of twotubes/bebos

Florence Black
19 Darkplace HSE
Purple RD
Somewhere In The World

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Running but has a Black Ferrari California
( http://atuning.org/ferrari/black-ferrari-california )

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Hooded cloak, swords.

IN FIVE WORDS: killing machine with clown wig


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