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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leo Sparks

NAME:Leo Sparks
AGE: Looks 16 but is actually 23-ish
HAIR COLOR :Red(Ginger)
EYE COLOR: Yellow-ish 
HEIGHT: 5 foot 10
WEIGHT: 9 stone
PERSONALITY:Young, cocky, happy, energetic,Sarcastic,kinda inexperienced,friendly,
WEARS: Ripped black Jeans, white T-Shirt, Black Jacket
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:Irish, with a decent Irish accent.VERY PATRIOTIC. doesn't like the language though.
HISTORY:Found out about magic at age 10. Became an amateur Elemental.Meet Lightning Dave, and although didn't like him loved his power and studied it.By age 15 he surpassed Dave an left to continue practicing. Dave tried to kill him because he wanted his power unique to him. He beat Dave and continued his magic, but has a scar along his chest from the fight.His powers have still not settled leaving him free to use his minor elemental magic. He doesn't if he can help it. 
FAMILY: Grew up in a children's home. Left the day he discovered he could do magic.
POWERS: Can manipulate electricity and shoot lightning from hands,make sparks and make static electricity.Can make certain items and metals into magnets and create electrical and magnetic fields.Can cause electrical charges and power surges.Can power appliances and light-bulbs with telekinetic lightning.Is always developing new ways to use his power and magic is his life.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Metal chains which he swings and sends electrical charges down. Also he uses metal to send currents of power down e.g. handrails. But mostly just fights bare-handed
OTHER SKILLS: Is good at boxing and is also fairly smart.Especially science which he learned about to make maximum use of powers.Is learning martial arts.
ENEMY'S: Lightning Dave 
HATES: Killers, cats, most vampires, 
LIKES:Cars,metal,Dogs,Friends,Ireland, ginger people
JOB: Freelance bodyguard
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Motorbikes he has in different parts of the country for emergences
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some form of metal he can use as a weapon
DESCRIPTION: Powerful mage, good teeth, scar on chest from Lightning Dave,Good-Looking kinda muscled. 
IN FIVE WORDS:Young,Energetic,Smart, Powerful,Sparky

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